[iPhone] BL! Ore no Himitsu to Danshiryo New Season ★

Season 2!

Brought to you by Dorasu! This is actually a sequel to the original app with the same title Ore no Himitsu to Danshiryo, where the main character woke up and realised he's turned into a girl! The same logic applies for this app. I don't usually play anything with the word "BL" in it... but because I was bored, AND I note the story line mentioned that the main character turns into a girl which makes it acceptable to me! Though saying that, there's more BL ending than NL ending!

On to the short post!

Just a little after the basketball club activities finished, Yuu was transformed into a girl due to a certain legendary white bird named Kounotori, who was napping in the middle of transporting some secret chemical V. Shortly after Yuu was locked into the gymnasium storage room with his team mate Kazuto during this summer heat. Stop them from escaping to progress with the story and further their relationship by keeping them inside the locked room!

Sumimura Yuu - Calm and suppose to be normal 2nd year High School basketball club boy.
Yokose Kazuto - Basketball Team mate of Yuu, moodmaker.

Tab on the yellow speech bubbles (Escape Hints) to make them disappear and stop them from escaping! When the meter reach to the max, you get to read the different scenarios that improves their relationship. And if you tab onto the screen during the scenario, you might unlock new scenario...!

There are a total of 7 CGs (3 event CG + 3 Ending CG + 1 Game Over Cg, of which 2 were the NL CGs! ) and 18 different event scenarios that you could mix and match! The game offers two different mode, one is the story mode (under the name gymnasium storage room) and boys dormitory (Danshiryo), which allows you to place two characters with different character traits into the same dorm/room so you could observe them (Like Tamagotchi). The longer they're together in the room, their relationship would gradually change... and you get to see their special lines/dialogues! Their recent updates involves additional characters with different traits and plus the original characters from season 1!

It's probably the shortest (Single character route in a straight forward one night event) and yet eventful app (All that quality free CGs and scenarios! ) that I've play to date! Quite effortless I must say and since it's so short, you don't really have time to develop their romantic relationship! Probably the original season 1 is more worthwhile playing since it has more routes and information on their website! I like Akiyoshi Haru's drawing in season 1, but not sure about this season 2 illustrator. I don't think they're the same artist though (Since the hair is more shiny in this one...? XD).

I must say I'm slight disappointed that they didn't a girl avatar in the boys dormitory mode (I think I said the reason myself )! But given they turn Yuu into a girl with two CGs you would expect at least the female Yuu avatar could be found!? (I'm probably asking for the impossible in a BL game ) On a side note, the female Yuu actually look like the made up Heroine from Prince of Tennis love simulation series, namely Rush and Dream!? (lol It's probably my very first PS2 otome game!) Which probably explain why I took abit of liking into this game. That aside, I was attracted to their other game which seems more appealing as it's a proper otome game called Hanakoi Samurai x Knight, since it's voiced too! As usual, not accessible in Australia.

This is definitely another company to look out for new titles!

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