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Ikemen ikusei Diet app!

First of all a general message --- HAPPY NEW YEAR! Okay, now you're free to jump to the next paragraph because this is an excuses paragraph. Here goes! I note I have abandoned 3 convention backlogs from last year... but they're put aside for the greater good --- I was busy going out (Went to the Sydney Aquarium and got the Press Penny!) and playing my Wii Console (since I had no 2DS to play my new 3DS games from Christmas), my usual otome app hunted and beta testing for an Australian made indie game OTTTD which I heard about during one of the convention backlog not posted!

Brought to you by AQUA Co.,Ltd., a new diet app under the Health & Fitness category (I always think non gaming catagory apps are always interesting! ) made for those who can't keep up with their diet by themselves and prefer working hard together with a Ikemen. But wait, it's all lies! In fact, you work hard to turn your childhood friend into a ikemen!
Chibi Futoshi seems works harder on the cover... XD

So Futoshi Kun?
* Fat (overweight)
* Doesn't leave home (Hikikomori/NEET)
* Abit Negative (Pessimistic)
* Bad at conversation (Socially awkard)

... Basically Futoshi have all the bad qualities you could think of, but all place onto one single person. lol But the only person that could change him is you!!!

Level 1 Futoshi and his room...

* Weight Management - enter your weight every day to get a graph to check your status/progress.
* Exercise - three different type of excercise to choose from a range of weight lift (arms ), sit up (stomach) and squat (Bottom/legs) whilst holding the phone. Where you don't continue to exercise, Futoshi will gradually become fat...
* Communication - Enables you to increase tension to release High Tension mode and double futoshi points during exercise. Your answers should be S nature (Futoshi is a M when you check his status for each level).
* Costume change - buy new outfits for Futoshi as he slims down (levels up) using Futoshi Gold earned from exercise. You could still make Futoshi wear the old outfits after level up.


First up! I highly recommend playing on the iPhone instead of iPad as it does get quite tiring after 100 times of lifting. orz In terms of game play, I think the sit up makes more sense in this app where you hold onto the device than in Nenshou! For Girls (My review here) where you have to tap upon the sit up. Again, tiring when you do up to 100 times and multiple cycle a day. Thought saying this, it's easier to cheat on Nenshou! For Girls (Since you could just tap randomly) than on this app. :P

Prior to doing the exercises, make sure you have increase the tension bar to 60-100 (If you do up to exercise range from 95-100) through communication. Here a helpful strategy guide I found online to response to Futoshi the way he wants you to in order to increase the tension. lol Normally the tension would double the Futoshi points received so it enables Futoshi to level up quicker.

Futoshi's appearance (including his room which is cleanse/reduce in Otaku-ness) and personality change for each slimming down (Leveling up)! And he could lose kilograms of weight in just a day (Don't we want all want it to happen in real life). Make sure you check the status upon leveling up as you won't be able to read them again. The interesting part of the game is the costume change where Futoshi could still fit into his default outfit when he have already slimmed down. Up to level 4, he would still have the same hair cut (That mushroom head )... and as with many other reviews on this app, I won't be spoiling you with Futoshi's final form! But I could tell you that there's a Happy End to this app which is... marriage with an ikemen (The ikemen is not a lie!!!).

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