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Limited time only NEWS!

YES! It's that time of the year again where Japanese companies goes crazy updating various pages of their websites!

This year, Girl's style decided that they would join many bloggers online to find all the Otome games related updates! (Really does saves time if I did check your website first orz ) For those curious, here's last year's listing! (Sometimes it's handy to keep them somewhere. :P)

Abit late to join the party this year probably mainly due to the Google update on the Pokemon Challenge to find 150 Pokemon on Google map. orz I was gonna blog about it, but probably not depending how long this post will take. Just a quick update on some otome games related news from various otome game companies! Going mostly through my interested titles!
* Honey Bee announce new game Seigetsugakuen (in Starry Sky) Hajimemashita! Also released sample game which is based on battle system! Go download it now!
April14 Hajimemashita

* Brothers Conflict arcade game! Cute Gif! I wish they make other characters too though.
April14 Brocon

* For those whose addicted to hidden route, you'll be happy to see the update on 5 nin no Koi Prince on their brand new title Hitori no Okashii Prince! (That face OMG)
April14 Koipri

* Otomate announces Otomate Department store at Ikebukuro. Featuring various events, movies and in particular go donate blood to get one of the three Diabolik Lovers - Doctor version - poster! On a side note, Diabolik Lovers anime twit update about their new anime based on their Puchi selves and their photo album for only 201,441 yen including tax!
April14 Otomate

* Broccoli announce Odoroki Man Shining Heroes featuring your favourite members from Utapri! That style of art... I'm glad it's not always drawn this way in the original design. XD
April14 Utapri

* Also Broccoli can't miss Kamiasobi in the update since the Anime draws near! Featuring the new RPG and the butler cafe Cafe Kamigami no sono!
April14 Kamigami RPG April14 Cafe Kamigami

* Hunex announce new collab - Le storia della Arcana Peloglia (Is it just me or it's hard to read the title!? ).
April14 Peropero

* Also real life drama series for Arcana Famiglia 2! (Don't ask me what happened to 1.) AND DAMMIT WHY CAN'T I ACCESS THE MOBILE CARD GAME WHEN THEY HAVE AN EVENT FOR PAPA'S BIRTHDAY. orz (The cap part is not related to this post so feel free to skip the last link)
April14 Arcana2

* Rejet have been raided by KumaD. Just like Google is recruiting Pokemon Master, Rejet is currently recruiting a Kuma! On a side note, large amount of effort is put into this update so be sure to check them all out! (Yes I'm bias with this new Drama CD series! )
April14 Rejet

* Karin Entertainment announces two major updates - Mysteria Sweet Cookies set and real life drama series that was said to be impossible by many but happened for Omerta CODE: Tycoon. I had no idea what the latter one was but I highly recommend watching the PV! XD
April14 Mysteria April14 Omeruta

* Poni-Pachet announce Oz Youchien (Scuola Materna)!
April14 Oz Youchien

* Meikoi's new chapter - Meikoi Zokuhen! I take it it's no longer Meiji era but it's a Meiji family!? I can't help but believe this style have something to do with NicoNico update...
April14 Meikoi

* Gangan Online released their latest issue with a fake cover called Gekken Shoujo Romance Web (which will be on display for a day), which features Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun by Izumi Tsubaki (She had her update on a fighting game update too XD )! And I only found out that the anime will come out in July this year (This part is not part of the prank)! Furthermore, their special furoku otome game Secret Days and the PV (They even made a new Youtube account)... the seiyuu casts... the lines (Pfff Alpaca)... the tanuki... and the secret routes Mikoshiba and Nozaki but KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA TANUKI GIJINKA IS SO HOT!!! I NEED that game now. Have a gut feeling they will reuse the PV for part of the Anime. =w=
April14 Gangan April14 Secret Days

That is all for now! (They all seem legit too!) Hurry and visit all the sites before they disappear!

Last but not least!

Happy April Fools Day!

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