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Brought to you by Roofdog Games Inc. whose known for their previous app Extreme Road Trip!

Starting to feel a bit of a shift from otome games to normal, quick and quality apps! (No not really, I just haven't blog about Vitamin Z and Trick or Alice that's now one iPhone since they're another lot of lengthy post!)

Yes! This is another short post!
lol Took me a while to take this cover image without the little loading circle in the middle!

Simply tap to dig deeper with your pick and and triggering over 60+ different mining tools cards (Bombs , dynamite, drills, increased pick strength, slow the time etc) to assist you through digging into deeper in depth! The aim is to dig as deep as possible before the pick breaks or the scrolling screen that squashes the player at the top of the screen. But basically, once the pick breaks you no longer be dig or activate tools (unless you purchase the first aid kit with gem or real cash). That aside, find treasure chests and minerals to level up the pick, purchase mining tools cards to assist you through the mission!

I think apps that are on Game Center are normally addictive! XD I ended playing for half an hour every time without realising the time flies! The battery recharges was about every 15 minute and you're fully recharged once you leveled up, making the play cycle longer! Well you could stop at anytime of course, but why waste the recharge battery!?

General thought that it would be nice to know the mission, so we could shuffle the cards better. The whole card system makes the game more challenging and diverse since the combination of the 3 mining tools cards creates a different strategy and flow to every game. That aside, the fusing of the duplicated cards (with in game cash) to maximise the card's ability reminds me of Shin Megame Tensei Persona series! *Is a fan* Except for the fact that the fusing in this app would NEVER FAILS *Starts to remember the times when I restart from the save point because of the card fusion failure*!

I love it how the player doesn't get killed in the explosives or when dropped out of the screen, plus could rush to anywhere on the screen have have already been dug (with the ladders too lol). Also the fact that there are many little things to collect in this game, like the minerals which ultimately become in game cash so you could upgrade the pick, keys to open treasure chests that reveals items to add to your collection, themed artifacts that you could trade and collect to redeem more mining tools cards, and let's not forget these cards that you could use to plan the new round of the game!

What's more, the app is free! In game cash could be earned by collecting raw minerals in game or simply watch a short 1 minute video to earn 15-50 in game cash. If you're still not convinced, you should probably give it one round to see for yourself how addictive it could be!

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