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Pirates on the water!

Thanks to Hehalana, I managed to see another movie premier from MX last evening (17/10/13)! The movie will be released in Australia on the 24/10/2013!

I went without knowing much about the movie, apart that its based on a true story about a captain, so it would be about ships. A common theme of the two movies I recently saw involves water (I’ll be blogging about the other Chinese 3D movie Young Detective Dee in my next post - hopefully ), probably a sign that we should all stay away from them!

On to my amateur review and potential spoilers!
Tom Hanks as Captain Phillips!

I always gets too caught up with the main characters with their personal life's and feelings. I think the main selling point of this movie wasn't the way it is filmed (It was as if someone walking/following you with a camera, but it proven more realistic) nor the setting (because there isn't much as it's mainly filmed on the ship or the lifeboat) nor the costumes (That's right, they're not like the fancy dressed pirates that we all know of - it's a diminishing career because of the long hours and low pay :P), but more to how the actors performed and portrayed the characters' emotions. Tom Hanks who acted as Richard Phillips, really did an excellent job (particularly near the end) which made the whole movie realistic and believable. As funny as it may sound, I cried with him at the end of the movie with mixture of feelings of relieved and sorry for the pirates. Perhaps it's just me, since I don't normally watch much scary/thriller movies, so my heart was racing throughout the entire two hours of the movie. That aside, I was anticipating a lot of loud bang or gunshot (I had my hands around the ears throughout the first half of the movie) which didn't quite happened. The movie is quite driven by the feeling of greed and fear for various things (Money, food, job, time, lies, life etc) in order to survive. After learning about the security of cargo ship, the thought of carrying so much goods and money without being armed was scary.

There were a few movements of laughter from the audiences after what Muse (At first I thought he looked like one of those Zombies from Walking Dead - now that I have said it I can't wait to see the new Season of Walking Dead!!! ), the Somali Pirates Captain said (Black humor? *No pun implied*). The repeated reassurances from Muse that everything will be fine doesn't seems too convincing throughout the whole movie (It actually makes me worry more and more towards the end) and it is seen that it is only assuring coming from the mouth of your ally... in terms of race. I don't really want to mention this but I do feel the great differentiation between the American and pirates in the movie. Particularly near the end, the white superiority and how the pirates were out numbered and had no chance of winning. The pirates were also very obedient to the Navy... I was surprised they didn't shoot any of the Navy people! That aside, I think there were only two females actors that made appearance throughout the whole movie!

On to the joking side of things, the thoughts of endless bullets comes to mind. I thought the pirates actually wasted alot of ammo as they were trying to get through the security and into the control room (Where do all these bullets come from? 4th Dimensional pockets!? )! I also thought I saw Shane, the head officer of Maersk Alabama got hit by a bullet upon fixing the water hose... but there were no mentioned about his injury (I thought he was brave for hiding the injury from the rest of the crew because it would worry them)? Also, with so many of the crew members at the lowest level of the engine room where there's lack of air, water, lights... I was surprised they had no fatality?

It was an interesting read after reading what was fact and what was fiction out of the movie. It gives you a slightly different view on various things you learn from the movie. I was shocked to hear instead of two boats tailgating the ship, there was actually three to begin with! Also to think that this only happened in 2009 (not so historical) kinda shocked me, plus the fact that Phillips could actually go back for the water after 6 months! I suppose the fact that people need to work for money comes back into play...

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