[Convention] Smash!

Smash! at Convention Centre!


To be held on the 10th August 2013! I’m on table 9 in the name The 3 Macarooneeters with Lapin Foufou (and Jinberry away on the day but her arts will be on the table) selling our joint Alice in Wonderland themed artbook with works from 10 different artists!
Also have a few new postcard size prints, key chains and stickers. The same old bookmarks and badges as usual. My new badges/pins failed to come on time. And like, I finally gave in to doing Eren from Shingeki no Kyojin (Not the Titan nor the rest of the crew unfortunately). orz

This year I finally gave into making name card! Although the picture is old (Reference to the profile picture of my original character Hitsuji from the World for the two of us), I have made changes to it so make sure you come and get one!

I will be cosplaying as Emi Yusa (aka Emiliya the Hero, in Anime version) from Hataraku Maou Sama! with my special lunch crew from your friendly MgRonald Maou and Chiho, Udon & Bento Suzuno and potentially a Ashiya too!

Look forward to see you there!


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