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Brought to you by Sega (Haven't play their games for quite a while I must admit), a rhythm puzzle game with hidden collectibles. I played the demo initially and finally managed to find a copy of it in store (only likes to buy hard copy )! I was kinda surprised to see a booklet too since I notice the trend of reduce in paper printing for most 3DS games. Although black and white but I like to see them so in case I want to draw fanart or cosplay I'd have a good reference. So saying this I really just want character profile print out! lol

On to my play history!

Three years after the casket of Napoleon Bonaparte was stolen from Les Invalides in the city of Paris, France. Raphael who is an art thief named Phantom R decided to steal the bracelet of Tiamat from the Louvre which had the same symbol as a coin left behind by his mysteriously missing father. There he rescued Marie who was being chased by a man called Napoleon for her violin with the same symbol. As they race to solve mystery on the ancient artifacts and in discovering Napoleon's hideout, Raphael saw a man called 'Graf' who could be his father and their plan to resurrect Napoleon's empire via collecting the ancient artifacts...

There are rhythm games with variety of 3DS features such as tapping, swiping, buttons pressing and tilting the console. The highlight rhythm game I thought was the violin challenge which I note was highly recommended by others too, they could probably have an individual game base on that game play (Probably add a few extra button pressing). I was definitely not prepared for the tilting rhythm puzzles where I score very low scores (They're mostly Charlie related games and I must admit I was so stuck in the aerial one I had to asked a pilot to do it ). I blame it on the weird scoring system where they rate you via how well you performed at the end and not the overall. That is to say if you did well in the end you could get a score A.

The game had a Professor Layton vibe to it, though only replace mindless sound challenges (Some that requires skills) instead of logic puzzles that requires proper think through. There are no difficulty settings as seen in Ouendan aka Elite Beat Agents even though it was the first thing you could think of when trying their demo game where they have two suited dancers that you have to follow their dance moves in rhythm.

The story is quite linear (You just keep moving forward ) and it have a few cut scenes animations (The only sound effect they lack was gun shot!!! ) which quickens the pace of the game, but the game could be completed within a day's time (My total playtime was less than 10 hours although broken over many days and that was completing everything - except for getting all A grades where you could unlock the bonus story Family Ties! ). Though saying that you always have the option to skip other side quests where you can tap the screen to try to find hidden objects such as music scores, record sound effects (to construct the Master Instrument and unlock bonus chapter "Meeting Fondue"), medals (Used in a shop to assist in the game and movie clips) and Phantom Notes to unlock Marie's Test. There are always two medals spot at each location (If you managed to find an item there would still be 2 medals to locate).

Well said Firmin!

I can't help but hope there was more to "Charlie" and R... the typical police and Kaito romance. *spoiler alert* I was more surprised how R wasn't surprised as much when he saw Charlie in a dress but end up smoothly praising how good Charlie looks in a dress. XD (R is such a real flirt, but I should have known when he kept calling Marie an Angel!) But the relationship seems pretty solid between Raphael and Marie (I thought they could be long lost siblings like in PW), so that idea dropped (And to think that Charlie save them both! Charlie's not to be messed with for sure!). R's personality gives me the Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji vibe since he could master in everything even though he just started! Talking about other famous character references, I think Jean-Francois looked like a spin off Colonel Muska from Laputa: Castle in the Sky - particularly when he took the Dragon Crown and pointing it to the sky and to the point where Garden in the sky appeared! XD *spoiler ends*

Random but it makes me wonder if this is like the popular pose when you yield a sword like that? XD

It doesn't take an expert to see that there's design flaw in this boss... XD

Despite some of the downs, if you look at the overall and the game by itself is actually quite enjoyable. Whilst I do look forward for a sequel (The ending was open ended ), I'm unsure how they could continue the story. Such as will they continue to keep Marie in the story as a sidekick or if Charlie will continue to pursue R...

Hooray for sequel!

For those who doesn't have a 3DS have no fear! There's actually a demo on their website! Further, a sequel Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper have been released recently on iOS! Only wish they have demo to play for free again just to get me hyped. =w= Though I note they intend to move it onto 3DS device too so I might just wait for it!

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