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WOOT! Long awaited game! I have been eyeing out for this game since it was released in Japan, and I finally found the English version of it!

This game totally disregard the NDS functions like alot of other RPGs on NDS! No touch screen what so ever, perhaps that should make it on PS2 instead. Or have they already...? ^^;
Thoughts so far:

* The opening movie had a totally different style and feeling to it. lol

* The protag's design is not as "unique" as the side character Naja who came out earlier than the protag. Perhaps I'm mistaken?!

* Save where ever and when ever!? Now it's that convenient!? Now I shall have no excuse to stop playing and eat my dinner. orz

* Remaining attacks cannot be carried forward and used on the next enemy once you finish the target enemy.

* What!? You're only allowed to use 3 character each battle. D: Fair enough, don't think you could show that many enemies on the little DS screen.

* Once a skill reach its max level you can't upgrade it further!? Silly me for levelling for reducing the SP when it won't matter anymore when you're on a high level. *sob*

* It needs to show more movies or pictures than pure text and voices. Surely they must think the vocal was their best thing (Doesn't look much into the English vocal).

* Oh Taupy... your love interest somewhat scares me. XD

Will write more later when I get to it...!

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