[Cosplay] Diabolik Lovers More Blood - Suit Version

Happy Halloween!

Just a short post because it's Halloween! Also just to change the layout to suit the theme... I change them yearly so it'll probably be a Halloween year this time round, unless I get sick of the blinding orange.

lol I probably got your hopes up with the official picture at first, but we only had 3 people since it was a last minute casual outing! orz

Diabolik Lovers More Blood (!)
Ayato @ Haruki
Yui @ Kurako
Kanato @ Nabari

On to minimal photos from the shoot and thoughts on the Diabolik Lovers More Deep Perfect Guide! (Provided it was only three of us I think this was a decent amount of photos out of just one reference picture =w=;)
======= EDIT 22/11/2013 =======

Originally I planned this just over the weekend that had passed since I saw the official picture on Rejet’s website about the release of the title Diabolik Lovers Move Blood. Then I thought it was getting closer to Halloween so why not, plus it’s suits! (Don’t we love closet cosplay!? XD) Though saying that, I actually made the vest and the tie last night, and Teddy’s new outfit on Sunday (Mind you I made Teddy too but that was for the normal school uniform version).

Wednesday night Haruki showed me the Diabolik Lovers More Blood Original Soundtrack + drama CD with Kanato in his Halloween outfit (I notice Kanato was showing his neck in that picture!? Special rare occasion!?) I was very tempted to do but knew I couldn’t due to the lack of time. Anyway this mark our third version of Diabolik Lovers Cosplay – I think I’m getting more and more used to Kaji being Yandere too.

Halloween treats
Treats for friends...

I’ve decided that we would do the anti-traditional (Reverse) Trick or Treat...! (aka goes deliver treats instead) Though not so much Trick of Treating (as we spent more time on photoshoot) but managed to have a little kid that kept staring at us as he walked with his parents and bump into the wall… not sure if that could be counted as Trick. @w@; Also, I did get treated from my friend who I went to visit!

DLMB Suit Couple
The probably only per the reference picture that we managed to do...

DLMB Suit Pumpkin
Making use of the treats!

DLMB Suit Peace
Just us being us. OOC. orz

DLMB Suit Group
Managed to get a group shot with the self timer...!

Not gonna upload anymore photos from the shoot. =w= *Is waiting for the chance for more brothers first!* There were of course, more crack shot than usual, particularly with the eyeball chocolate, but I won't be uploading them as they're insider jokes and stuffs. Have to say I'm glad that Haruki and Kurako came along last minute!

DLMD cover
Diabolik Lovers More Deep Perfect Guide!!!

While I'm on the topic, I bought the Diabolik Lovers More Deep Perfect Guide around the same time, but disappointed that there’s no new artworks (How typical ) and as expected it’s like a catalogue or a collated version of the monthly magazine Dengeki Girls Style!

DLMD back cover
The illustrations on the schedule is abit...

Though saying that, my schedule book for next year 2014 will be this – with illustrations that I think should not see the daylight when I’m out (I’d much rather they have them as postcards for keepsakes instead ) but slightly annoyed about the fact that there’s no More Blood characters! Although it’s name was implying it’s for More Blood! Suppose it’s how they make money out of popular merchandise, Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Official Visual Book was more price for value...

The schedule book starts from the month October 2013 until December 2014, with 6 illustration in the front and no extra space for memo/note. Despite having a hard cover and thick absorbent paper (I was using ink pen so it was a bad idea, luckily the paper was thick enough so it didn't go to the other side - not yet), I don't think the schedule is practical at all...

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