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Chinese Sherlock Holmes!

It's been a while since I last watched a 3D movie! A big thank you to Kurako for being interested in the movie (because Feng Shaofeng was in it so at first I thought he was the main character since he had foreigner's appearance in the movie!) and for Haruki for buying the tickets at discounted prices! I must say I hadn't the best picture of 3D movies for quite a long time since Alice in Wonderland (Back when Avatar started 3D...)! Also it is actually my first Chinese movie at the cinema! So I was surprised to see Chinese and English subtitles (They make sense too) appearing at the bottom of the screen!

It is actually a prequel of Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, which I haven't watched yet. But the movies are broken down case by case so one could pick up the story without having to watch the others! I must say I definitely look forward to a sequel (One of the stories out of the illustration they did in the credits - some what reminds me of Diabolo )!

On to my short amateur review.

I must say the new 3D movies are all super blurry without the 3D glasses! I remember I used to be able to not wear the 3D glasses for some duration and they still look fine! I got there early this time so I was glad to see trailers in 3D too (I must watch Frozen)! I think there were more 3D effects in the beginning (during the ship wreck and the parade in town) than near the end. I think this is usual for movies to get sloppy near the end. Regardless, the CG were awesome. There was constant movements, particularly during the battle scenes, layers and layers of settings to show depth.

I haven't lol'd (literally) so bad for a while, so I'd say the movie was overall quite entertaining! Such as the try hard to pose and fight with style Da Lisi Chief Minister Yuchi. He actually reminds me of Marvel characters like Spiderman or batman with all his flying and poses and some unnecessary moves after the KO (Sometimes it's ok to be normal too). There was an overuse effect of the "kage no bunshin no jutsu" (Shadow Cloning technique that Ninja uses) to show how fast they move... at least three times out of the movie! Dee on the otherhand was funny in his cheeky ways from faking extreme cases sickness (Great acting!) and changing the shape of his face, which makes him more comical than just a serious and calm character with the passion to pursue Justice! I don't normally like characters with beard (particularly when he was touching his beard as he was thinking initially! ) but the storyline made all the characters loveable in their own unique ways. The trolling jokes at the end of the credits (there're a total of three) was entertaining also. Funny since Kurako read on the forum about the that part being on, she shouted to the people who was standing infront of her to sit down. lol I was glad they had the crazy character like the Imperial Doctor Wang which gives it more of a comical presence. Which I'm reminded, all the good people are --- mad.

There were scenes which reminded me of Phoenix Wright when the name tags appears in Dee's head like evidence to be examined closely (probably why I'm slightly bias towards this movie now), Professor Layton when he had a sidekick "Luke" Shatuo, whose more dependable with skills and great teamwork with Dee. The "Fiona" beautiful courtesan Yin (Her make up in the selection process reminds me of a Geisha!) provides some clues for the Sea Dragon case, along her romance with Dragon King - which I thought looks like a Kappa (monster in Ancient fables of Japan) at first, turn out to be closer to a Beast with hair (Beauty and the Beast)... these two had a had no in depth character developments were shown throughout the movie. Felt like wasted efforts to introduce these two characters (Suppose we need them to show that there's a happily ever after). The movie does not elaborate if he's completely healed (There's still part of him with the scales). It ended up having nothing to do with Yin, her charm nor the fables, merely because they want the war to stop and kill the king - like what? Also, I was disappointed when they revealed the Dragon King turns out to be a giant stingray as it clears up all the rumours of the fables. =3= But suppose it's only logical to be more scientific as we're dealing with a Sherlock style stories.

There's no romance for Dee in this one, but one could not help but think about the bromance between Yuchi and Dee! lol (Hey! Neither of them were attracted to the beautiful courtesan Yin for a reason... right?) :P

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