[iPhone] Thief Lupin!

Timing is the key

Brought to you by Blue Wind, an app with over 300 mini challenges floors) which takes less than a few seconds to complete!

The game is fairly straight foward so this post will be short just like the challenges! Though this post will take you few minutes to finish reading!


A invitation letter was mailed out to famous thieves around the world to compete for the title - King of Thieves. In order to win, they are to sneak in and advance to the top of various highly secured landmarks as quickly as possible while collecting gems.

Game Play
Much similar to Flick Sheep using the touch screen technology, with a simple tab where different actions/tactics (stop/jumps/spins/dash) is triggered to avoid various kinds of traps (Explosive boxes/saw/bats/thorns/On&Off Switches/spears/fireballs etc) in different landmarks and floors.

The ultimate goal is to collect gems and advance to the next floor above (climb the tower!). With gems collected, you could unlock new locations, characters with items that have special features that becomes useful at different landmarks. It gets harder as you progresses, so there will be occassions that you won't be able to obtain the gem AND safely complete the floor, but you could always purchase additional gems (Which I think defeats the purpose of free app)...!

There is a scoring system (using stars ) for each floor. Depending on your completion within suggested time limit, completion within number of taps and obtaining the gem, a star grading will be provided based on how well you completed the above 3.

The floors gets quite challenging as you progress, not sure if it's because I'm playing on the mobile, but I do think that playing on the iPad would make it easier - since it won't be as fast paced...? (The illusion produced by the longer in length of the console )

There are levels where actions is required immediately, so when you get killed on a floor and you starts from the entrace of the floor to start again. This could get too repetitive and makes you feel dizzy (It was the case for me due to the extremely small mobile screen, I think I was going cross eyed at one stage). XD As there is no stop/breaks (another reason why I got dizzy) as you progresses up the floors, so you may want to give the special missions a go as they're limited to few levels with number of crashes/lifes/chances for mistakes. The missions are avaliable in 3 levels, easy (Reward: 10 gems), normal (Reward: 20 gems) and hard (Reward: 50 gems). Only at Hard level would you be required to paya fee of 10 gems, but since the return is higher it's worth it! Though saying that you may want to revisit the floors prior to attempt such challenges!

With cute graphics and simple BGM and action SFX that slightly reminds me of Maple Story (As expected from a Korean Company!? *is bia* And OMG, I just checked and my account is still there and the ranking dropped massively due to not playing it in years! ), the game visually appealing despite the choice of using darker colours and highly addictive. Nevertheless, it's a short little game that could be complete with enough patience or is OCD to collect everything...!

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