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Anime this Autumn

Abit slow to post due to cosplay prepping for EB Expo for this coming Sunday!

I'm lazy again so just the list without pictures - it's literally just a list. Mainly done for my mental note~ simply because I haven't caught up with anything yet but Diabolik Lovers... The lack of Kanato makes me sad. / __ \

Yes you'll note the number skipped for this post, mainly because it's much easier to post a short text post than a convention with photo post. orz

Anyway, on to the listing!
Gin Gitsune
On from October 6th! Original manga by Sayori Ochiai which is still running! Hoping there'll be more Makoto and Satoru moments... though unlikely because it's much later in the series. I have been following a few Miko and Shrine related manga and the next anticipated one will be Inari, Konkon, Koi iroha, though it won't be until early next year before it is on TV! I highly recommend both manga titles! (One reason why they would get anime adaptation right!? That or because they went out of good titles *is shot*)

BlazBlue Alter Memory
On from October 8th! Recent conventions with BlazBlue cosplayers coming back to promote the anime adaptation on the long awaited anime base on the Arcade game by Arc System Works (Also known for their older title Guilty Gear)! Need me to say anymore!? Just go watch it already!

Other pickup
Seiyuu Sentai Voice(S)torm 7
On from October 5th! I knew I have to watch this when I saw the word Sentai, seiyuu and SAKURAI TAKAHIRO! I think I'm gonna lol to death. XD Storyline is somewhat in line with Akibaranger (Also one of my faourite lol), where it's set in Akibahara. Maybe I could get my friends to cosplay this as my dream sentai group cosplay instead! Talking about Sakurai, I realised he's in the Koroshiya San anime which is based on the 4koma manga by Masahide Ichijo x Tamachiku!

On from October 2nd! Remimds me of Mononoke probably because it's the Giga style! Expect this one to be more light hearted like Uchouten Kazoku though. Simply looking at the character designs it's like Alice in Wonderland but Japan version...? XD

Log Horizon
On from October 5th! Thought I should give this online MMORPG anime a shot since my very last one of .Hack. Not the best character designs but I love the way how all the player options are all over the screen. lol

It's not my usual type of anime, but the sibling love part gotten onto me abit. Anime adaptation looks better than the original manga by Sayaka Mogi (The style somewhat reminds me of the game Ib) which is still on going.

On from October 1st (Nico Nico)! Watching it for Megane Seiyuu.

Kyokai no Kanata
On from October 2nd! Watching it because it's Kyoto Animation!!!

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