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Let's Shape up!

Just keeping my otome game apps back on track, brought to you by CreativeFreaks & VisualWorks (which is mostly known for their Soine Kareshi series), an love adventure app (placed under the Health & Fitness) with Ikemen illustrated by Michiru Onodera that helps encourage (Or discourage when you look up the reviews for this app lol) girls with weight management!

The original version of Nenshou! was intended for male players, where a pretty childhood friend Mayu encourages player through the journey of weight loss. The same logic follows for Girls version, except the ikemen call the female players Debu ("Fatty"). They must think all otome game players are Do M given the trend of DO S male characters from various otome games. Though having tried the app myself, it's not THAT bad they were more like teases. XD (Rejet what have you done to me to think that this is normal!? )
Renshou for girls
Ikemen used “Hey Fatty” attack, it’s super effective!

Due to some family reasons, Heroine was admitted to Ootori Performing Arts School, a famous star raising school filled with talented young people that is owned by Ootori group, the leading Entertainment company in Japan that hosts Orchestra/Opera/Threatre/Circus/Productions etc. It was said that if you graduate from this school, your talent will be acknowledged. On her first day, she was called “fatty” by Katsuragi Kei, whose the lead star of the Theatrical troupe. That’s right, as much as she don’t want to admit, she have a slightly fat body...

Katsuragi Kei (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)
Maizono Touma (CV: Kimura Ryohei)
Shiba Ryuji (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki)
Sub Characters
Saki (CV: Msaki Phan)
Naruse (CV: Ibata Shou)

Apparently you could change your training partner as you progresses with the story (NB: Kei is your main/Default training partner)!

Game play
Place the smartphone on your lap, tap the screen as you sit up. Each valid sit up will be counted with the voice and a visible movement towards the character as if you have done the sit up (but delayed by few seconds lol Am I really doing it right?!).

Renshou situp
But of course, you could always cheat by just tapping the screen. It does warn you about not to cheat if you tap it too rapidly.

As you progress through the story (Completing training/trials), your relationship with Kei (or training partner) improves along with increased number of situps required to proceed with the new episodes. It should be noted the longer the rest duration you take between your sit up, the less points you could earn! It is recommended that you keep to a 2-3 seconds (steady) pace/cycle between each sit up and rest. Training for consecutive days will also increase your overall points per workout.

* Choose between 2 different levels - soft or hard. I started off with soft, maybe that's why I don't get enough teases/insults?! XD
* The game offers two modes: Story Mode where you progress with the story (Unlock with points earned in the training mode) and Training Mode where you could practice and earn Renshou (burning ) points. Within the Training mode there's Practice mode with time limit and Free mode with no time limit. However, only Practice mode comes with points. (I wasted my energy on that Free mode! ) The number of sit up can be increase every episode cleared. E.g. You could increase from 10 to 20 sit up when you reach Episode 2!
* Daily login / twitter after training to earn bonus point!
* Over 1000 voiced words (Have no fear, they're not just purely teases/insults, there's normal encouragement, confession etc lol)!
* Over 10+ event cgs that you could revisit (One cg each chapter)! Mind you there's more than just the cgs that's good to look at! XD
* If you get tired of sit up routines, try their arm and leg shape-up exercise! (Features to come)

Add on (Paid) features
* Keep a calendar tracking progress with the statistics function! Special bonus points included.
* Dress your Ikemen in new clothes that could be purchased in game or simply write a review about the app to get the miltary uniform! Who could say no to uniform...?! Of course, unless you're lazy like me! XD

Does it reminds you of Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!! except it's now on mobile phone and limited character choices!? (And probably it just means it's a app of Ichinose Ren (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) x 3? *wishful thinking*) Although I must add the game play in this app is more interesting and useful than just going to the study/diet/beauty salon. :P

I was surprised they don’t ask for height in the profile setting, only age and weight. =w= How are they suppose to correctly calculate? Then again, in the free aspect of the game the statistic and calendar doesn't exist!

