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Newly voiced app from FuRyu Corp!

Nothing really hypes me more to update the blog than finding new otome apps with voiced characters in it. *is Seiyuu addicted* With the recent gift codes on Dengeki Girls Style for alot of the available otome apps, FuRyu Corp finally caught up with the trend of fully voiced characters to make their games even more popular! I'm sure it'll be no time before they give bonus codes on magazines away for this app. They actually started already (Yes I posted this weeks after I actually drafted this). Though I just found out they have another app that's voiced with Sakurai Takahiro in it called Ayakashi Himitsu no Seitoukai... only that it's not available. TwT

As I was playing it I thought the character designs looked familiar, turns out they're really done by Kayono! *loves her works* I don't think she have been producing more titles for a while since Shinrei Gakuen Koihenge (The characters are abit plainer since she does better with fantasy and magical style I must admit)! So it was a surprise find for me, not to mention the list of seiyuus for the characters' voices! Sugita, why are you in every otome app I play now! XD

On to the details!

After work, you met various guys prior to your dinner with your high school friend Adachi Rena who is due to married soon - a guy from the gym who picked up and returned your towel, a model from a Mens fashion brand store named Juno, a player whose dating two girls at once and a doll-like foreign guy asking you for time on the street. After a work party you were hassled by your ex boyfriend Sakurai Jyunpei who wants to get back together after you broke up for over half a year for cheating. The next day you have decided to wander around looking for a new place to live as your current home was too far from work and too small. Few days later when you got to your new home, the place turned out to be double booked due to the dodgy real estate agent you used!? Without much choices, this nice guy you barely know from the other day who also moved into this place agreed to sharing it with you...?

Arisa Shuusuke (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)
Izumi Yuu (cv: Miyano Mamoru)
Ichinose Rui (CV: Fukuyama Jun)
Hibiki (CV: Ookawa Touru)

I love the fact that they warn you about the partially voiced sentences to come! Sometimes I miss them when they are not fully voiced and I hated it when I could not revisit them (It's what happens when we get too spoiled by other free voiced apps). There are potentially two more seiyuu to be added for the support characters Kase Daiki and Motoki Kazuma... but I suppose it depends how popular the app would be... that or normally they just go all the way and make Drama CD too. XD I believe their selling point was Fukuyama Jun and Miyano Mamoru (bias opinion due to the characters being place in the center). lol

フリュー恋愛ゲーム フリュー恋愛ゲーム
Is it just me or does these banners gives the wrong vibe about this otome game? XD

It's kinda interesting how they decided to only put the seiyuu, age, blood type, birthday (horoscope) and height but not their personality and profession?! Suppose one could tell from that sentence for each character, but I would like to be told if they're Do S or some sort so that I could prepare my heart for the route I have chosen? XD

There are two endings available Normal end and Happy end which is quite normal in contrast to their two previous works under this company. XD I highly recommend their other quality titles such as Beast Harem Yajuu no Amakami (Was gonna blog but gave up the idea as I was trying to keep up with other things. This one have normal end and beast end) and Secret Actress Koi no senzoku Keiyaku (This one have normal end and doll end)! I have a preference to the Beast Harem title more because of its routes (They're smexy ), despite the lack of CGs compared to this one. XD

As a typical FuRyu Corp game, apart from the main story they also have secret stories (from the guy point of view) and seasonal events stories. The general play is free (5 tickets a day for main story, 3 tickets a day for event story), however one could always progress faster via items that requires payment. But it's entirely optional, as one could finish the event story even before the cut off date - if you're lucky enough to obtain the keys through the gacha system. One reason why I stopped writing up about these apps... there's not much to the game play for this app except for the fact it's just a patience app. But I did this time for just introducing this company and Kayono's work!

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