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3 days at Melbourne Showground

At last! The promised and long overdue backlog on Manifest backdated to 16-18 August 2013! The push to (finally) finish this post was... well, Manifest will be no longer after 14 years. This means one less convention for me to go loot at the artist tables. orz I've decided to not post cosplay of other people because I realised that's whats delaying my convention post. orz

We decided to do Starry Sky (Friday), Brothers Conflict (Saturday) and Diabolik Lovers (Sunday) for Manifest. Yes it's a one hell of a roll over otome game cosplays – with minimal improvements - convention because it happened less than one week after Smash. orz I was pleasantly surprised throughout the weekend that people knew who and what we were cosplaying from! The growing awareness of Otome games YO! Even guys knew who we were was abit... interesting!

On to the lengthy post convention post (Have to make this last one counts)!
Packed just night before (as usual) and both Kurako and I realised have missing bits and pieces for our Starry Sky cosplay (It has been that long we haven't used). After hearing Hehalana said that no one would notice as they don't play my interested otome games, I went to bed after a long futile search (Because deep down I know that she was right ). Funny thing though, that Friday night we went to Saveways after convention and the checkout lady was asking where the other star hairclip on Kurako's blazer when she compared it to Dewmelen's even though they have different colour ties, that the only thing she notice! Talk about attention to details – even for non otome gamers!

Headed out of home from 4:30am to arrive to crazy windy Melbourne on the Friday morning. Landing was delayed but still managed to capture most of Manifest Friday as this was the first time that Kurako and I stayed at Dewmelen's place! We heard too much great review from Bambi regarding the 5+1 Stars service so we were glad to have received such SS service also! XD Got dressed as Tsukiko from Starry Sky After Seasons version (Actually it makes no difference apart from the name) at Dewmelen's place then headed out to Manifest via her car and meet up with Haruki!

Manifest13 Day1 Shoot

The lack of people on Friday Manifest is kinda amazing - luckily it was filled out with some after school kids (They probably had an expo or some sort on the day). We managed to hog an empty panel room to ourselves (Well it is FRIDAY MANIFEST we're talking about here) and did a mini shoot - thank god for great natural lighting! I was slight disappointed that we still don't have a Suzuya. I'd totally cosplay him if I have the male uniform...

Manifest13 Day1 Omake

So much cracks! SS rangers! I've been wanting to do a sentai cosplay for the longest time – never got around to convincing my friends into committing to ranger tights though. The scarf reminds me of the rangers that was all!

After a short dinner we decided that we really need to play sparklers! Though probably not the best idea since it was crazy windy! We did regardless, since it's been on the back of my mind for at least the 3 years ago when we do the next Starry Sky cosplay, we need to play with sparklers at a park! Funny thing that happened was Dewmelen bought her special coloured “sparklers” and we tried to light it up, turns out they were incense. But luckily not all four were light up because of the crazy wind. Special thanks to Haruki for the sparklers so we did end up play with sparklers, though the picture isn't overly great, we did enjoy ourselves (and laughing at the fact that the incense was mistaken as sparklers).

Here's my Friday loot! Met another traditional artist that does watercolour! Probably bought the Alice in Wonderland set due to the artbook we finished not long ago since Smash...

Manifest13 Day1 Loot

Tsubaki from Brother's Conflict (FINALLY with Juri but still without our third brother Natsume!) For those who watched the anime and have finished it, probably feel the anime was leading towards Natsume (Deep down I knew the anime crew favours Natsume since the other twins have their own games). But by the looks of it, they might do a season 2 or have at least left open the story for season 2 anime! Back to the shoot... Since Dewmelen didn't cosplay for Saturday, she became our photog for the day despite I offered to lend her Tsubaki's outfit and become Futon (uniform version instead)! Here's some of our daily shot. I juggled between posting the bed shot or not... lol Nothing major so here goes!

Manifest13 Day2 Shoot

Brothers Conflict cosplays definitely looks better indoor than outdoor and at conventions! XD We arrived to the convention and watched abit of the Cosplay competitions, and went to the food vendor where I met and greeted the legendary K and Aly who represented Australia for WCS 2013! They were very nice people and they were cosplaying as the mains from the 12 kingdoms! I'm glad being an otaku full of knowledge on anime helps me talk to them. We fangirled about Swallowtails lol (Like who doesn't). Interesting to find that if you know your way in Tokyo, there's actually a lot of cheap fabric shops in Nippori! I knew we should have stopped by Nippori. >.<

Manifest13 Day2 Omake
Our love for food!

Light shower as we got out of the food hall where some girls called Kurako “Chi” when she's cosplaying as Ema, which immediately tells us that they only watched the anime. Orz When we went to a restaurant we were mistaken as hairdresser because of our hair (and suits I believe)! We did a lot of crack video on dancing of the Brothers Conflict opening and ending songs. Due to mutual agreement between friends, I don't be posting them up. lol

Here's my Saturday loot! We all bought the school bag there on the day for our future school uniform cosplay. Mind you it's the same bag as the one they use in Brothers Conflict lol.

Manifest13 Day2 Loot

Cosplayed as Kanato from Diabolik Lovers! Unlike my first attempt, I didn't have severe sleeping disorder which makes me feel a lot better. Sunday is the day where there's not a lot of people so we went to Maid Cafe. We note the change in various things throughout the weekend such as the entrance and flyers. We went in the first thing we arrived – but were slightly disappointed with the changes since last year. Increased in prices (reasonable though) and change of sitting arrangement. Dewmelen and I wanted to take the Polaroid with Miharu but she was busy doing the game... Haruki managed to do a in character pose with the maid... I would have choose to take a polaroid with the butler but I was dressed as a guy character so didn't feel like doing it. =3=

Manifest13 Day3 Shoot

Titans were here and there. SnK day I suppose? We had the joy to meet seiyuu addicts and new otome gamers cosplayers! Been keeping in touch with them in the hopes of an expanded otome game cosplay group for Manifest next year!

Went to Hallah where we spoke to one of the waitress there who actually cosplayed before in Korea! She took a photo of us and hanged it to the great wall of customers. Go check it out when you have the time! They were also kinda enough to give us one polaroid for free! We'll definitely go back to have another cosplay photo taken. lol

Here's my Sunday loot! I got the Vocaloid badges at bargain price (3 set for the price of one)! Apparently I looked like I was 17 (Perfect age for Kanato but!)... maybe that's why they give me the discount. Went back to the traditional artist and commissioned her to draw Hehalana.

Manifest13 Day3 Loot

As you can tell I got sloppy typing from Day 1 to Day 3. XD But although it may seem that way, overall I find the convention enjoyable. For me it's really the friends and people we meet that makes it enjoyable. Sad to say there's not many panels that was worth our time, but I always enjoy going to artist circle to meet and greet developing artists (as I have done with Comiket lol - the Fandom!!! ).

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