[TV Game] The Walking Dead Zombie Hunter

Save Glenn!

Based on the AMC TV Series The Walking Dead (Also Robert Kirkman's graphic novel of the same name) by Jakks Pacific. This all-in-one console toy gun controller (well plus a sensor that you need to place on top or at the bottom of your TV) allows you to plug into your TV to play (but only with AAA x 3 battery for the sensor and AA x 4 battery for the gun) the first person shooter game where you kill Walkers which consist of familiar backgrounds and heavily pixelated zombies! XD

One must shoot the Walker in the head, which is a great practice tool in preparing for Zombie Apocalypse (Provided you have enough ammo in real life lol)!
WDead Title

Story Mode - This mode allows the player to go through three different acts or levels with a story line attached. Complete within 10-15 minutes with bonus Objectives for those who are hardcore gamers.
Horde Mode (aka survival mode) - Continuously kill walkers until you're low on Health! The Walkers tally reminds me of Musou mode in Dynasty Warriors. lol Locations ranges from River, Cemetery, Barn, Meadow, Highway, City and Rooftop.
Free Play - option to choose specific stage ranges from Act 1 Scene 1-3, Act 2 Scene 1-2 and Act 3 Scene 1-2.

* Easy set up - plug in and play!
* Option to continue where you left off (When you switch it off), or continuously looping until you finished the stage or select quit. That was the case when my mum started playing it. Made me almost felt sorry for the two zombies that got killed over and over again. XD
* Calibration screens to set up the gun upon turning on the game. This is kinda unnecessary given I find it being quite accurate.

WDead Zombie

Different type of zombies that requires you to shoot a few more time before it dies.
Suited zombie & Female zombie
White shirt zombie
Fat zombie

* Complete Story mode first off so you have more option in the Free play mode and Horde mode.
* Automatic reload for starters, manual reload for experienced gamers.
* Few powerful weapons, ranges from various guns and with crossbow being my favourite!

WDead Glenn

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, then you will be glad that Glen is in it. lol That was the highlight of the game! XD I'm serious! The general story to the game is just killing Walkers as you headed towards the city, saving random citizens, and the game pretty much ended after you save Glenn where he dump you at the rooftop. orz I was hoping for more The Walking Dead TV series references. Background music from The Walking dead on the menu screen but that's about it. The sound is only mono as there is a missing red audio cable. D: There are fewer decent illustrations (From the comic I believe?) which throws the in game play graphics out when you think about consistency. The story flow is slightly different from the TV series. Farm was before roof top so it kinda caught me off guard.

Compare to most shooting game, the gun controller is relatively long, although because of it I was able to have more stable aim. The walkers comes at you at varying speeds and angles. Random civilians that pop up that you must spare or get penalised if you killed them by mistake (Have killed on since they were too far away to be seen as human lol). I didn't like how you keep walking towards the Walkers compared to other first person shooting game where the scene is more stable / fixed. (Dude! What happens to hidden and trapping!? ) It's kinda silly how some Walkers keep walking towards you to the center so you don't really need to move. XD

Unfortunately the game was only designed for 1 player. The other downside to it was the batteries, but being a Wii console owner, I already had spare batteries. I note various problem people had with the problem of game freezing and glitches - although I solved it with a new set of batteries after giving it some thought. Screw driver is required for the battery slot cover on both the gun and sensor - I gave up screwing back the covers until I put it away when I finish gaming.

WDead Glitch
Simply make sure you had the same brand of batteries running inside the gun, otherwise you may experience something like this! XD The thought of "Yes that'll be right given I purchased it on discount because of the glitches" came to mind when I saw this.

WDead Dead
Why can't in game quality be like this?!

Graphics is definitely not as good as the current ones you could play at arcades like House of the Dead, Virtual Cop, and Time Crisis. Probably not worth the original price (would rather get a proper game on another console), but for the price I got it for brand new (I'm happy to say that I had quite the bargain of less than $10), I was happy and had much fun on it.


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