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Animania @ ATP!

Just the weekend that have passed on 14-15 September 2013! Gotten lazy with cameras nowdays (Mainly took photos of friends' cosplays and most of them I was with them so I won't be posting those out), so limited photos from the convention – apart from our private mini shoots on Diabolik Lovers (Yes I lied about being Lucifer or Emi from Hataraku Maou Sama! for Saturday) and 2/2 Kareshi Tenshi to Akuma! I might consider doing a separate post on 2/2 Kareshi photos because it was something special, as it was our first time making wings and having it detachable to our backs! Plus the fact that I have written to the original character design Ishida Kaname Sensei in half broken Japanese sentences for the back reference of the two characters - Hinata and Setsuna which she kindly drafted for us! Very nice sensei!

This will be a short con report! Because... I don’t do actual convention stuffs at conventions as much anymore. *fails* As usual, starting from the night before!
Went shopping for the right cookies for my Hinata cosplay props (Reference to the Drama CD 2/2 Kareshi Kanojo no Heart wa Ore no Mono) on Sunday, ending up realising the checker cookies I bought were all broken into little squares within its little packets. orz So I’ve decided to ask the self taught healthy bakery – Y-San to assist in baking. Was suppose to be for Saturday night, but she won’t be available so I went to hers on Friday night around 9 after I finished Hinata’s lined pants.

As both of us were heavily influence by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), when we realised the Cookie gun (New technology for us instead of the traditional stamping) malfunctioned we redo the whole shaping of the Cookies. I was half tempted to cut them into nice square shapes but was too tired so we gave up. OCD didn’t affect much after all! After having trying to shape them all nicely, I learnt to appreciate more of the cookies we buy from stores. In the end, I ended up getting home by midnight. orz

Animania Cookie
Home made Cookies!

I went as Kanato (Casual Version) from Diabolik Lovers with Ayato (Casual Version) for Saturday in the end – mainly because the Anime is on air in Japan from 16/09/2013! (I figured I should watch the anime before I finish this post hence the little delay. lol Few short thoughts on the anime, the flower hairclip on Yui is smaller compared to game character design. The first episode was quite short and more like an introduction to the game. My gut feeling tells me that it might be Shuu route end, but I'm predicting it to be Ayato route end...! ) But because we didn’t have our Yui... there wasn’t much that we could do/pose. I missed our Raito triplet. orz Regardless, we had fun promoting the release of the anime.

This was my first time using this wonderful material called “Iron on Adhesive”, which makes it least painless (Literally didn’t bleed like I did with the Day 2 cosplay when doing hand stitching) and efficient process in my closet cosplay ever! Special shout out to Haruki for doing all the material shopping for me... because I don’t go out. orz Also for Hehalana for the Black Milk pants... which made this closet cosplay more expensive. lol I was gonna paint it myself originally.

Due to the track work (Happens most weekends which is why I don't like going out ), Haruki and I arrived approx an hour after the convention starts also to find Kurako in her awesome (first attempt too) shining armours! Unfortunately Kurako was too late to enter any competition (because it was last minute attempt and she haven’t finished before hand) otherwise I think she could win a cosplay badge or two!

I was glad to have met a few more Otome gamers/fans! Particular one that isn’t into BL games! XD And at last gamed enough to sing Karaoke (14 to 1 from Brothers Conflict) at a convention for the first time (Mini panel room without much audience YES)!

Animania WCS Mascots
I was surprised to see Kishida Mel’s illustration for the WCS Mascot characters! Knew it from a glance *Is a fan of his Alchemist series* as his style was too hard to miss.

Animania Cosplay Catwalk
I only went to see the Cosplay Catwalk on Saturday. Managed to score the front row...

I was surprised to see the huge reduction of Artists at the artist alley. There were some amazing arts there but I note a few suspicious tables with works from various pixiv artists and official print outs selling at dirt cheap prices which I avoided. I hope nobody bought from them because it is quite insulting for the artists as these tables claim to have either commissioned or know them. Really puts me off from buying many things there on the day.

Animania Day 1 Promote
Managed to have a photo together sitting at the artist alley because artists went home early...

Animania Kumato
Returned home after a quick dinner to have a few shot as Kumato!

Procrastination to the max, until I received Haruki's message about putting the wings together at around 11pm. That's when we started to "make the wings work". After an hour worth of thinking and actual doing, it somehow worked and so I headed to bed.

Animania Horoscope
Woke up to check my fortune with 2/2 Kareshi app! Somewhat relevant! See highlight in red.

Hehalana came with us on Sunday and paid $40 to get into the venue – which is close to the two day rate if she had pre-register. I heard that people who didn’t have ticket were told to leave ATP on Saturday, hence the huge reduction in cosplayers inside the venue, foyer and even the train area which is just around the corner. Although saying that, it wasn’t mainly because of that, more like there were more people going on Saturday to see WCS. There were cosplayers who stayed at the car park area on Sunday. But the foyer was close to empty, which allow us to have a few photos here and there and be able to move with our wings on without having to worry that we’ll bump into people etc. We were complimented by various people for our feathered headphones, which I was fairly happy about for our hard work (Mind you my headphone is fully functional)!

