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Released just on the 11/12/13, Kadokawa and Media Factory presents a fully backed by 6 popular seiyuu love simulation app with full Live2D animation, as well as a series of Drama CD to come over early next year for the same app!!!

Do I see this as the general way for any mobiel games to be popular...? Get popular seiyuu to voice it and make Drama CD out of it...! And eventually anime adaptation (Like Kamigami no Asobi Ludere Deorum aka Kamiasobi!!! Yes I'm happy because it's Kazuki Yone Sensei's work and... I think it'll be Apollo's route!? ) to come?

Ok I might have extended this abit too far but there's some truth to it...?!

NOTE: Android version to come in January 2014!
Koipuri Cover
Prince Five!

One day, the heroine was approach by a lawyer name Maki who said that she have been chosen as the successor of the 5,000 million yen from the richest man. He once dated her mother back in the university days however they did not marry due to the family's objection. And now his wish is that she must choose to marry one of the his five sons from various industries known as Prince Five, further, they must be married with mutual feelings of love in order to inherit the money.

If she don't marry the son the money will be donated to charity, however the evil brother of this richest man would not let her off easily. With all brothers interested in the condition, in order to protect her father's bakery shop, she decided to pick one of the man to be her husband...

Prince Five, ordered by oldest to youngest son
Naruse Luka Hibiki (CV: Koyasu Takehito) - Prince of the Medical World
【恋プリ】5人の恋プリンス~ヒミツの契約結婚 公式サイト 成瀬・ルカ・響(CV.子安武人)
Kanzaki Takeru (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) - Prince of the Politics
【恋プリ】5人の恋プリンス~ヒミツの契約結婚 公式サイト 神崎尊(CV.森川智之)
Nikaidou Nozomu (CV: Nakai Kazuya) - Prince of the movies (screen)
【恋プリ】5人の恋プリンス~ヒミツの契約結婚 公式サイト 二階堂希(CV.中井和哉)
Muroi Kaede (CV: Ishida Akira) - Oujisama of Manga
【恋プリ】5人の恋プリンス~ヒミツの契約結婚 公式サイト 室井楓(CV.石田彰)
Igarashi Shou (CV: Ono Yuuki) - Homerun Ouji
【恋プリ】5人の恋プリンス~ヒミツの契約結婚 公式サイト 五十嵐将(CV.小野友樹)
Hidden route! *Wishful thinking* He has no banner *sob*
Maki Yuusuke (CV: Sugita Tomokazu) - Lawyer

3 Modes
Scenario - Experience the story mode in novel style with Live2D animation.
Date - Increase the love relationship with intimacy points via short stories such as going for a walk together, out go, stay over date and some special seasonal events (E.g. Christmas events! ).
Communication - Enjoy the full voice communication while talking to him via a tap to see his reactions! The better the relationship the changes in what he would say to you (There are five emotions that you could choose for him to react to)! You could also revisit the event CG and voices obtained throughout the chapters. Also there is a present function for increasing the intimacy points without having to play the story.

Mini games
Work - Make one of the three sweets to earn in game coins to buy avatar items. The sweets are at different level giving you different amount of coins.
My room - Create your own unique avatar via items obtained from Gacha or shop.
User Ranking - Princess Point ranking based on your intimacy points and avatar points to receive a present for those high ranked users.

With 3 types of endings (Normal/Happy/Special End) for the 5 routes (You could select to play between character routes). The ending is dependent on the intimacy score with the character at end of chapter 29. They give 1 free scenario ticket (equivalent to 1 chapter) per day (Replenish at 5 in the morning each day). But of course, for those who can't wait, you could always pay for more tickets!

Wasn't expected what sort of story it was (This person doesn't read what the app is about before downloading ), I had fun lol-ing at various things. First of all the video, it had Sugita's voice in it. Heavily influence by Gintama, his voice always makes me laugh, even though this app is not a comedy. XD Though saying that, when he introduce Prince Five I was like pffttt . Also, some of the quotes from the brothers were quite entertaining. Such as Takeru who finds the heroine rare for not liking his touch, and the old school panty flashing scene... Hibiki who praise the heroine for her beautiful skull... Kaede who only lives on snacks, candy and cup ramen... Shou who shows off his abs on his first meet with heroine (though not intentionally)... Nozomu seems to be the only lack of characteristic one of all (I thought he would have more personality, namely like Kaede)?

Much like Voltage style, it requires you the tab the screen to the next page (Why can't the animations be more automatic...? orz) - sometimes I thought it froze but turns out I just forgot to tap it because I'm not used to doing that. The prologue is fully voiced, then individual routes offer one CG and at least one voice sentence that can be revisited in the album. My first attack was on Takeru because... he reminds me of Kazama. That Oresama vibe and also because Morikawa's voice does match the character here! Though I must admit I haven't been scoring anything high with his route but with Kaede's route (Maybe because I know more about the manga world!? ). I didn't really like Kaede's personality (But he's voiced by Ishida so I have to oversee that), and I believe that personality should have been with Nozomu's character. XD I also started abit on the Hibiki's route, given he have the prince type of personality. lol I don't know when was the last time I saw Koyasu's name in otome game AND in a route that I want to play. Shou gives off that pure vibe but his abs scared me. I must say Nozomu's route is probably the only one I haven't thought about playing yet... even though he's blonde. Though saying this, apparently the Animate Tokuten Drama CD will be featuring everyone's take on his job...?

Drama CD
Volume 1 to be released on 26/02/2014 with Hibiki, Kaede and Shou.
Volume 2 to be released on 26/03/2014 with Takeru, Nozomu and Maki. (<--- Hint for hidden route!? )

The avatar dress up doesn't mean much to me at this stage with the Christmas events where I'd prefer to spend the coins onto getting the present to go through the Christmas special scenarios...! But keep in mind that you actually have a chance to get avatar items through the special event too!

Word of advise - keep baking those sweets to enjoy the seasonal events!

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