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Penny, Penny, Penny

Bought to you by Penny Collector. This app gives you the exact location (Entrance or exit etc), it evens finds machines near your current location, so you won't miss any machines around the world! Plus a picture of what the penny look like!

I intended to blog about these locations in Japan that actually have these machines but didn't end up doing a post, so figured now's THE time! Read on for nothing really related to this app (Yep, all you needed to know was in that first paragraph) but abit of my thoughts on the place and photos of the actual machines (Too lazy to take photo of the pennies when they do it so well on their app )!
As a collector of many things, I started collecting Pressed Pennies (They're known as Souvenir Coins or Medalief in Japan), although not of the entire collection from one location and one particular machines (Not OCD enough lol). There's also International (postage) stamps, but that's a completely different story all together.

I have collected them previously but they won't as common so I didn't think there could be a collection (lol I don't even remember where I put them). It all started from my trip to Japan last year when I did the whole stamp rally and discover the collection of Pressed Pennies machines in Tokyo Disney. The reason why I like to collect these penny over the stamps because they're less likely to rip / destroyed (some may say they'll rust over time but really depends how you store them away from exposure to air), plus they're actually cheaper than souvenirs and they're symbolic to places you have been to...! (It's like a medal for getting to that place! XD) There are also pennies that's only by year so you could continue to collect them as the years goes by even if you visit the same place again.

Tokyo Disneyland
PP TokyoDisney

... where all the rubbish bins in Tokyo are stored! I kid you not... there’s bins even while you’re waiting in hours of queues for rides (Though saying that I went during Christmas). There were a lot of beautiful window decorations that are being largely ignored by others. Whilst wearing Lolita dress to Disneyland is a good idea for pretty photos, I don’t recommend going on rides in it. I enjoyed kiddy rides more than crazy rides because I don’t get to take a lot of photos during them and plus there is no sign of Disney characters for those rides. I might as well go to theme parks for rides. Regardless, there were as many press penny machine as the rubbish bins!

Pokemon Centre in Sapporo
PP PKMNCentreSapporo

Wasn’t intending to go to there but got there by chance (Saw the sign that it's located at the top floor of a shopping centre)! It’s somewhat easier to get to compare to the one in Tokyo (I didn’t have time to find it when I was there ). Slightly disappointed how they didn’t play the Pokemon Centre song all day long, as they were trying to promote the new CD (I believe it’s winter special). Surprised to find that Eevee have it own line...! Also Interesting to see Pokemon trainers (from B&W) clear files are more expensive than Pokemon clear files... Disappointed how they don’t have postcards, but quite a few arcade machines just in front of the lifts!

Kansai Airport, Osaka
PP KansaiAirport

Only came across it by chance as we checked in early so we had time to browse around the shops. Could tell that Hello Kitty is quite the Sanrio Celebrity in Japan! That's when I realised that... Narita Airport should have one too! Though I must say I'd rather they have different Sanrio characters on different ones.

I didn't even realised they have them in Brisbane when I went to Brisbanenova. Which reminds me I need to do a separate post for Brisnova (Here I thought I don't have much backlog anymore). orz Since then, Hehalana and my friends have been helping me collect them...! (Personally I'd rather go to those places and collect them myself) The best thing about the app is that you could keep track of what penny you already have! (However this feature is only available on ios - as my Android friend told me)

Now go start your collection today!


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