[Merc] Woolworths DreamWorks Heroes Action Cards

Here we go again!

Woolworth's card campaign appears again! Only this time it's a collaboration with DreamWorks! That means more shopping to be done at Woolworths for another month!

With over 42 cards to collect between 5 March and 15 April 2014, ranges from the Dreamworks popular titles such as Shrek, Madagascar, Puss in Boots (lol I like how Puss in Boots have his own movie and section for this ablum/card series. No one could resist those kitty eyes! ), The Croods, Turbo and Kung Fu Panda. Perhaps bring Rise of the Guardians in as one of the six titles would be better than The Croods - because personally, I prefer more colours and their unique character designs!!

To make it harder this time, you only get one card (Smaller too) for every $20 spend at Woolworths. Although the cards this time are thicker because they're lenticular cards, meaning they actually moves! Apart from that, they also introduce an app for scanning these lenticular cards using the Augmented Reality (AR) function that's commonly used on 3DS games.

The collector's album is $5 each (It's a hard cover book with proper card sleeve this time) with a bonus board game.

Each card represents a DreamWorks Hero that can be scanned into one of the six world via a mobile phone. For those who couldn't collect the cards, have no fear! Because the with the Woolworths DreamWorks Heroes app (Approx 112mb), one gets to:

* Unlock a Hero a day.
* Find the Hidden Heroes that's local Woolworths floor stickers (decals) or online to bring your character to life.
* See the secret dice animation!
* Interact with the Heros with smartphone functions! Dragging, tapping and sliding.

Scanning was the hard bit for my old mobile phone, I think the inability to focus once in the app failed in capturing the card correctly. Like... why is the scanning square so ridiculously small!? Somewhat puts me off in posting more photos because I can't. *covers face* Anyway, apparently the square would go green upon successful scanning. Regardless, I highly recommend one to start collecting before they go out of stock! (I want Puss in Boots! ARGH )

Looking at the trend, I look forward to another set of cards with other titles/collaboration... hopefully anime / manga related... *wishful thinking* They probably get Disney first before anything else.

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