[iPhone] Bedtime Sweetheart -Shall we sleep?-

Shall we not sleep?

lol Otome game companies that have their app titles into English market seems to be known faster than a Japanese titled app. So saying that, I'm actually abit late to blog about this app (Although its official release is actually TODAY)!

Brought to you by Koyonplete Inc., this is their first fully voiced app! I won't elaborate what's really in this app apart from the first glance of the title it already heavily reminds you of the Soine Kareshi series by Visual Works x Black Butterfly.

On to the characters and my general comment on the app.
Isshou ni Neyo

Ryuunosuke (CV: Yuiya Hiiragi)
Mao (CV: Sakuya Hiratsuji)
Hayato (CV: Tsukue Mizuki)

Quote from the app store: "If you touch them at the ‘right’ places, your Sweetheart may get extremely excited and—?"
Is it just me or does that sounds wrong...? XD

With over 250+ dialogues depending on where and how (Single Tap / Single Tap with 2 fingers / Double Tap / Double Tap with 2 fingers / Long Press / Long press with 2 fingers / Shake / Swipe) you touch them!

For the first time ever, a Soine app with a figure of a Heroine! XD Sometimes I'd like to know what they look like for a change! I actually find this more interesting compared to the other Soine series as this one have different reactions depending where and how you touch them - which reminds me of Moe Gacha Danshi by CyberAgent! Being side tracked abit, but the latest title BF (Temporarily name) by CyberAgent that I read about on Dengeki Girl's Style December 2013 issue have those characters rolled over to a new title! But I wonder whatever happened to the promised Hojo Takeshi (CV: Ono Daisuke) on Moe Gacha Danshi and obviously not in this new title too!? But glad to see they now throw in Sakurai Takahiro!

I do think the app is still of quality combined with the quality illustrations. I'm always curious with the artist for all apps so I was disappointed they didn't give any information about it on the app and on their website. (Whatever happened to all the credits!? ) Unlike the mentioned apps, it is subsidise by lesser known seiyuus. There are sample voices available per character, however Mao's voice bank requires to be bought to play. (It's actually one of the one that I have more interested in compare to the other two! XD) Though I'd be happier if they could include a voice index so I know exactly how many voiced sentences there are. =3=

Unlike the title suggest that it's sleeping time, you will note that (when you're less concern about getting voices) you're actually awaking them up. lol Just who says "Shall we Sleep?" in the morning?! Ultimately, I think the hidden title is actually Shall we get back to sleep?

Now, shall we sleep... or play?

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Re: Aline Azure

There isn't much VN app with voice I believe? XD Although saying that you probably got that impression due to Koyonplete (Same company as this app) have quite a few VN being released prior to this. lol I believe there's a actually a name for where you increase the love points by touching them which is called "Skinship" (It's frequently used on many other Otome game app nowadays v-356 - that or just the things I play :P).

You probably have higher chance to find your favourite seiyuu on Soine Kareshi series (aka Sleepy Time Boyfriend), Voice supplement and many odd ones out there. XD

No title

1st time I download it I thought it was VN. then I realize it basically almost same like striketurning them onstrike

but thing got more intense at the night time. i love hayato's so far. I wish my fav seiyuu was on there too!


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