[iPhone] Watashi Senyou! Aisare mezamashi Vol 2

Kaji Alarm Vol 2!

Brought to you by IdeaFlood! I must admit, I had a smile on my face when I saw Kaji Yuki's name. I'm sensing this company is probably going to bring a series of Kaji's alarm just with a different character designer, character name and characteristics...! Not that I'm complaining, just keep them coming!!!

Because it's released as a separate app, I've decided to post it as a separate post. You could read about my thought on the Vol 1 here. This time, the character is beautifully illustrated by Minazuki Esora (Again, the artist is not known to me and they're not likely gonna update their website for it ) comes another otome app on the waking (alarm) series, just to counter the sleeping series by the other otome companies. XD The app itself could work as a clock or timer, which is similar to those Bijin Tokei!

Nakabou Chikage (CV: Kaji Yuki)

* Changes facial expression and sentences that appears on the top on random as if the character is talking to you (Though it's not voiced).
* Free 11 voices (Number based on volume 1 after update) that comes with up to 20 days daily login.

Since you're awake now, let's play a 1 minute game!

There are two different mini games that appears after you have set the alarm and when it is activated! Click on the notification from the app and it'll take you to the 1 minute mini game. Most of the time it's where you need to find the 2 matching animal cards that he asked for, at other times, it's just tabbing the Hearts that appears on his face (I totally forgot to write about this in the first app? ).

Again, I highly recommend NOT wearing the headphone when playing this as it makes a high pitched beeping noise until you press confirm. I think even actual alarm clock isn't this annoying. orz

If you complete the request quick enough you will get the voiced praise from Kaji! Otherwise, you could still enjoy the beautifully illustrated close up picture of Nakabou.

I was pleased to find that they didn't just roll over the voice from the last volume to this one... meaning, you get to enjoy more of Kaji's voice! It makes me wonder if they've got Kaji as one of their staff... XD Personality, I prefer the tone of voice of Kaji in the volume 1. Mostly because I could hear a smile in his voice in the first one and this one is more serious...? XD I could imagine myself half waking up with Bakenezumi (Shin Sekai Yori) and Kyojin (Shingeki no Kyojin) appearing in my mind.

The Voice list is available to be replayed at anytime without having to play the mini game. If you intend to play the games only, please remember to turn off the alarm...! *Have had alarm went off at odd hours I last play and so embarrassing when your family heard it kept questioning you about it, so trust me on this advice* Though saying this, it would only apply to the days of the week you turned them on (Obviously I have been playing around with it too much).

I look forward to a third volume in... probably another 6 months time! (Wishful thinking)

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