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Brought to you by LEVEL-5 Inc, a spin-off of the Professor Layton series where player plays the role of the rookie investigator Lucy Baker who recently transferred to Scotland Yard and was paired up with the genius investigator Alfendi Layton (son of Hershel Layton) in the investigation unit called the Mystery room (The full name is too long to remember).
LBMysteryRoom Cover

YAY, they finally released it on ipad so I finally managed to play it. I knew it was happening some time ago but stopped following it since Phoenix Wright was announced (That series will always be my favourite! ). And since then LEVEL-5 have released the English version which is even better (Makes it quicker for me to play)!

I didn't quite understand why they called it Layton Brothers... Alfendi did mention he have a brother but hardly mentioned his name. At first I thought Hershel Layton (Professor Layton) was his brother! Though saying that, Alfendi's split personality which is obsessed with crazy criminal minds was seen in Case 2 might be a hint that's the "Brother"...? I think this split personality to Alfendi makes the story more interesting and gives the characters even more personality and makes you want to find out more. Though saying that I didn't like how Alfendi's eyes is not the same as Hershel Layton. =w= Not cute at all. Also, I was disappointed that there's no future Luke... :P Probably one reason why they decided not to release it on DS, since it'll throw the originally Professor Layton series out of order. =w=

LBMysteryRoom Gameplay
Deductive reasoning in progress...

The whole vibe to the story in comparision to the Professor Layton series is more for adult. Probably because I see dead corpses in every case, it actually reminds me more of Phoenix Wright than Professor Layton series. By proving suspects to be culprit (Guilty!) while using the latest technology to rebuild and investigate the scene (Yatagarasu Gagets?). Also, separated into categories by deductive reasoning (Chess logic system?) from a highly suspected to confirm 100% certainty by assessing what is the murder weapon, reason for murder, methods etc. Other minor details like red highlighted key words, shouting speech bubbles, keyword arrows (Take that ), looking at more detail of the evidence, check Files at the upper right corner for evidence, statements and character profile listing. All that made me waiting for the suspect/culprit to go break down mode as seen in Phoenix Wright series, but that didn't happen. ._. Not so LEVEL-5 style I suppose? (Ok, I admit, I might be abit too addicted to Phoenix ).

Unlike Professor Layton, this game is actually quite linear. Despite some effort to make it relates to the Professor Layton series, such as having similar character designs (Lucy and Luke have hats and calls the Laytons Professor), hints (but doesn't require points and there are no penalty for getting the wrong answers, the story still progresses) and the surname (Duh!). There were instances where Alfendi had more background information about the suspect which I think wasn't quite unfair , even though you could still progress with the story as Alfendi points you to the right direction and update the statement/evidence/character profile. The zooming into the 3D crime scene investigation was an interesting aspect. Though I have to say the style doesn't quite tie in together with the 2D drawings.

Overall, I think the game could probably be better off without linking to the Professor Layton series because I think the game have many features that many would have enjoyed without knowing about Professor Layton. I read on someone's post that explain their interpretation of this father and son relationship which was quite an interesting read (The humour! ), since they also attempt to show why characters are the way they are.

The game is free up to Case 2, with Case 3-5 for $1.99 and Case 6-9 for $2.99. Nevertheless, it's another quality game that LEVEL-5 have done and I do hope to see a sequel to it!

As Alfendi always says, if you believe (my) statement then yes (go and check it out for yourself!).

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