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Haruki broke the news to me on Friday night dinner that she won't finish her Hakutaku in time for Animania (Despite the 3 weeks notice and change of plan from Nisekoi to Hoozuki no Reitetsu, but should be able to for Smash!) which made me depressed and emo (since she was the only one of our usual group that is going to see the end of it) hence I didn't do various things properly.

Hence I opt to becoming the tourist Hoozuki that really wanted to visit Australia for cute fluffy animals for the day! Surprisingly I forgot to bring my camera, hence Haruki become my cameraman for the day! Due to the hot and stuffy weather, I did a half hearted brow makeup in minutes (supposed to be at least an hour for layers of glue to dry) and I also gave up on the ears that I made which doesn't stick because of sweat. lol orz (I look forward to doing a proper Hoozuki for Smash! )

On to alot of random photos spam (avoid bottom right hand corner of the photo at all costs ) just to take you through the last of the Animania convention, thoroughly.

Animania14 01 ATP

The last of Animania is as usual, host at the Australian Technology Park!

Entrance and Food Vendor
Animania14 02 Entrance

People outside at the entrance... along with Food Vendor placed outside the venue would definitely have been better than in door given most attendees have given up on all events within Animania. Although saying this, we note the number of friends that went to the local restaurants instead for better seating. Interestingly, I don't think they printed out a schedule of all events (Suppose it's to cut costs).

Games Zone
Animania14 03 GameZone

Never did we play games at conventions... and for the last of it. We still didn't.

Animania14 03 Omake
I think I've found the reason why many never played before.

Surprised at how long it takes for people to choose characters and tracks. Just cut to the race already! orz

Stalls (Vendor/Artist Tables)

Hunt for discounts, particularly for high spenders near the end of the day. Interesting after having conversations with various vendors that they're actually not considering Smash as the replacement venue which makes one wonder - what is going to happen with all their stocks? Didn't really talk to Artists since there was limited... makes one look forward to Smash Artist Circle!

All merchandises of Animania went for around $5 each. Note, Guu Plushies were all sold out first. I note more T shirts were left over than ever. I believe some of the Animania (convention not competition) badges were given out during the cosplay catwalks also.

Animania14 04 Artist

Shaking hands with the popular artist Ry-Spirit! lol Many thanks for lending me the hat on such short notice (Night before)!)

Animania14 Ayato
Also special thanks to Haruki for taking all the photos! It was also Ayato's birthday on the same day! XD So we went to have cake at Maid Cafe!

Animania14 04 Gacha

The gacha machines! I wish there were more new gachas...

Maid Cafe
Lack of organisation was a heavy reminder throughout the whole duration. From Booking to getting our order to the polaroids. Nothing seems to be following a procedure. Having been to the Manifest Maid Cafe for 2 consecutive years, I must say I was fairly disappointed even though I wasn't expecting much to begin with. Regardless, we went to it because it was the last one (Have been meaning to go last year but they said they didn't have polaroid so we dropped).

After 30 minutes of waiting in the queue to book a time (I really think the queue was unnecessary), we booked a table for 3 people 20 minutes right after we ordered cakes and drinks. Our main complaint for the wait being a booking person who didn't wear glasses and maid handing out menu to people (We were the next group to order too) who didn't even order in the end after seeing all the maids (But hey, those guys were right to drop out ).

But that's not all. We returned few minutes before our slotted time and were advised that they didn't know they have people for the slot of time. It would definitely have helped if they had something like a receipt of booking or confirmation of some sort to avoid mix ups. Minutes later, the Maid lead us in with "our" booking. Interestingly as our drinks come, two orange juices checked but peppermint was changed. Our thoughts was that probably because the booking person didn't have glasses on hence got the wrong order (as it was missed by a line ). Having that thought in mind, as soon as our cake came we including the maid notice something wasn't right. Turns out they got the wrong booking slip and they demanded payment before going further. We thought, they're lucky that we were honest and that we're lucky we didn't pay in advance since it would have ended up in someone else's stomach given the lack of organisation.

Animania14 05 Maid Cafe
The size of the cake wasn't consistent either, not that I'm complaining since my Mortal Sins cake was bigger than what I imagined it to be.

But wait, there's more. The maid offered us to play board/card games so our 40 minutes gets by quicker, we declined and have our own chat instead. But saying that, they already wasted our majority of our 40 minutes slot with their stuff up. Further to that, you will note that the Maid doesn't know what each of the package includes and asked one of us to leave after 20 minutes session. We had a random maid that came and told us we have 10 minutes remaining, and a minute later one came and say 5 minutes remaining because of photo session. Even more exciting, we were told we don't get Polaroid because the machine broke but we could use our camera instead. Again, if we have known we wouldn't have entered. Anyway, thankfully a Butler / cameraman advised that it's still working. The so called personalised Polaroid was just given to us after taking and that was it. We didn't even remember to ask them since I believe we were feed up with all that have happened in here.

Though one thing to keep in mind is that these people are volunteers who doesn't get training and payments, so it does make sense. However, with the pricing higher than other convention maid cafe I would have to say I would not come back to this one again (Not that we have the chance anymore anyway).

Animania14 04 Wandering Maid
Managed to take a photo with the cute Maids when they were wandering around.

Animania14 Break
Took a smoking break at the art competition table (Mostly because we ran out of things to do).

Animania14 06 Carparkmania
The highlight of the convention!

Well... it wasn't really located at the carpark. No one was at the carpark this year as Animania security staff members didn't go around shooing people. Given it is the last of the convention I suppose they were less strict about it. Although I think I did hear someone mentioned being shoo whilst directly outside the venue without wristbands. Hence, the increased number of people outside. Photogs even have their big flash umbrellas stands and all. Mr security guy didn't really check wristbands after lunchtime and even wish us well for the rest of the year at the end of the convention.

Animania14 07 Karaoke

What can I say? The karaoke rooms to shrink every Animania convention. The original plan was to go in with a Hataraku and sing Jigoku no Sata mo Kimi Shidai, but of course that didn't happen.

Main stage
Animania14 09 Main
There was suppose to be a few things on at the Main stage such as the cosplay skit and Karaoke competition finals and award ceremony. We managed to skip them all and only went to the cosplay catwalk.

Animania14 09 Cosplay
Surprised to see how packed it was compared to the main Animania last year. Some Animania merchandise were given out to entertaining cosplayers!

Animania14 08 Activities

Located right outside of Maid Cafe, Cosplay chess was just about to happen. Some time prior to this was twister. Again we tend to skip this it's good there are people who are willing to participate.

Animania14 Loot

By the end of the day, I didn't managed to find a Koala nor a Kangaroo... but bought alot of animal goodies. lol (And dammit, they couldn't find the volume one of the Kuro Hitsuji, I went back later in the day and managed to find volume two, otherwise I would have only gotten Volume three and four.) I think I was under Hoozuki's influence.

Animania14 Gift

Was given a Rin (Free!) badge from Japan by Hehalana's friend Katherine apparently for the Lolita postcard prints I gave her last year at Smash!. Many thanks!

Animania14 Kangaroo

Ok maybe we did managed to have a photo with a Kangaroo (well sort of). We did a random detour to Australian Natinoal Geographic, but disappointed that they didn't have any animal pictures on display...

I believe I have done all that I could to cover things that happened within the day for those who missed Animania. I seem to always meet new people at convention funerals (lol though saying this the other one was only Manifest ).

Next big event for me... MCA zine fair! Will try to publish a short run of 4koma zine based on my two original characters Hitsuji and Ookami!

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