[iPhone] Watashi Senyou! Aisare mezamashi Vol 3

Seiyuu Alarm Vol 3!

My prayers been answered! I was right about having one new otome app on the waking (alarm) series from IdeaFlood every 6 months! Although part of me was disappointed that they decided to drop Kaji Yuki out for Volume 3. orz Regardless, he is replaced with Maeno Tomoaki who is known for various otome game character roles such as Natsume Asahina from Brothers Conflict and Camus from Uta no Prince sama.

Just a quick short and snappy app update~ as it's getting abit more pointless to do a post on each of their little app (Main reason being no Kaji lol).

Toujyou Tsukasa (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

* Changes facial expression and sentences that appears on the top on random as if the character is talking to you (Though it's not voiced).
* Free 11 voices (Number based on volume 1 after update) that comes with up to 20 days daily login. They have increased the number of voices you could purchase - as seen in the volume 2 update (volume 1 remain static without improvement =w=;).

There are two different mini games that appears after you have set the alarm and when it is activated! Click on the notification from the app and it'll take you to the 1 minute mini game. Most of the time it's where you need to find the 2 matching animal cards that he asked for, at other times it's just tabbing the 10 Hearts that appears on his face.

lol Not the best spot for the heart to appear... and I captured it. I'm probably trolling this character. =w=;

Again, I cannot stress the fact that it is highly recommend NOT wearing the headphone when playing this as it makes a high pitched beeping noise until you press confirm. Actual alarm clock doesn't even have such a high pitched sound that's this annoying, especially not in the morning - please!

If you complete the request quick enough you will get the voiced praise! Otherwise, you could still enjoy the beautifully illustrated close up picture of Tsukasa.

Personality, I still prefer Kaji's version better. XD Apologies in advance, but I'm not so much of a fan of deeper voices despite Maeno's roles in alot of popular otome game titles as Hanaoni, Nise no chigiri, Clock Zero, Vitamin Z (I probably only liked him as Fuwa Chisato... due to the lack of decent character from the main A4 bunch. My favourite is actually Houjyou Nachi from P2.) and Abunai Koi no Sousashitsu.

I think it's probably safe to say, we could look forward for the forth volume in... probably another 6 months time! The character is expected to be designed by Minazuki Esora ((Still, not known to me ) as they kept her as the character designer as volume 2. And one of the character design trend for the three volumes I notice is they all wear necklace! Although I think they should add some sort of mascot animals to make the characters more unique (Volume 2 and 3 is starting to look abit plain...), such as the animals from the mini game as each character's pet so that we could relate them as a series (Note volume one character had a lizard as their pet which is one of the animal from the mini game!).

Nevertheless, it's a great addition for those who collects voiced alarms!

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