We originally planned to go to Maid Café on Sunday, however to our disappointment, we found out that their polaroid machine broke, so there was no polaroid. orz Looks like I’ll never be able to try Sydney Maid Café. To be honest, I thought this year’s pricing is more reasonable – though that could be because the one in Melbourne increased their prices this year. I was surprised to see Ikki from Amnesia Cosplayer as a butler from Maid Café (Seriously I think they should just use the name Meido no Hitsuji XD). Funny when we saw girls around him (Yes and he was a guy) waiting to order or to get in. That aside, I was waiting for his free time so I could take a photo of him, but by the time he was free he went to the back door of Maid Café. lol Just like the character. =w= Vendors and artist tables closed earlier on Sunday, so we had more sitting room and baggage areas.

We didn’t end up going to see the cosplay catwalk. Was originally planning to get on stage with my friends as usual, but dropped the idea given the reduced traffic so did our own mini photoshoot instead. As per mentioned earlier in the post, I will be splitting the mini photoshoot photos into a separate post (To include plenty of crack shots lol), but here’s a sneak peak!

Animania 2 bun no 2 Kareshi2
My shameless edit. Photo by Hehalana.

Animania Run
We had fun chasing after feathers (The wind wasn't overally kind to us) we used for the shoot – it actually made me sweat *Has weak body*.

Special shout to Floatyman for being our feather assistant and Hehalana as our photog again! At least one photo looks good. Also the neck killing sleeping pose was new to us too – Probably should have just stand and do that pose. orz A random shot in front of the yellow door outside again, which reminds me of Tsubaki and Azusa we did exactly a year ago. lol Headphones!

It was said to think that there were less than 30 people at the award ceremony and only minimal amount of people to claim their award. Perhaps getting the person’s contact number before hand could have helped – like to advise that they’ll be getting an award so please stay back a little while or some sort. Many people are unsure what will become of Animania for next year. Personally I do not want to see Animania go as it means one less convention to meet up or make new friends. Perhaps down sizing in the venue or changing location (meaning lower entry fees) could have help?

Animania Cosplay Award
The winner gets this foam head of Emoji-Kun (if I'm not mistaken).

Animania Band
All the different coloured bands~ I think it’s too many different colours for their own good, got everyone confused – I ended up having two different colours bands on my hand. orz It’s interesting to see how they’re concern that the bands could be transferred to other people (I overheard a lady being stopped as she appears to not have a band as she was walking inside the venue), whilst Smash’s lanyards are more easily transferred?

Animania Loot
My only loot for the two days...! I managed to find what I thought was sold last year, but ended up being inside their suitcase! Glad I asked! Three Kagamine twins doujins at include shipping prices!

It’s sad but the last convention for Sydney have ended for the year. =3= Meaning I won’t see a lot of them until next year. orz

Animania Cosplay 01 Animania Cosplay 02 Animania Cosplay 03 Animania Cosplay 04 Animania Cosplay 05
Animania Cosplay 06 Animania Cosplay 07 Animania Cosplay 08 Animania Cosplay 09 Animania Cosplay 10
Animania Cosplay 11 Animania Cosplay 12 Animania Cosplay 13 Animania Cosplay 14 Animania Cosplay 15
Animania Cosplay 16 Animania Cosplay 17 Animania Cosplay 18 Animania Cosplay 19 Animania Cosplay 20
Animania Cosplay 21 Animania Cosplay 22 Animania Cosplay 23 Animania Cosplay 24 Animania Cosplay 25

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Re: Kaipy

KAIPYYYYYYY Thank you for dropping by! And yes, I haven't done the Manifest post yet incase you're wondering. *covers face* And now EB Expo is coming up this weekend - I'll be cosplaying only Sunday as well *Still sewing*, so that post might be done before the 3 days convention post too (Endless excuses!).

Thank you! :D I stuffed into people's mouth gave most of the cookies away during the convention so it was great! I realised later in the photos that I forgot to complete my Kanato cosplay and rushed to bake instead! orz Since Sunday cosplay was more of a priority.

YAY~ You're one of the few people that call us Ikemen! XD I was shocked when someone (Although only one person) called us Kawaii (I know I'm short but still!). orz Sensei also said that we're Cool Cute...!

Yeah there was this dodgy uni table (Mind you I think all the different art style of only a few series is a give away - I think there was one in Manifest too)... I tried to avoid it as much as possible despite my friend know the person there! There was another "artist" selling her art along with a little box of official artwork (E.g. Free CD cover wtf?) and some pixiv popular arts. I didn't buy anything from those two tables, like many others who confronted them, but to only received the response that they commissioned the artists to sell them. That aside, not sure if bootleg phone charms should be sold at the artist table too... plus all of them were selling dirt cheap prices of no more than $5.

Yes! If the maid cafe still exist next year, let's go together! *v* (There's actually a actual store in Melbourne but? XD)

No title

your cookies...!!! I think they turned out great! and baking cookies for cos showed real dedication *thumbs up*

so many great cos *////* you looked so ikemen too <3 I saw a post about those dodgy people selling pixiv 'commissioned' art, really sad that this happened and other people weren't aware :(

shame about the maid cafe.. personally I've never gone, so please take me there next year! :D


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