I notice the counting actually go in reverse for the different mode. In the story mode they count up and practice mode they count down. I actually find Namikawa's voice very gentle! Kei's character personality is like Fuuto from Brothers Conflict (In actual fact, Namikawa’s the one that voiced Iori, aka the often not so remembered brother! lol) So it's not so abusive in contrast to Rejet’s otome games! (Personal opinion)

1 fully voiced up episode, however you could always pay should you wish to hear their voices which is available at $12.99 for episode 2-8 and $6.49 for episode 9-11! Of course, if you're Seiyuu bias, you could just purchase base on specific episodes! Regardless, the app is free for download and episodes (story) could be unlocked, just without voices. So let's start keeping in shape to clear the game/collect voices/complete event CGs!

Official site
Facebook page

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Re: Teririn

Yeah I only found out about apk on Android hence Tokires and many other apps! :D I'm also on Gensouki Sephirot if you play that too.

Trust me, you're better off not doing idol kuji but buy actual items in store layout instead. orz I always get normal stuffs and not often rare - I want those posters and cars in other people's restaurants! But even with the event Kuji for food it's abit hard. =w=

Yes please tell me some indie otoge names! (I probably know them but never got around to playing them because of various things.)

lol I don't think SS was long... especially if anime could be kept to short 10-15 minutes per episode per character. XD

I'll see if my friend have TokiMemo on PSP!

Vitamin X, Y and Z are the Vitamin Series (Storm Lovers is another one that I was interested in but not to the extend of Vitamin). They have games on DS previously. It's about the heroine is a Teacher going to teach a special class full of silly male students. Yeah I think google search doesn't show much since not alot of English players for it? I only got hooked after playing the original series. But sort of lost after playing up to Z... (Since I also headed into Renai Banchou - same illust lol)

Otome Road is at Ikebukuro. If you go there make sure you visit Swallowtail Butler Cafe...! :P I have to say I regret not being able to go to Otomate Cafe before I left Japan. orz

re: Nabari

Apparently GPlay takes a look at my mobile network, so I really can't fool the system into believing I'm in Japan. =[ I can play Tokires just fine, though...but I still need to rely on .apk for updates. Haha.

They really are! I never did the idol kuji. UwU Those restos with lots of idol goods are amazing. =]] I myself prefer recipes. Haha.

(If you're game for an indie otoge, I'd be glad to be of help some way. =D) I haven't played Starry Sky. My impression was that it's pretty long. Oh, but some of my voice biases are cast there, so I /might/ try it someday. XD
Yes~ GakuPuri is the Prince of Tennis dating sim! It's cool you have it~ I only played it for DS. Haha.
TokiMemo is the mother of Tokiresu, but I agree that the previous games still have so-so graphics. They improved a lot with 3rd Story, and in the PSP release, they integrated Live2D (the same system in Tokiresu). Tokiresu still has the nicer graphics, given it was released more recently. Ahaha~
Also, what's the Vitamin series? =O I think I've come across that title before, but I don't remember much about it. ^^"

...I have to go to that Otome Road you speak of. OwO (Goodness, this passport of mine really needs to be renewed. OTL)

Haha, sorry about not noticing the friend request. @@" I didn't get a notif. "OTL

And yey~ =D

Re: Teririn

Is your region setup on your GPlay to Japan region??? Since I could only play Tokires on Japan region (on Tablet)? The rest of the iPhone apps that I blog would be avaliable to US region also.

Wow didn't know the Jewels are so expensive! With the Idol Kuji too, 5 Jewels for one Idol Kuji is so expensive - especially I get nothing rare out of it too. ;A;

I haven't really played any indie otoge, but would love to make one, one day... XD I played LoveRevo previously too, it's like one of the classic Otoge (And Starry sky on PC!). Is GakuPuri... Gakuensai no Oujisama!? *lol I typed in the wrong name previously* I have it on PS2!!! XD I never played TokiMemo and have been meaning to play it (My friend is a fan of it) but never got around to playing it (The characters looks abit plain =3=) since I started on the Vitamin series and have been hooked on since forever. :P I only got my PSP recently (when it went on sales) and been borrowing my friend's games currently. But so true about hard to get the legit games overseas (outside of Japan). I went to Japan two years ago and it was like a paradise - everything I wanted was all there on Otome Road. XD

Oh and psst, accept me on blog friend request already. XD I'll get the Tokires posted tonight. :P

re: Nabari

Waaah, I haven't seen that on GPlay. =/ Probably it's region locked. -cries-
And, I agree with you on the weather. =]]

Yeah, I prefer buying the whole game too instead of bits and pieces of it. >_<" As for the TokiRes jewels, I think they went up to 5000 yen for 30 pieces, I think? QQ Expensive...

