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My play history of Bravely Default part 1

My Square Enix JRPG purchase since years! Yes I gave up on Final Fantasy 13 plus all those Kingdom Hearts sequels on various consoles I don't have... probably why I went to play otome games after exhausted other bigger JRPG companies! But their Lighting Returns trailer looks promising... lol (FF13-2 confuses me in this recap.)

Fairly sure majority of the people out there have played this game already. So on to my short review (Not typing the prologue since they made it into a video for you to watch anyway) and thoughts on the game and character relationships to Chapter 3 (I only do one chapter per weekend) and some bias tips.


Useful Tips
* Level up the follow jobs - Thief (Wind), White Mage (Water), Black Mage (Fire) and Swordmaster (Earth) - in that following order to obtain the abate element ability to get through the temple stages with ease. That or you could always level up or work a better strategy.
* Make use of the charm rings where you couldn't get the abate element ability in time.
* Obtain Treat from Freelancer job level 3. Saves you MP!!!
* Level 3 White magic for all from White Mage job level 7! Save those Phoenix Down!
* Leave sleep mode on with game in progress to get through time with the village building. Otherwise don't leave game in sleep mode if you want to keep your play hours low. (Totally the latter type)
* Strategy with levels in village. Personally I think maximising weapons are the best way to go. Items I only used early in the stage then ceased.
* Connect/update data everyday since you could get a few attack 9999 specials from other players! (Gotta love those players from Japan! )
* Turn off Monster encounter when you're back to the low level monster areas (If you have unfinished task but usually you don't need to do that) to save your time or Phoenix Down.

Much similar to Final Fantasy 4 on NDS where the characters appears as chibis. It was kinda hard to tell their age unless you get to see their character profile - which is conveniently hidden in the book of D. My general complaint is still the lack of the booklet that comes with the physical 3DS games purchase... Although saying that, I should have pre-ordered to get more merchandise out of purchasing the games nowadays. For this game they tried to incorporate the AR function where you need to scan the picture with your 3DS camera to view the movies. There are more cards from the series, but they only printed one on the manual. It wasn't even a card... orz

The 4 comfortable looking inn beds in FF series... something that never changes.

Slightly disappointed in the town graphic (Although improved as you head to other towns. Suppose that they retained the original sketchy style to it...?

lol I completed the quest before it even comes up as a quest. *is a proud SE fan* Guess that's what I learnt from years of SE training.

Despite the more plainly designed characters contrast to the FF series, their individual job forms (Good old classic jobs from the FF!) and their personalities make up for it. There isn't much argument with who should end up with who since their relationships are quite straight forward (Two official pairing traveling together! All that is love at first sight!). I couldn't help but think Ages's "Unacceptable" as objections from PW.

I like it how there is the option to change the conversation into Japanese dub and text!!! Wish they do that for all games as that's where they originate and I wouldn't mind the region lock as much.

The auto play battle system makes it much easier to level up, but at the same time easier to die (since I've set it so that they max the brave to attack). I must say I got used to being K.O.ed without feeling much in this game. XD I guess it doesn't help playing on a few devices in one go... but hey! I only have so many hours to do things that I like. My average playtime is a chapter a week (close to finishing chapter 3 at this stage)... so hopefully I would finish it before April! I just love the fact that RPG doesn't require skills but just strategy (And could be overcome by spending more time on leveling )! *fails in Rhythm Thief" orz

Can't wait until the second game Bravely Second aka For the sequel to be released! Let alone finishing this first one! Though not sure if I wanna type up Part 2...! For those who's curious, you could try their browser version Praying Brage where the basic are free to play! lol I like it how it's all female characters on the cover... XD

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