[Cosplay] Smash!

At Convention Centre!

Backdated post almost 3 weeks overdue! orz Been busy for the past 3-4 weekends and finally had time to catch up with alot of backlogs (Games too). Smash was held on the 10/08/2013 (Yes it's a one day event) and have been announced that it will be a two day event next year!

As usual, let’s start from the night before!

Contain mostly photos from our Hataraku Maou Sama cosplay!
Friday night
6pm Collected last minute printing prior to getting home. Accepted the fact the pins didn’t come on time this year! ARGH More cutting of prints.
7pm Gave up looking for the missing grey suit, and dig out clothing that haven’t been worn for at least 7 years... just fit (Except for the waist part was slightly tight but it’ll have to do)!
8pm Had quick dinner, fixed MgRonald logo and Suzuno Kimono pattern templates for Kurako. Headed to a friend’s place to borrow a grey jacket.
10pm Return home after a long unplanned catchup (Probably the worst time to do that), missed helping out Lapin on packaging the artbooks (Extremely sorry! >A<').
11pm After long discussion with friends, we decided Summer version Emi is better than grey suit version (namely wasn’t the right colour). Also gave Bambi a closet cosplay challenge to do last minute Ashiya – challenge was accepted midnight!
12am Laminating Eren from Shingeki no Kyojin (Not the Titan nor the rest of the crew unfortunately) chibis... because pins didn’t come on time! orz
1-2am Spray painted the toy sword, styling the wig (why is braids so hard to do on long hair) and pack bag before sleeping.

5:50am Woke up and roll in bed. lol
6:00am Had to get up and put the sword back together and get dressed.
7:15am Departed from home with Lapin (Many thanks for picking me up)!
8:00am Arrived to Harbour Side parking.
8:15am Queue and get our artist pass.
9:00am Convention starts! Special thanks to David for helping us in set up!

I was at table 9 The 3 Macarooneeters with Lapin Foufou (and Jinberry away on the day but her arts was on the table) selling our joint Alice in Wonderland themed artbook Our Wonderland with works from 10 different artists! Here's one of the sneak peak of my entry for the book that I posted up on dA for promotion!

Smash13 Name cards
This year I finally gave into making an artist name card for the first time! It's the revised version from my old profile picture on the left hand side!

With my original character Hitsuji from the World for the two of us on it! I think I’m mostly known for her as my avatar, though I have been thinking I should do a matching one for my Ookami for next year so they’re not lonely apart~! All 60 cards were gone near the end of the day. I had to save about 5 for my friends but people who I spoke to ask me for them so I had none left. Funny without a card, nobody knew who I was except the fact that they have seen my artworks before. orz

Smash13 CosGroup
When I had a chance to walk around (I went out to look for someone!) I saw various little groups of Shingeki no Kyojin cosplayers (It's expected for any conventions this year!) gathered and I managed to take a picture of them, unfortunately I didn't see people who I knew. orz

I was glad that I was behind the table (Most of the time!)! I had printed my old guest entry for the Persona 3/4 fanbook FACADES, which caught the attention of P3 fans! There was one P4 fan, but I basically shoo him away as I'm bias with P3. XD Can't wait to see the movie for P3!!! That aside, it was interesting to see that people bought mostly my picture of Houou from Katangatari even though it was purely black, white with minimal red (Because evil characters are awesome!)!!! Spread the love of Katangatari!!! (BTW, I still need to recruit for 2 more members for an EPIC Maniwani troop! See details here!) My Cheshire Cat which I put alot of effort into drawing (Because I'm bias and mostly focus on my favourite characters ) extension to the art book entries received a few feedback from girls which I was quite happy about too - given it's an artist interpretation of the character, so it's deemed as half original? The down side of the convention is that I didn't get to go to any panels, bump into any of my friends, not even Hehalana when she came to find me and I was off to find her *sob* (This Hide and Seek game since Supanova isn't funny at all! orz).

Now, prepare for some eye damage (Unless of course, scroll down to the bottom for other awesome cosplayer's photos)! *You have been warned!*

Hataraku Maou Sama Cosplay
Maou (MgRonald version) @ Haruki
Chiho (MgRonald version) @ Kurako
Suzuno (Human version) @ Celine
Ashiya (Human version) @ Bambi
Emi Yusa (Summer Anime version) @ Nabari

I made the patterns for the MgRonald uniforms and Suzuno's Kimono (You can't say I didn't put effort into pushing this group cosplay! XD)! But alot happened when I was busy behind the artist table. TwT

Smash13 Ashiya
Bambi's closet cosplay challenge accomplished! It was unfortunate I didn't get to stalk you guys' evil schemes...

