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Back again with more otome games app before I get stuck into Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright which I bought from BigW just over the weekend (released on Saturday 29/03/2014!) because I was told I need to do the Wright thing (But Eeek! Phoenix's English voice ). Plus, the long running SmaKare from D3 Publisher is closing the app forever today, so more time for me to game elsewhere!

Anyway back to the short post on this app by Liica Corporation and beautifully designed and illustrated by Hatena. Her (Assuming it's a her, because I dunno... it's otome game!) chibis are the cutest! Read on for proof!
Wankoi cover

Heroine is an OL who lead a normal life. Few months after secretly keeping an abandoned Shibainu in her apartment that she picked up in the rain on the streets, it dashed out the door whilst being lectured by the apartment manager on how she wasn't suppose to keep pets. Just to make things worst for the day, she was also lectured at work.

Right outside her apartment on her way back home, she was confessed by a mysterious guy named Shiiba Ken. He said "... There's a place I want you take you to!" and he took her hands and headed off...


Wankoi Shiiba Ken
Shiiba Ken (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)

I purposely leave Shibainu as the dog's name and Ken as the human form to reduce confusion.
He sounded like a even younger version of Heisuke from Hakuouki (with all that deredere vibe XD).

Game play
General flow of the story is that you go on dates. Over 700 different voices that appears mostly as voiced sentences in 15 episodes and partially voiced on dates ranges from 13 date spots such as cinema, aquarium, theme park, shines, park, markets and many more! There are different date scenario depending when you open the app (during morning, midday or night time) up to a total of 45 scenarios. And while he's asleep during the date you attack gently pats him to get love points to proceed with the next episodes, and potentially obtain collection items to unlock sub episode where you revisit the episode from his point of view. It also asks you for your birthday for the profile setup, so probably some special event would occur on the date (I have yet to find out in July!)

Mini game
Wankoi Fever

In the mini game mode, you get to touch the character via tabbing or swiping (I prefer the latter) to obtain love points (White < Yellow < Pink Sparkles) to increase the love meter to clear the stage (also for a chance to go into fever mode - extra boost for the love points) within the 1 minute time frame. Remove your fingers off the screen when you see the "!" mark as it will reduces your love meter significantly (Although saying that there's roughly a short 3 second before you HAVE TO remove your finger, sometimes it's not worth the risk if you have enough time remaining)! You can only miss (Caught by the "!" mark while your finger is still on the screen) up to three times.

Once you get enough collectable for a particular episode, you get to unlock the sub episode (Ken's point of view of the episode)! Though I find it hard to find these golden presents during the mini game mode (Hence a reason for you to replay!!!).

Since playing Tokimeki Restaurants (Have yet to blog it since that game is highly addictive!), I finally found a name for this type of mini game - It's call skinship! Though it is referred to happen only when the victim opponent is awake. In the skinship time, there you could tap or swipe to your hearts content just to hear his voice.

Unlike other voiced apps, since this one have a story, it doesn't offer the voices to be replayed on demand but for the story to be played again with a heart. Sketches (Total of 26 including the sub episodes) however, are free to revisit.

Many unexplained things occurred subsequent to the prologue and first chapter. lol Many such as where does Ken live? Is that is one of the reason why he's lack of sleep (No place to stay or just a crazy stalker?! XD ) or if it's because to stay in human form is extremely tiring for him? Where did he get the money to buy the Necklace for Heroine (This god he's praying to must be loaded! I mean, he's given human form, a voice and money?! Ariel would be jealous! But on second thought, Ariel dealt with a witch not God so probably worst off.)? Or the change of cloth? How did the Heroine decide to keep going on dates with him? lol

I suspected that he is an existing university student that saved Shibainu from a car accident and subsequently being possessed by the spirit of the dog with the help of the God from the shrine. Perhaps once the bone necklace around his neck is removed he would be transformed back into a dog or memory lost (Bad end)? Though I believe many of my speculations would be void as I think they don't intend to explain them in the end. What matters is the ending... am I right!? I'm still in the middle of finishing it myself so I can't say for sure.

For those who needs more believable evidence (Not satisfied with just a happily ever after), I suggest you give it a go to find out! It's most likely hidden in the sub episode from his point of view. It's gonna be a slightly time consuming process... orz

* Daily login to earn a star (Equivalent to 6 hearts) plus a gift that helps boost love points.
* Period (Morning/Midday/night) login to earn a heart!
* Do use the extra heart to reach the fever mode as there are actually limited date scenarios (They are the same regardless of episodes, plus they don't add value to past episodes). Moreover, you have a higher chance to obtain collection items in fever mode! The only difference being the period (Morning/Midday/Night) you play the dates, hence they provide the skip button (fairly handy). But more importantly, it's basically the same as love points earned from playing two dates!

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