It's sorta nice that otome gaming isn't as niche as it used to be. Thanks to that we get to enjoy more games. Hehe. And it's really smart of them to get some popular seiyuus along with less known ones~ Both parties become more popular. =D

Awman, lucky you for having Sony consoles. >_<" Most I do are DS (TokiMemo, GakuPuri, LoveRevo...) and PC (random visual novels and indie otoge). I'd love to play on the PSP but alas, it's hard purchasing the legit games here. D;

Re: Teririn

lol Worst come to worst, their walking app (Nensshou 2 Plus +) is also free! XD I just started playing that after looking for the English voices announcement you mention. Well there's no perfect weather for exercise. *unlimited excuses for not doing things* XD

It's sort of one of the main reason I didn't really like Voltage's games. Personally I prefer console games where you pay for the game, not pay for add ons - unless it's like an expansion pack (PC games). lol I never really check the prices of the Jewels... I like to pay for physical objects more than virtual. XD

I think there's generally a fan base for Otome games... then it's up to people's liking. Of course, Drama CD itself is good because of Seiyuu but games would definitely reach another market. Suppose it was a good marketing campaign for D3p.

Yes I play otome games on PC, PS2, DS (Not 3DS though) and PSP! But for mobile apps, it's mostly on iPhone/iPad and Android Tablet.

re: Nabari

I see~ Yeah, I think you're right about the additional exercises. I hope they'll be around the price of the first game or possibly even cheaper. =]]
Yeah, hot weather helps burn faster, but it also makes one fatigue more easily too, so it's a win-lose sort of thing. xD
Ah, as for the timing, I'm sorta nocturnal, and sometimes I forget to there's a confirmation page after sending, so the comments normally come in late. (""OTL)

Oh, right. There's no limit to how many jewels they can buy. @@
I'm sorta envious they can afford to spend that much on pixelized goods. xD One jewel in-game can already buy me a meal in real life lolol

@D3p: Ooh, sounds like a money making scheme. =]] Not to mention the drama CDs... They must have a lot of fans.

XD I have to agree with you that iOS has the nicer quality ones. Haha, guess we can't have everything. =]]

Do you play otome games on other platforms?

Re: Teririn

Yes the extra story (3 chapters in total) is the one under the main story. Which is unlocked upon completion of the main chapters. As for the additional exercise, it might come with purchase only... since it have ??? instead of a Key? I thought hot weather helps burn faster... XD lol I thought you were from US since I note the timing of the comment was our early morning.

I actually thinks they earn more with in-game jewels...? XD Since it's not capped to the story price which is more one off, but if they introduce more avatar items then more likely to earn more? Well if people are that desperate (Trust me, there are. Just that I'm not one of them lol).

D3p closed (Discontinued the service where basically the app have been disabled with no further function than the news announcement) the SmaKare app since 31/03/2014 and announced that it will release individual apps for all the titles in it. Further to that they have introduced Drama CD with each app release to come.

Mind you, I think there's actually more otome games on Android - since most of them are free too. =w= But I think for iPhone most otome games are of quality.

re: Nabari

Oh, I see. =D Is the extra story that extra panel with a key? =O
It's burning hot here in the Philippines and I'm wondering why I'm even putting myself up to this torture. xDD

And, right. There's data and server traffic to consider. UwU And I'm guessing they're not getting a lot from selling in-game jewels. =]]
Also, what do you mean by 'closed app'? =/ (And ugh, the otome games I'm missing out for being an Android user. xD)

Yes! =D

Re: Teririn

I'm not sure about the new moves for N!FG since I have yet to complete it. :P I only got up to the extra story and few thousands more points to go. lol It's been abit cold in Australia (Winter is coming) so I haven't been continuing for the longest time anymore. *is lazy*

I think messaging system takes up data and probably required to be monitored etc hence D3p didn't do it. Although saying that D3p did do it for their closed app SmaKare (Smartphone Kareshi) previously, but that didn't have animation. Suppose they won't be introducing the messaging system in Tokires since they're too busy trying to make money out of the SmaKare titles into individual franchises...

