[Cosplay] Sydney Supanova

Sydney Supanova at Olympic Park

I wasn’t gonna attend Supanova this year (22-23 June 2013, yes this is a backdated post ) however, Ry kindly offer his table tickets to Hehalana and myself just a week before the convention! I was glad I went to see the growth in the size of the venue/vendors and was able to meet up with friends whom we haven’t seen since late March of late September last year.

I’ve decided to keep Day 1 and Day 2 of the post together since I didn’t get to take a lot of photos of cosplayers (Mind you there’s a lot of awesome cosplayers throughout the weekend) because I was too busy finding Hehalana and it was too crowded. orz

On to the short con report! (Because I need to clear this backlog before I could do the Smash one! )

Day 1
Arrived to the venue at 11am (Our original aim was to get there at 9:30am, but I kinda guessed that we’ll arrive there around 10:30am per our usual con record without a table XD) where we first meet up Ry (His table is always busy so I really appreciate him for leaving his table to fetch us) to get inside. This year was different compare to our previous years as I’m not behind the artist table, but as an attendee once again.

I was disappointed that there were no Games or EB games stall, but it was interesting to see a Nintendo 3DS stall which kinda reminds me of EB Expo (Given the same venue). I need to get my hands on Animal Crossing New Leaf as soon as I get a 3DS along with the Phoenix Wright games to come *is big fan of both series*. Within first 10 minutes, we managed to spree on accessories for the Lolita dress coordinate at what they commonly known as Odip (I still call it One Day).

Not long after, I lost Hehalana whilst taking photos of cosplayers around the venue... ended up looking for her over 2 hours. I had more luck bumping into her friends but not so much finding mine. It’s probably known throughout the two days that I kept looking for her. orz Apparently there are too many people so the communication system was stuffed with phone calls and internet/data, we only figure out that the texting is the only thing that works near the end of the day.

The cosplay competition was overall entertaining with a lot of funny and well planned skits, there were so many group cosplay skits! This is actually my first time being able to sit in to see Cosplay competition at Supanova (Previous years I was just sitting behind the artist table)! I was also amazed at the fact that I could find at least 4 different Shingeki no Kyojin cosplayers here and there and of different characters too! Man they should totally just group together already!

Day 2
Unlike the usual Sunday of any convention, Sunday was surprisingly pack as well. With less epic cosplays compare to Saturday, I find Saturday to be more enjoyable (Probably tired from the long day we had on Saturday). Sunday cosplay competition died down in contrast with Saturday, we didn’t stay until the end of the competition and it was apparently running behind schedule.

Supanova13 Massive Robot

Apart from that giant red robot corpse from War Hammer that that we only saw outside of the venue at the end of the day which is pretty much World Cosplay material! Does anyone know if they’re International or local cosplayers?

Overall it was enjoyable and it was good to see that it despite the cold and wet weather, it didn’t reduce the attendance level. As usual, I never attended panels but I heard that the Carrie Fisher, who is the actress for Princess Leia from the original Star Wars series was escorted on to the stage by a group of Storm Trooper. Would have been quite interesting to see but I missed it. orz Perhaps I’ll attend them next year... if Hehalana would stop playing hide and seek with me during the convention.

Cosplay on the Day
Unlike Mini Animania, Supanova was held at Olympic Park with higher ceilings, plus the rainy weather, photos were mostly grainy and blurry (Because I dislike the evil camera built-in flash and I’m too lazy to carry a heavy SLR due to the fact of not having a table).

Supanova13 cos01 Supanova13 cos02 Supanova13 cos03 Supanova13 cos04
Supanova13 cos05 Supanova13 cos06 Supanova13 cos07 Supanova13 cos08
Supanova13 cos09 Supanova13 cos10 Supanova13 cos11 Supanova13 cos12
Supanova13 cos13 Supanova13 cos14 Supanova13 cos15 Supanova13 cos16
Supanova13 cos17 Supanova13 cos18 Supanova13 cos19 Supanova13 cos20
Supanova13 cos21 Supanova13 cos22 Supanova13 cos23 Supanova13 cos24


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