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Real Life Pokemon Aussie Animal Card Collection

I knew I have to start collecting them as soon as I saw the advertisement in the quarterly magazine from Taronga Zoo! (Power of OCD that runs in my blood! lol)

Commenced Wednesday 18 September 2013 (Yesterday) until 15 October 2013, with over 108 did you know facts on each card for each Australian animal cards to Collect! The album itself requires payment of $5 (Or $8 for two!), although at the same price you could get plushies of six different animals... the turtle looks so cute it's so tempting. . A set of 4 cards are free with every $20 spent at Woolworths, or if you're a kid or have a kid, get them to colour in the picture to get a free set of cards!

Start spending your $20 at Woolworths today!

Read on for my set of the cards!
Aussie Animal pack
15 Set of cards prior to opening! (Yes that's a full $300 worth of grocery!)

Aussie Animal 1 pack
Upon opening, this is what it looks like detached! Quite amazing the way it is attached together.

Aussie Animal stack
My stack of cards from Day 1 of release! Have collected some cards among the 9 difference habitats! 17% chances of duplicates so far.

So what's the point of collecting these cards? Not only do you get to know some interesting fact about these Aussie animals, but you also get mini activities inside the album! Further, upon completion of the album, you get one free CHILD entry to the Sydney Taronga Zoo or Taronga Western Plain Zoo! Unfortunately it's just one free CHILD entry (I just read the T&C fine prints *sob*) and not a family entry. Would be nice if it's family pass!

To make collection process easier, Woolworths have kindly open a trading space on facebook for people to trade spare cards! So do check them out if you intend to finish the collection quickly!


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