Smash13 Suzuno
Most effort (Money and time!) were spent on Suzuno's cosplay! I was glad with the outcome of the pattern! Big pat on the shoulder to Kurako! Apologies to Celino for the wrong measurement sent for the Udon box - she had to resize the box in the end. orz Udon packet not shown on much pictures... maybe next time!

Funny story, Haruki and Kurako went to get me lunch at McDonalds and was kept back for quite sometime before reaching back to our table because people wanted photos of them with the McDonald stuffs.

Smash13 Lunch
My cold lunch... delivered by MgRonald crew with 100% smile!

Sneaked out round 2 for a mini photoshoot! I'm posting mostly mine because I was sad not being able to shoot more. orz I was on mood all day along.

Smash13 Sword
Weird things that we do...

Smash13 Propose
Even weirder things that we do... lol

Smash13 YusaMaou
Stolen Maou's cape! You might notice the trend that I love to wear other people's props! I appreciate people's hard work on their cosplays!

Smash13 Mine
Emi lost to Chi-Chan in the end! That was the whole trend for the day! orz

As usual, we took sticker photos before some of us got out of the costume!

Smash13 StickerPhoto
We were only missing a Lucifer otherwise we do have a full group. Though it could be said that because Lucifer is a NEET hence he's not here. XD I'd probably do Lucifer next time with the portable Udon boxes!

We went to a Japanese restaurant and was devastated to find that there was NO KATSUDON! orz Hence we made our own KATSUDON (Ordered KATSU and rice separately - random things that we do.)

Smash13 KatsuDon
Because we all love KATSU-DUN!

Smash13 KatsuDon2
Ashiya is happy that he finally get to enjoy a KATSU-DUN at the end of the night! (Sorry Bambi~ I just had to post this up! XD)

Smash13 Loot
My loot for Smash! Many thanks to Haruki for giving me the attendee pass at the end of the day! I like the picture on the artist card but doesn’t not approve paper. =w= That aside, I bought the last Hataraku Maou Sama print off from Hama! It just has to be done! XD

Smash13 Signature
Masakazu Morita's signature obtained by the awesome Akira ! (Many thanks!) Also two spare ones that Morita decided to sign for my friends who missed out on getting his signature due to lack of organisation for the session. Very nice of Morita to do that! I wish Miki did the same last year. *is bias*

Smash13 Pins
The pins that came 3 weeks after Smash... and now I have to try to get rid of them next year!!! orz

Cosplay on the Day
Mostly stolen off Haruki's camera (But taken by Kurako) for the outdoor ones~ Not alot because cosplayers were mostly doing private shoots and there's alot of panels on during the day! orz
Smash13 Cos01 Smash13 Cos02 Smash13 Cos03 Smash13 Cos04 Smash13 Cos05
Smash13 Cos06 Smash13 Cos07 Smash13 Cos08 Smash13 Cos09 Smash13 Cos10
Smash13 Cos11 Smash13 Cos12 Smash13 Cos13 Smash13 Cos14 Smash13 Cos15
Smash13 Cos16 Smash13 Cos17 Smash13 Cos18 Smash13 Cos19 Smash13 Cos20

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Re: 紃介

喔... 我聽說過喜洋洋
我的狼和羊是用來參加比賽的原創圖 XD

但我沒有看過才cos orz

我都是老骨頭啦~ orz

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被大家叫 是那個受 感覺挺特別的阿(笑倒)

嗚喔喔喔喔COS啊_(´ཀ`」 ∠)_

Re: 紃介

紃介大很努力喔! (感覺我很懶 orz)

對~ 我們cos是為了高興而cos
所以沒有壓力~ (很多時候都是在爆笑 - 就是認真不了 XD)

名片上的羊是我的原創人物(所以名字比較無趣 orz)

女王大人這個稱號很新鮮! XD
那個受!" 人家可是有名字給你叫的 orz)
要是我那一天決定要到CWT請紃介大跟我一起cos~ <3

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