[Anime] Katanagatari

Just caught up with Katanagatari 5!

I know I'm abit late to say this but... I love the anime! <3 I only come across it this week and I'm totally in love with it. Perhaps it's because the other anime were abit overrated (My friend said I'm rebelling against the trends :P).

Here's a wiki copy and paste XD
Katanagatari centers on Yasuri Shichika, the seventh head of the Kyotō-ryū ("swordless style") of Japanese sword martial arts. One day, a girl named Togame arrives on the island where Shichika and his older sister Nanami live with a favor to ask from him. She tells him that she is on a mission to find and collect the final twelve swords forged by a master swordsmith by the name of Shikizaki Kiki and that she needs his help. They both then leave the island together to seek out the swords.

Apparently it's by the same person (Nisio Isin) who wrote Bakemonogatari. Not that it mean much to me in the beginning... but I might consider reading it after this. :)
The way the anime was drawn are different from the commercial ones. Especially the eyes. At first I thought, oh the drawings are good and kind of in proportion, but the eyes seems to lack abit of emotion in it. (Sometimes they hardly even blinked! XD) But the more I watch it, I come to like it a lot. It seems not natural to draw normal style for the anime. It is simply unique and not childish at all.

Story so far:
* Abit too much of explanation... Togame is the walking dictionary!

* 12 episodes spread over a year admit...! I can hardly wait for the next month - not to mention for a whole year! ; A ;

* The music are great. Quite match the scenes actually. Abit tribal when it comes to fighting scenes, which kind of builds up the tension. But more importantly the ENDING SONGS! It actually changes each month, including the position of Togame and Shichika! (Well maybe not between 2 & 3, but the rest was definitely different.)

* In the scene where Togame and Shichika met... there was this instant where it had a fall in love like kind of music. But Shichika's facial expression kind of fail on me. *disappointed*

* Togame is abit too short standing next to Shichika. (Pedo...? XD)

* Never heard of main characters giving bad ninja cute names... <3

* Alot of "unintentional" sexual references in each episodes... *cough* Fan services.

* The actual episode 4 wasn't like what was in the preview AT ALL! D: No fighting!? I thought I would be able to see him fight against the cool man Sabi. But geez, the sister Nanami IS SCARY. And I finally understand why other people like the bug ninjas so much. This episode gave them a lot of personality. Compare to the episode 2, I think this episode was much more meaningful. I kind of hope for some love relationship between Kamakiri and Nanami. XD

* I actually hoped to see the man Kanara behind the shield, and was kind of hoping it was Houou in Episode 5. LOL (Houou looks so cool!) This episode adds abit of spice to the boring pure fighting story. Finally some RIVALRY IN LOVE. My perfect dish. :D

* I hope they have an episode where it take place at the Maniwa...

* I hope the ending have abit of a twist or a bit more about the government to appear. =3=

* I hope Togame don't kill Shichika (not that she could) to revenge for her father.

* I wanna find out about Togame's eyes. They kinda lost it in episode 4 & 5?

* There were glimpse of Togame's past, and there were indication that her hair were changed from black to fully white. But I want to find out MOAR D:

* I know it'll be hard... but I wanna see people cosplaying characters from Katanagatari already! XD

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