[iPhone] Dasshutsu Game! Lapis to Mahou no Melody

Getting stuck again!

Brought to you by i-Style Project (Surfersparadise and Studio Deen) again, this is the second Escape game app with Aoki Lapis!

I actually tried the Oyasumi app featuring Lapis and Meril which I skipped last time. I must admit I'm taking more and more liking into Lapis because of her soft voice and it goes well with sheep counting (That or it's because of the music was soft). While the music being the same for Meril's app which I thought her voice was stronger so I didn't like it as much. The only remaining thing I should do is probably to check out their songs. lol But I think nothing will change my bias towards the Kagamine Twins!

Anyway back on the Escape game app before I make you all go to sleep!
Escape Lapis Cover2
The pixel art seems to have shrink even more...

There's an old European style building behind the Sakuratsukino Gakuen in the mountains. It wasn't clear who have built the building or for what purpose it was built, however it was said there are unknown creatures that lives there and people who goes there would go missing. Hence the student Council have formed a investigation team with the transferred student Lapis and Merli, and student council members Chitose Kazekiri to see what causes it. As soon as they stepped inside the building, they fall to the basement...

Unlike the first app, which is done in landscape, this one is actually portrait. And because of this, the text was actually smaller. orz (Made me want to skip all the text which was not so helpful in trying to get the numbers ) So I would highly recommend people with an iPad to play it instead of iPhone.

The other noticeable difference is that you get to choose your avatar between a boy or a girl. Not that it really matters in the game to be honest. XD Although saying that, during their campaign period with the friend codes you could obtain rare avatar?! (Here's my invitation code 34748! Please add so I could see what the special avatar is!!! Alternatively, you could get a Ika aka squid via entering the official code 8996! ) You could always change it to the other if you change your mind during the game play. Further it allows quick access to Twitter via the app for you to ask for help (or alternatively go google it online... :P).

In this second app, the new stages are suppose to have increased difficulties compare to the last. Although I actually find the first game harder than this one as the items you found in one room could be used in another so I was quite lost in the first game. I find that the point of getting out of the room have become... vague when it becomes a compilation of mini stages with puzzle. This reminds me of a puzzle game *is shot*. The background music again, is by Amacha no Ongaku Konjou Maou Tamashi. There's only one theme song this time (There was 2 theme songs last time) by DaisukeP (He was in the last one) whose are known for his Vocaloid works. I take less note of the music this time round because there was no opening video to this second app.

Escape Lapis2 Stage Select
Route selection that isn't in the first app! Who's route would you choose?!

Simliar to the first app, stage 1 is free with minimal advertisement bar and stage 2 requires payment to progress further. The app utilises the touch technology, so player need to tap, swipe/flick and shake/rotate (This is the best hint where you get stuck! Lesson well learned from the first one!) to find objects/codes hidden within the environment, break the code and collect items to advance further into the story! Further it offer so the save and load function, it is rare to see auto save mode for escape games, which is perfect for those people who forgets to save! There were a few puzzles that requires you to read and understand in order to get the numbers. They take abit longer than expected but I still managed to finished this app relatively quickly compared to the last.

Regardless, I have to say I enjoyed the game (Not as much as the first one to be honest) though mainly playing it as a filler before I start on Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies!

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