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No to the Apple!

Brought to you by Image Circus and their mobile game project ♂ Motto!! Renai Shugi ♀, this game was originally released in 2010, with now added 5000+ full character voices (mostly main characters) and Volker route released!

With all the overdue backdated convention logs that I’m reluctant to finish, thought I’d do something easy again... It's been soooooo long since I last played a Image Circus's otome game Road to Emerald! I really can't say no to Fairy Tale base games!
Hime to Ringo
Character design and event CGs (17 in total) are illustrated by Bunho/Bunmine (Not sure if I translate the name correctly?). Not a known artist to me... but the style slightly reminds me of Hoshi wa Utau by Takaya Natsuki. No it's not the short hair main... lol I think it's the simple yet define style of it that reminds me of it.

On her extended route home due to the recent argument she had with her mum, Katase Makoto (name changeable) came across an mysterious bookstore where she flip open a picture book and got absorbed into the fiction world of Snow White (Shirayukihime). When she opened her eyes she already arrived inside a room in the castle full of mirrors, being chased by the guards, she hide inside Shirayukihime's room, where she meet the beautiful Snowwhite Shirayukihime, the guardian knight (aka Shitsuji) Klemens and the Magician Joachim. After learning the relationship of the Queen and Shirayukihime, Makoto agreed to acts as the shadow clone and attended the dance hall despite knowing the risks it involves. With abit of magic from Joachim, Makoto, in the appearance of Shirayukihime met a prince name Balduin who she danced with, while the real Shirayukihime escape to the woods with Joachim.

That night, Klemens returned to the room with a knife claiming he was ordered to kill Shirayukihime, although knowing Makoto is only the shadow clone. After much hassle, Klemens helps Makoto escape but returned to the castle due to unfinished business. Days after, a wandering traveler (aka Prince) Balduin entered Joachim's house with the injured Klemens. With the queen's order to kill Snow white, the group learn that Makoto was from another world and the story of Shirayukihime may be as simple as not eating the apple. The group decided to stay together in the forest at Joachim's place while Klemens slowly recovers from the injury with Balduin who was hired as additional help to protect the group. Days past as Balduin takes on the role of a hunter for food, Klemens and Makoto with cooking and Joachim as the doctor and casting magical barriers. But the peaceful days does not last long as Joachim suspect that Queen may actually wants Makoto dead...?

Banner abuse to max!!! (Although they actually belong to the Drama CD - Hime to Ringo ni kuchizuke wo Gaiden ~ Toki Mitsuru Yoru no Komoruuta~ , but they're the same characters anyway!)

Katase Makoto (Drama CD CV: Yaguchi Asami)

Balduin (CV: Harasawa Kouki)

Klemens (CV: Urata Yuu)

Joachim (CV: Matsumoto Sachi)

Shirayukihime (CV: Kawaragi Shiho)

New characters from the Drama CD
Volker (CV: Miyashita Eiji)


Renate (CV: Takaguchi Yukiko)

I think I pretty much covered the general summary on the common route chapter 1 & 2 (Total of 4 chapters with good and bad end per route) which is free and fully voiced, whilst chapter 3 and 4 for specific character routes requires payment of 400 Yen per route or 700 yen set to continue. I know I totally ignored the fact that Makoto spoke to her neighbor before she actually headed to the bookstore, although *spoiler alert* he's Volker in the Shirayukihime world. =w= (They didn't really bothered to change his hair colour and all so it's no surprise they're the same person ) I don't know much about the seiyuu cast, but noted a few had minor roles in few lesser known otome game titles. Apparently their selling point was the Volker route, who also voiced Fujiyama Arashi in Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 3rd Story (Also never got around to play it even this is more known out of the bunch, I probably should soon ^^;). Although he did not make an appearance in Chapter 1-2 (Did they really just add him as additional route?! XD *Keeps forgetting he DID appear first as the neighbor*). I can't comment much on the new additional characters. But since Volker was originally an add on character, I'd say I'd pair him up with Shirayukihime if he had not appear in Chapter 1 at all.

General thoughts on the main characters, I think Makoto blushes too easily and sways alot between the guys whoever calls her cute (that or it's just me with my answer picking XD), although she's quite determined at times when it's not love related. In most cases, regardless of what options you choose, you still end up having to do whatever they ask you to do.

I didn't think Klemens's route would work with Makoto originally as the thought of a knight protecting his Princess from early age was introduced. But turns out he probably only likes Boyish girls in dresses. XD It was cute how Shirayukihime expose his feelings towards Makoto in a dress. Although we see Klemens slowly expressing his feelings and look beyond his role/status and from restraining himself. I look forward to his explosion of feels in his route. lol His voice kind of reminds me of Kaji, so it's a yes for me.

Joachim got on my nerves abit with the slow talking and repeated sounds he makes. It was cute at the beginning, but not for a long duration on headphones (It's probably the female voice... lol). There are cute moments of him being jealous over how Makoto is being nice to the other guys and he is quite honest with his feelings towards Makoto. *is waiting for him to turn evil in the love triangle jealousy* XD Honestly, they should probably make Joachim cast magic on himself to be less shouta like for a special episode or some sort. Nevertheless, how he transfer the pains from Makoto to himself was a brave thing to do. Interesting route in anticipation!

Balduin is quite dreamy at first when he was all gentleman (UNIFORM ) like, but when we see him again at the forest, the Oresama and the gold digger vibe was too overwhelming for me. Funny though, after learning that Makoto isn't the real Shirayukihime he didn't go after the real one but rather work for Shirayukihime. I'm kind of hoping he's just a Tsundere so I'll like him more despite his deep voice and the way he speaks down to Makoto. (lol For some strange reasons I don't like to be verbally abused... here I thought I'm immune since Rejet games. )

Shirayukihime's existence was close to zero or not so necessary, except for the fact that she's like a love consultant or an older sister or a good friend for Makoto in the story. I was glad they didn't replace Makoto's appearance during the dance ball with Shirayukihime, otherwise... Makoto isn't the heroine right? =w= That aside, she acts as the speaker of Klemens's feelings and clears/wrap things up for the clueless Makoto.

I think Chapter 1-2 gives you enough to decide whether you want to continue to play or not. So I highly recommend to give it a gogogogogo... *Copies Joachim way of speaking*

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