[Merc] Aussie Animals Limited Edition Baby Wildlife

Gen 2 Pokemon Aussie Animal Card Collection 2

I'm disappointed that the latest issue of the Taronga Zoo magazine didn't tell me that this was coming (Maye it wasn't the latest issue afterall? )! Although saying this, I should have know as it heavily reminds me of the trend of Generation 2 Pokemons which is mostly pre-evolutions of Generation 1 Pokemon (aka Baby Pokemon)!

Commencing Wednesday 4th December 2013 (Yesterday) until 24th December 2013, with over 36 cards to collect! As with the first release, a set of 4 cards are free with every $20 spent at Woolworths! I think for those who missed out on the first album (due to a certain word was found in the Find the words), you could now order the second print of the album!

With the shorter time frame and all the Christmas shopping, parties, dinners... I'm not sure if I'm ready for this.
Aussie Animal Collection 2
Not so OCD today (Feeling unwell and 10% of me is tuning off the whole day) so only started off with 3 set of cards.

Aussie Animal Collection 2 cards
Here's what Baby Wildlife looks like... to be honest, I don't see much different in baby snake and the normal snake.

I figured I'll leave this short and snappy. Here's a link to an entertaining read on their thoughts of the new card collection. XD

* The album is not so value for money compared to the first album. Although half the price of the previous one, this one is only a thick paper folder with no sleeve for holding/protect cards. Plus, there is no card INDEX (How would I know what animal I'm missing ) and no find the words activity! (lol I wonder why)
* Although the theme was Christmas hence it was red colour, it actually heavily reminds me of Coles! XD
* With the gold stars on red it reminds me of China. Though have to disappoint you all that it's actually made in The Netherlands!
* The shade of red is quite dull (Not as bright as the last one!).
* Not all baby wildlife are cute. I managed get most reptiles with my not the greatest luck in lottery. orz

It makes one wonder if there'll be a third generation series of cards to come. Then again, let's be realistic... how many Aussie Animals are there to make cards out of? XD Needless to say, just start spending your $20 at Woolworths today before they run out!


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