[Cosplay] 2/2 Kareshi Tenshi to Akuma

1/1 Kareshi
Just like the Drama CD!

To talk about why Haruki and I decided to cosplay 2/2 Kareshi would take us back to late last year when I first found the iPhone app (My Game post) brought to you by GirlJack x Libre Publishing, beautifully illustrated by Ishida Kaname and awesomely voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko (One person dual roles).

As per my original post, I never thought it to be a big thing compared to many other voiced apps (As there was no Drama CD out at that time but since then they have one and their website and on facebook in English now ). So I was relatively surprised to see the full door length illustration on the Animate Ikebukuro's sliding door whilst staying at Ikebukuro for a one month Japan trip with Kurako and Dewmelen.

Photo spams under the cut! Long post will be long!
The cosplay plan was originally planned for Manifest (We already bought the wings back in July, feathers in early August), because Kurako and Dewmelen was suppose to finish their Dynasty Warriors 6 outfit and Haruki and I weren't particularly interested the newer designs. However because we were busy with various stuffs - artist tables and Maou cosplays which was just a week before Manifest - we never got around to start sewing it until two weeks before Animania.

Having done most part for the front of the Jacket, just a week before the Animania I've finally bought up the courage to message Ishida Kaname Sensei about the back reference for the characters! To be honest it's just for Hinata, because you could barely see his back while you could see Setsuna's back abit. So I started drafting the message with my rusty Japanese around midnight on Sunday night, and finally got around to sending it out around 2am. Surprising the next morning, I found Sensei's replied was received at around 4am Australian time, meaning 2 hours after receiving my email!

Also attached was a draft back reference picture that she drew quickly for us! Main reason being it was never necessary to have back reference picture, so she had to draw it out for us! On top of it, there was little notes/points that she written for us. To be honest I didn't realised there's a line on the side of the pants! Though I have to say, Sensei is a very very nice person! ! Hence I fangirled alot whenever I received her reply (Because it got onto Hehalana's nerves lol)!

22 Kareshi BackDesign
The draft now official back reference!

Pity though that we hardly taking much photos of our back.

22 Kareshi HinataBack
Here's just a quick one to prove that I have done what the Sensei sent me! Although covered by the wings... orz

2/2 Kareshi Tenshi to Akuma Cosplay
Setsuna @ Haruki
Hinata @ Nabari
Photog @ Hehalana
Feather assistant @ FloatyMan

Animania 2 bun no 2 Kareshi2
Photo from the con report!

22 Kareshi Headphone
Our cosplays caught a few people’s eyes (That headphones!) and was complemented!

Most of them didn’t know what we were so we tried to promote the game app on the day as well. I mentioned the game was only available in Japanese, but now that’s been over rided by their latest update last night! They have now included English subtitles for those who don’t understand Japanese! I was glad they allow subtitles to be on or off (personally didn’t enjoy English subtitles with Japanese voices).

22 Kareshi Drama Tetsukuri Cookies
Homemade cookies made by Kanojo Y San and myself just like the Drama CD! (Although we didn't do a picnic since it was cloudy out) We didn’t get Haruki to do the funny actions that Setsuna did from the Drama CD unfortunately...

22 Kareshi Setsuna
The only thing that relates to the drama for Setsuna~

22 Kareshi Drama Omake
Omake~ Yes I'm a violent Hinata *As usual*!

22 Kareshi Feathers
Feathered photo that we wanted to do... but took too many takes because of the wind! orz Not to mentioned it was our first attempt winged cosplay! We managed to somehow make them detachable just the night before actually wearing them. Last minute effort tends to bring out the super power of people!

There’s a convention video from Max HP which had a glimpse of us during the photo shoot with the feathers. Thank you for the patience in taking the non crack video. lol

22 Kareshi Feathers omake
Here's the omake in photo form from the shoot. I can't believe I actually sweated during the feather chase. *Has extremely weak body*

22 Kareshi Drama CD Cover
Did a quick headphone shoot... just like something we did last year...!

22 Kareshi Tsubasa
Feathers might be easier to control while laying down but it's actually a very neck killing exercise. Directed by yours truly - Hehalana's whose an expert in laying down shot! Not to mention it was chosen by Sensei too! Nothing makes a cosplayer happier than the artist (and the company) complementing the cosplay results!

22 Kareshi Tsubasa omake
... so the neck pain was definitely worth it!

22 Kareshi Thank you
Special thanks to Ishiada Kaname Sensei! We don't know what's better to say how grateful we are for her prompt responses and her time for answering all our questions! Moreover, follow up too! She helped us passed the photos on to the company (which saves me time to type in Japanese)!

22 Kareshi Costume Change
Costume change omake! Taken at the end of the day~ could understand why the characters are designed the way they are. XD

Initially we joking said that we will bring a ring and pretend that any girl who holds it as our heroine, but we totally forgotten in the end because of the wings! orz But there's always time for improvement (Will be wearing it a second time - Version 2 )! We still need to make bigger black wings (Let's hope it holds on as well as our current little one )! Though that would mean we won't be bringing them to interstate...

Interestingly, this whole cosplay plan seems to be in line with the company's plan to expanding overseas English market! Although this is done slightly prior to their English release, but it's almost the perfect opportunity to say... download the app now that they have English subtitles too, especially if you're a fan of Okamoto Nobuhiko! :D I still open the app from time to time to get my fortune, despite having finished both side of the game. And while you're at it, go like their English facebook page! And if you like Sensei's drawing and don't mind BL, go give her manga a go!

I have to say, this cosplay was an interesting and memorable experience! Again proves why I like to promote things that I like with a passion! I feel more encouraged to do something else like this next time! Let's hope they release more products for this game app in the near future!

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