[iPhone] Taronga Wild Rhinos

Gotta find them all!

Brought to you by the Taronga Wild! Rhinos, a mass public art exhibition project which aims to help raise awareness and funds for Taronga’s Black Rhino breeding and conservation program! With 125 life-sized beautifully painted (by schools, artists, community groups and corporations) rhinos are placed on the streets, parks and public spaces of Sydney CBD through the Blue Mountains to Dubbo from Sunday 2 February to Monday 28 April 2014!

After the event, each sculpture will be charity auctioned in which the funds will go towards Taronga's Rhino conservation program. So keep an eye out for these rhinos and keep a record of them on the Taronga Wild! Rhinos app before they disappear!

Read on for more detail on where to find and links!
There is the Instagram competition (#tarongazoo and #wildrhinos) each week drawn to win prizes and there is discounts available for those who uses their app to keep track of their process! One of the main problem I had with the app was that I couldn't check them off so the prizes could not be unlocked. Since I know I wouldn't be going to Dubbo so my list would never be completed (despite how OCD I could be sometimes)m but Regardless it's a useful app to help find the closes Rhino around you incase you do miss them or couldn't find them.

I came across 12 School Rhinos (aka Rhinos painted by the participating 55 schools) yesterday by chance and note that they're not listed on the Trail map on the website (but available on their app) so I figured I would share the listing of locations!

List of locations with schools Rhinos
* Bankstown Centro
* Carlingford Court
* Lennox Centro
* Nepean Village
* Roselands Centro
* Warriewood Centro

Wild Rhino 1

Wild Rhino 2
lol Why is there one always facing the opposite direction!?

For those who won't be able to visit during specified time frame have no fear, as Taronga Zoo will be keeping the Superhero themed pair of Rhinos - Rhinoman and Girl Wanda - on display after the exhibition!

Pokedex Major Rhino listing
Official Site


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