[Cosplay] Brothers Conflict

Cherry Blossoms!

Thought I'd post a short post on the Cherry Blossom Festival instead of posting my 3 day convention Manifest post (which I know is gonna take me forever to backlog because of all that happened at the con ) before my next convention Animania - which is next weekend!

Backdated to 25/08/2013, last minute urge to cosplay for the Cherry Blossom viewing (despite having hay fever ) and invited Haruki just 1 hour before midnight (these last minute Closet Cosplay challenge need to stop! XD) to rewear Azusa with my Tsubaki from Brothers Conflict!

Brothers Conflict
Azusa @ Haruki
Tsubaki @ Nabari
Juri @ Haruki
Photog @ Hehalana

On to the photos!
The original plan was to do a casual Brothers Conflict cosplay after having taken a walk after dinner with Haruki at the local supermarket the night before the Cherry Blossom viewing...

Cherry Casual Hearts
We jokingly said that we should buy it for Brothers Conflict Azusa and Tsubaki - given the one on the right hand side looks so familiar in terms of colour to my Tsubaki cardigan. But we didn't end up buying it because it looks ugly. XD There's actually a third one so meaning if we do get it we could have a Natsume too, unfortunately it wasn't green. But we should hold it and pose for a photo! XD

But due to the short notice, we decided to go back to the normal version, without Imouto but with a Juri! We spend abit of time preparing at night and delayed heading there early than expected. Although saying that, we still ended up going earlier just before the crowd formed.

Cherry Blossom
Your standard Otome game cover pose. :P

Cherry Juri
Let's not forget the hard work that Haruki's done with Juri! Haruki could now relax without having to worry about someone keep calling Juri. But HEY, human version of Juri appeared on Anime episode 9!!! He looked much younger than I imagined him to be from the game. orz But I was right about his hair being white!

Cherry Lunch
Most of our picnic food (I couldn't wait for all the food to come out and took a snap!)

It has been quite a while since I last did a photoshoot with Hehalana! The last one was for Katanagatari! But just to prove that her skill haven't really rusted...

Cherry Eat
I mentioned that Hehalana always have the best food photos because she's natural in posing with them. On the other hand, after I don't remember how ever many photos I managed to pull a ok face with the strawberry.

Cherry Phone
As usual, I like her photos of us without face!

Cherry FlyingStrawberry
But our favourite has to be the original picture with the strawberry! Flying Strawberry~~~

Couldn't really let go off food after I had them in my hand, there was a series of myself drinking from the bottle too. Something I regretted not doing (Not like I'd dare anyway really) was not say the Brothers Conflict ending song and record a video! orz

Definitely aim to cosplay again next year for Cherry Blossom Festival as it seems to be more fun that way!

I'm currently working on my next cosplay for Animania for 14-15 September 2013!
Saturday: Emi (MgRonald Version)/Lucifer (Human version) @ Hataraku Maou Sama!
Sunday: Hinata @ 2/2 Kareshi Tenshi to Akuma!

Mini13 Badges
Good luck to those entering Cosplay Competition and win the skit badges!

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genre : Anime/Manga


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