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*Copied from my DA (Too lazy to type anything more, have to head back to the game XD)

I've got my Poke Walker!!! To those who don't know what I'm on about...
Despite its official release on 25/03/2010 (Thursday) in Australia, with a bit of delay, I finally went to get Pokemon SoulSilver today! :D (At a low price too thanks to Ry's price checking! Target sells it cheapest at $48!


Ry came over this morning and showed me his Pokemon HeartGold which he got yesterday. But I got to play around with his Pokewalker first. We didn't quite understand the stepping systems - I tried to shake it but it doesn't increase at all. :P

Ry, Hehalana and I came back today and realised that after you use the pokewalker and return the pokemon into the game, there's a little picture diary that comes up.




I love how shiny and the texture of the cover!!!


Hey look! The booklet is in colour too!


Let's start the game! :D


The same old Prof. Oak appeared when you first start off. Nothing really changed except his yellow jacket I presume. ^^; I'd rather he wear his white lab coat. But anyhow, this question appeared on the screen after I choose my gender. (So, you're a girl then?) Yeah I just told you I'm a girl yet you want me to confirm. D: I clicked no to see anything special, but it just looped. orz


I was amused at everything in the house so I did abit of clicking... apart from the wii console in the house, I found the mum to be questionable...


Just what are you watching mum...? D:


WOOT, I'm a little kid who's aged 10 and I own my house! How neat is that!? (Well apart from that fact that my mum lives with me orz)


My mum wants to take my prize money!!! D: I'm leaning towards a no in real life, but answer from a walkthrough (LOL). "Well, you can withdraw it from her anytime but she also gives you nice gifts every now and then." Okay, maybe yes.


Getting PokeGear seems to be the start of stalking from older people (PokeGear is a mobile phone in this pokemon world). First I have my mum on the Pokegear, then I have Professor Elm, then I have Professor Oak... why D: How come I don't have my friends on it but a bunch of people who grabs it without my consent.

Please in the next version, allow me to reject them.


Despite how much I love for Chikorita, due to the fact that grass type are weaker on attacks, I choosed Cyndaquil instead.


Now we're talking! XD What's all the fuss about this new game? It's really this thing that made everyone back into Pokemon! :D I was telling Ry and Hehalana that it'll be so cool to have 6 of these pokewalker on the belt, then I could be a true pokemon master. lol Like I could level up 6 pokemon by walking in the shopping centre for the day. <3

I checked online, but no body sells the pokewalker individually. D:

Well... At least I have 2 (1 is Ry's :P).


I wonder if they'll redesign the pokewalker? Like different colour and all. :D

That's it for now. XD

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YES WE MUST POKEWALK! Yes I've seen cosplayers have them too hehe.

I hope to see you at an anime convention! :D


> Is there a reason why you chose Soul Silver over Heart Gold? I don't know which one to play XD Hehe pokewalkers are cool!
> I wonder if they'll have Pokewalkers for the Pokemon Black and White :O

The reason why I chose Soul Silver (SS) is because I like Silver(Legendary pokemon - Lugia) more than Gold? Another reason is that my friend was getting Gold so we could potentially trade different pokemon that is only avaliable in each version. Apart from that the story flow is generally the same, except if you have SS you will go to get Lugia first, then Hoou.

Yeah Pokewalkers are cool! :D It was the main reason why I would get the game when it was first released! XD We went to conventions and other pokemon cosplayers have them too! It's funy to see what sort of name people give to their pokemons!

I hope they continue the pokewalker spirit in b/w! I still haven't unlocked all the places yet! (Doesn't walk much :P) But then again I assume we could find out if we check out the news from Japan for all these pokemon games!

HEY! You live in Sydney too! *o* Maybe we could pokewalk sometime! :D

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Is there a reason why you chose Soul Silver over Heart Gold? I don't know which one to play XD Hehe pokewalkers are cool!

I wonder if they'll have Pokewalkers for the Pokemon Black and White :O


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