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Dame Otoko Live!

Brought to you by HARASHOW Interactive whose known for many addictive simple tab apps such as Math Masters that's created for children for education purpose. This is their recent attempt to head into the female market!

As with its precedents, this app have simple gameplay with cute avatar items through leveling up and raising money through the sales of idol goods (merchandises) to get your idol their new outfits and live stages locations. You could see some of the roll over of characters and background from their previous works such as OBK’s Haunted House and Angler Cat!

ScrapBoys Cover
A almost meaningless cover... XD But hey, I don't have a group picture to post for them!

The star idol group Honey Trap have resigned from the talent company that you just started working for! Your company president appointed you, the rookie manger in training, to scout for a new idol! But of all the backup candidates were all Dame Otoko (aka Scrap boys), so it's up to you to grow the next top idol...!

Characters (Ordered in my preference lol)
ScrapBoys Characters

Fuji - Popular artist on internet
Futo Yamabuki - Former child talent
AI - Mysterious guy
Masaki Umehara - Street Dancer
Shinya Tsubaki - Manager of idol

One hidden character! ARGH, need to know his face! *Have addiction for hidden routes* But we won't find out until they release Chapter 5 onwards for all the characters, since you would need to complete all route prior to playing the hidden route. Though saying that, if you go to the shopping cart and into the SNS icon, you could guess the ??? character... which is known as Flower Bear...? I was kinda hoping it would be one of the Honey Trap character. XD

ScrapBoys Live

Collect hearts during Live performance played simply by swipping across the hearts above the audience's head. The aim is to grow the character (level) with charm, sales, fans and proceed with story.

Highly addictive given only 1 minute wait to recover each live performance! It appears to gets easier as you leveled - not sure if it's just the big numbers that makes me think so - but it takes longer to reach the goals of the quests (Increased in time it takes for a merchandise to be made and sold - I ended up having more money to buy everything ). The lack of updates on story was slightly disappointing (I initially intended to finish one route prior to the other, then again this app only released approx two weeks ago now), but they allow you to alternate between characters whilst keeping the data for each route!

Unfortunately, only the menu are in English, while all the How to play all the other routes are in Japanese. To date, you could play each character up to chapter 4 as the story is still in development. Mind you, each chapter is super short... where you only get one or two points you'll learn about the characters out of each chapter. orz For each character, there are various options to their questions, but I don't see how they improve or reduce the love points for each character. Probably because their charm, sales and fans is what matters to idol most as it seems to be the only thing that is measured on the character profiles!

One of the major feature appart from its simple gameplay, is the free background music by MusMus, which I do recommend to check it out because they do have a lot of BGM resources, provided you don't make profit out of it and give them proper credits. *Nudges for those who plan to make their own VN games! *

That aside, I really like the cute avatar and merchandises! Have to say despite being simply drawn (vector arts) the details do stands out. Although majority of the 43 costumes, 3 performance moves (Guitar, mike and dance), 9 stages, 19 merchandise are shared between the characters, the slight difference in colour and picture does make a difference (Feels like new contents to look forward to every time XD). On the app store, I saw a picture of what appears to be the full group on stage performance... so I think that's something to look forward to upon competition (A ikemen boy band that the heroine dream of on her first day of work?! )?

Downsides are the ads, although... I recently tested that you could play this without data. Therefore, the app appears without any ads on the top and bottom (I kept pressing on to the ad by accidentally ), even if the ad break doesn't direct you to anywhere! XD (I hope putting this here doesn't make them improve that ad system ) But hey, this is a quality free app that could make you go back and play over and over again!

* Daily login to get coins!
* Unlock shelf space (Deafault 3, up to maximum 8 shelves) to fasten the process of completing quests to get more coins and jewels!
* Update costume and stages once you reach the required level to fasten the process of leveling.
* There are stage that you could unlock at level 5 (Angler Cat stage) & 10 (The OBK's Haunted House) that is hidden at the bottom of the stage list just under stage 30 which could be easily missed.
* Don't forget to use the Fever mode which gives you unlimited hearts to be collected over 10-15 second period (refreshed every 6 hours)


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