[3DS] Gyakuten Saiban 5: Trial

My play history of [3DS] Gyakuten Saiban 5: Trial

Wasn’t gonna blog about this backlog item until I get it on 3DS but I couldn’t resist the temptation after finally got around to play the demo for that was released on their website quite sometime ago! It have been almost a year since I last wrote about Gyakuten Saiban 5, which is known as Ace Attorney Dual Destinies. Must say I have been quite drained from my otome gaming and convention cosplaying. orz

And yes I still haven't bought 3DS yet because I was tossing between it and PSP (Yes P not Vita, because that's where most otome games are released on! Or even better! A 2DS which was announce today by Nintendo at a more affordable price because I never liked the 3D-ness to it anyway! Though saying that recently Otomate announced that the new Hakuouki Genkaroku and Amnesia V Edition will be released on PSVita in 2014.

On to a short post!
GyakutenSaiban5 PW
Phoenix in his signature pose! They seem to have used different voice (that or it's been so long since I played PW)?

Phoenix Wright return as the main protagonist! YES! Paired with the overly confident Kokone whose likes to provoke the prosecutor, Phoenix was almost back to his rookie self - clueless as always - due to being away from the Attorney stand like forever! The noticeable difference between 5 and its precedence is the super smooth movements of the characters' movements - starting to miss my pixels. orz And the 3D door opening made the court room looks so grand! The detective part of the game which is not in the demo but in the trailer is significantly improved to first person view (3D search) of rooms! In terms of items, you have your typical Attorney badge as the first item! YES! Also introducing new mascot, Enzai Kun (They're giving up Blue Badger to Edgeworth's game eh?) which looks like Phoenix because of the blue suit! XD

Kokone has "special ears" to hear defendant/witnesses's emotion during cross examinations, but the psychological analysis - Kokoroscope - really just uses a high tech necklace which projects a computer screen, which reminds me of the movie version (Just do a second movie already!) or just simply... one of Mikumo family's technologically advance tools! It seems spirit mediums not cool anymore and phased out. *sob* where's Maya? I only saw Pearly and Edgeworth (At prosecutor's table and his profile picture shows him with glasses - looking more and more like your dad here!! XD) in the trailer.

GyakutenSaiban5 Strange Emotion
Kokone, you're not entirely wrong about the strange emotion your friend is having there. lol

GyakutenSaiban5 Do not help
First case's Client Shinobu is Kokone's childhood friend, whose a DO-M! lol Mainly because she was showing a happy emotion when the rocks were falling onto her and obviously wasn't overly happy that Apollo blocked it for her. XD Obviously this is a joke, please don't take it seriously.

GyakutenSaiban5 Apollo
Yes I picked the worst face of Apollo.

I'm not a big fan of APOLLO JUSTICE but the change in the look of the character trigger some thoughts. The notable difference include a jacket (resembles those of the prosecutor i.e. Von Karma?) and the bandaged eye - which I think it's a Miles Edgeworth Investigation 2 character features overlap! If you notice the way the jacket is hanging, plus the colours in contrast... you get a Yumihiko! Bandaged eye... Mikumo! Though knowing it was caused by the bombing... I still don't approve! That blue uniform in Case 3... I HOPE YUMIHIKO MAKES AN APPEARANCE IN IT!!!

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Re: 紃介

我都不太喜歡3D (話說都只有2.5D罷 XD)
聽說Nintendo會出2DS, 比3DS還平宜(因為不是3D)
所以應該會考慮買2DS :D

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