Regardless, we could always message outside apps! ;D

re: Nabari

Me too. XD Like, I appreciate their English voices, but not to the point of getting addicted. =]]

Aaaaah, now I really have to complete N!FG. xD So the two exercises that are unavailable at the beginning (below Abs in the Training menu) are also different from the squatting add-on? -excited-

...Google is indeed my friend. xD OMG. The results are amazing. QQ

Riiight? xD Anything for free ikemen~! =]]

Waaah, so it really was you! xD I wish they'd add a messaging feature! >_<" I'm wondering what's keeping them from doing that. @@

Re: Teririn

Oh lol! Would be interesting to see (hear) - I don't think I'm addicted to any English voices yet. XD I think it's a add on for the app - there's an extension to the story upon completion! Although saying that I haven't seen the squatting on it (maybe because I haven't finished the extended story) but I note the potential button that they could add.

I also saw they're developing a sequel or an add-on for N!FG, something to do with squatting. Sorta excited for it.

Futoshi's final form looks like nothing like his original form. XD That's all I can say in case you do get around to playing it, but hey, google is your friend. ;P

I understand exactly where you're coming from. I think they have been tougher on the time limit. But it does get better as you level up. I hate how loading other people's restaurants takes up longer time for me compared to cooking inside own restuarant. XD But it all nets off with the Free aspect of the game!

And yes! We're on each other's friend list for Tokires. XD Such a small (otome app) world! Pity Tokires doesn't allow you to send messages to friends. =3=

re: Nabari

Apparently it's still in development. They're getting native English voices too. Dunno how to feel about that. xD I also saw they're developing a sequel or an add-on for N!FG, something to do with squatting. Sorta excited for it.

Hehe, thank you~ XD I'll do my best. =]] Also, Futoshi no Heya sounds cool, but apparently it's only on iPhone. D; ...and I'm curious what his final form looks like...

I'm also pretty hooked to Tokires. xD I'm glad they're pretty active with the updates and weekly events, but it gets tiring. The stress of worrying if you still have enough food to serve...=[ And visiting friends' restos just to refill your energy...xD

..your handle sounds pretty familiar too. Maybe I /have/ seen you around on Tokiresu. @@ If you'd like, we can exchange friend codes! ^^

Edit: I'm not sure whether I'm mistaken, but apparently you're on my Tokires friend list. @@ Coincidences. XD

Re: Teririn

I didn't check whether it was released in English (I don't think it is though since I do check if they release other apps from time to time). Yeah pity about the voice part - but you could get them if you get the in game purchases (that's where they get funds for releasing them). Regardless one could finish the story without having to pay anything. :D

Good luck with that! XD I pretty much stopped after unlocking all stories, I think it took me approx a month? I also recommend you to Futoshi no Heya (http://gratefullove.blog126.fc2.com/blog-entry-170.html) if you're full on ab mode. lol

Yes I've have been playing Tokires since late January this year and I must admit I've been addcited to it (Gonna love those constant update of events and items!) but I never got around to blogging it or leave friend code on this blog! Now that I think about it I may have come across your name before on it too...? XD I normally use Nabari or my artist pen name for otome gaming, so you would probably find me on most free otome game apps. :D

re: Nabari

Hehehe~ ^^

Ohh, I've only gone as far as Episode 2 (where the voices completely disappear =[[), and Katsuragi's taken more of a mentor role now. xD I heard it was released in English? I can't find it on Google Play. =/

You're welcome! I wonder how the long the thrill will last. xD I made this crazy bet with some friends about getting abs over the summer, so hopefully I'll be able to use this game to its fullest. lolol

Speaking of gaming apps, have you played Tokimeki Restaurant?

Re: Teririn

You're welcome! :D It always gives me joy when I receive comment for the post.

Yeah I think it's just mostly the name calling and they're eventually dropped off anyway because there's a happy ending!

Many thanks for dropping by and have fun with it (Eventually I ended up just tapping at a constant pace)!

No title

Thank you for this! ^^
I just downloaded this on my Android, and the sensor feature is so amusing. Have to shake a bit, though.
Also, I think those reviews were butthurt overreactions. I haven't heard anything particularly offensive yet. lolol


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