[Concert] KPP Nanda Collection World Tour 2014

KPP live @ UNSW Roundhouse, Sydney

lol This post comes first since I did take some photos with my phone - because surprisingly, I forgot to bring my camera for the last of Animania. orz Well it can't be helped that I no longer have my digital camera and would have to bring a DSLR. Thankfully Haruki brought hers along and we did something silly for the last of Animania. Regardless, that will be in the next post or so.

Due to the popular demand, the original venue changed from Metro Theater to the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Round house (The tickets were sold out again after the venue change). The UNSW Roundhouse brings back memories since the very last time I was there was for my first time on artist table for Smash! convention. I always thinks it was a great place for "Artist circle". Anyway, on to short update for the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert that happened on Sunday 23 March 2014!
As with most people (Obviously I was one of them) who went to Animania on the Saturday would have been worn out for the Sunday morning to miss Kyary at Sunrise in the morning while Hehalana and others went and saw Kyary perform in a red dress that we didn't see at the concert. There were only two people in Australia that won Kyary's CD with her signature! So lucky!

I was really grateful to be able to get inside to see the merchandise table (Pity I didn't take a picture prior to all things being sold out), take a photo (Though their camera) and given a Polaroid with the mascot Bunny (which didn't appear on stage at all ), score a spot in the front row of the balcony (since I couldn't bare the heat and sweat surrounding the stage)! So a special thank you shout to Hehalana's friends who queue there approx 5 hours prior to the ticket admission time!!! You guys are hardcore fans!

Not too sure about the special guest, at first I was told it's gonna be a person to take up an hours time. Maybe it was the pink bunny? I think it was approximately 8:30pm that it officially started, basically lost track of time due to the heat and the amount of people filling up the floor spaces.

As I was talking to others prior to the concert about not being able to see Kyary's eyebrows because that's her signature face. During the concert break they showed a short clip of her as a Gangster which didn't have fringe that covers her eyebrows! I thought she looked abit like Hirano Aya... :P

Although came out 1/2 deaf... it was quite an experience for my first stand up concert. Probably mainly due to the catchy songs and all the visuals. Must applause for the dancer's effort (They were hard at work). I think the hardest working ones were the Blue and Purple dancers. :P Some heart warming moments were when it was too hot and stuffy whilst waiting for all attendees to enter, the security used a bottle and water to the dehydrating audiences downstairs! Though saying that, we managed to get a free cup of cool water upstairs at the bar. =w=

I reckon they should have sold glowing sticks at the merchandise table - many bought the star glowing stick from Morning Glory - then again, I probably won't have hands to take some photos. There was a new song Family Party that Kyary mentioned had never performed live - though not sure if she means that it was Australia's exclusive (Gets too hopeful )! Kyary had 3.5 outfits (The 0.5 comes from her Tour T shirt plus a casual skirt), the 3 mascots, 4 dancers and a group photo with Kyary (lol I don't think we made it into the photo by being upstairs) for the concert. It was definitely worth the price, given the venue is smaller than usual concerts so we were able to see her better from afar.

The crowds.

The Dancers.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!



The bear (I dunno it was funny to see a bear in its pouch like a Kangaroo). Mind you I like it alot (Kanato influence!?). lol


Encore with 2 songs!

Behold my Tsukiko (Heroine from Starry Sky) wig! Obviously the wig died after 2 use (really just one was enough to kill it) so I had to butcher most of it off. orz I'm sure I could get a better quality wig nowadays if I ever do Tsukiko again. Looks abit like Shizuku from Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun.

For those who missed out on the merchandise (Due to the lack of cash on hands - I actually really like the Rabbit balloon that you could attached to your arm), the T shirt looks like this.

Back of T shirt include details of the locations that host the concerts and the dates as follows.

2.13 Seattle*Showbox at the Market
2.15 San Franciso*The Regency Ballroom
2.16 Los Angeles*Club Nokia
3.5 Chicago*House of Blues
3.7 Toronto*Sound Academy
3.8 New York*Best Buy Theater
3.23 Sydney*UNSW Roundhouse
4.5 Hong Kong*ROTUNDA 3, KITEC
4.25 Paris*Bataclan
4.27 Cologne*Gloria
4.29 London*Shepherds Bush Empire
5.17/18 Tokyo*Zepp Tokyo
5.30 Taipei*Taipei International Convention Center
6.21 Singapore*The Star Theatre
6.28 Bangkok*Bangkok Convention Central Plaza Ladprao (BCCHALL)

lol UNSW is now famous since it's on back of the T shirt! Can't wait until Kyary finished her tour and release the DVD of the tour!

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Re: Jenny

Thanks for dropping by! Unfortunately I don't know who the dancers were (since there was no flyers or anything unlike other concerts ;A;). I would imagine the dancers are not TEMPURA Kidz since they're probably too young to travel (consent of parents and school etc) and there was no mention on their website (http://tempurakidz.asobisystem.com/). I still think they're dancers (Two girls and two guys it seems?) from Japan regardless, simply because they need skilled and energetic dancers for the whole tour!

I guess we'll find out when the DVD version of the tour is released. v-352


do you know who the back up dancers were?
they were so good i thought they may have been the TEMPURA Kidz but im not sure if they came with her.
Would love to say i saw both live :)
If they were local kids, very proud, go sydney! lol


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