[iPhone] Oyasumi App: Suimin Mahou Kyouka Kunren & Jissen

Allow the student from Mahou Gakuen Solentia to cast sleeping magic on you!

Brought to you by Surfersparadise (No, it's not an Australian Company and had totally nothing to do with Surfing ), free with minimal ad, both app (Yes it's actually two apps of just two different characters so I've decided to put them into one post) was released to promote their website based game Mahou Gakuen Solentia (Also free to register) where player can chat with other members, post diary/journals, and create and train their original unique character with over various species ranges from human, elves, spirits, werewolves, androids and many more. There’s nothing more to it unless you want to customised your character by buying game points for more accessories and furniture for decorating your room, which might be more worthwhile if it was a MMORPG game...

One thing to note is that their website based game features illustration from a famous fanartist (at least to me) Azumi Tohru (I'm kinda surprised that I still remember her name clearly!)!!! Though the character design for both app is by Kumake Mrk.III, I was slightly surprised why they don’t use Azumi Tohru as well given this is a spin off app...

I had abit of look and it appears the game was created back in 2008? They also have a drama CD Kouen No Solentia, although the whole merchandise side of it is quite dead...

On to the app!
Suimin Mahou Kyouka

Oyasumi App: Suimin Mahou Kyouka Kunren
Alesia Rickenbacker (CV: Eguchi Nako) - Trouble maker whose summon beast is a Penguin named Pepe.
Eguchi Nako is known for the character voice for Aoki Lapis from Vocaloid 3! There's also another app from this same company for Lapis, titled Oyasumi Lapis. However, I'm not gonna cover that as I’ll introduce another game app on Lapis in a later post.

Oyasumi App: Suimin Mahou Kyouka Jissen
Reiner Barstone (CV: Kozumi Yutaka) - Student council president.
You will note that the changed in seiyuu from Narita Ken (Reference to Drama CD Kouen No Solentia) to Kozumi Yutaka. It's interesting how they decided to make that change, probably because Narita is now too expensive to be a free app? XD I only know that Kozumi is known for the role Watase Sanetoshi from Mawaru Penguindrum.

The game features three different modes. Sleeping Magic Vepar, where you can learn how to count up to 100 Mandragora (Reiner Version) / Penguin named Pepe (Alesia Version). They do throw in a random sentence every 10 is counted. Under this function, the app automatically closes after count reaches 100 (How good is that?).

If that's too long for you (because they do count slow ), you can try to attack their count training mini game! If you get it right, you get a new voice (Up to 7 additional) to be used for Alarm! Their normal count goes up to approximately 15-20, though I'm not sure if they will go up to 20+...

If sleeping isn't one of your thing, then you might want to give waking magic alarm a go.

And if I still haven't convinced you that you should give this app a go, upon opening either app, you could click on to their ad bar where they offer Mandragora and Pepe for your in game avatar as a freebie!

Both apps offer a different lovely BGM, which is pleasant to listen to over and over again which is what I'm doing at the moment as I'm typing this up. Personally I prefer Reiner's version more. There's nothing overly exciting, so I treat this app as educational as you can actually learn to count to 100 with them!

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