[iPhone] Ryuusei Halation ~Secrets of Dearest~

Prepare for more Kemomimi and blushes!

So! They finally released the side story app called Ryuusei Halation ~Secrets of Dearest~ after a year! This is a continuation to the Sci-Fi Kemo-mimi love adventure game brought to you by Dice Creative x TsukubaLab!

Lets roll over most of the Seiyuu listing I posted on the main app previously! Only this time, there's a new addition to the Amano Misora (heroine)'s seiyuu - Moriya Satomi! (lol Nice to see our Sawa from Amnesia made it for the heroine role! )
Ryuusei side Cover

Ryuusei side Character Voice

Amano Misora (Name changeable, not surname but ) (CV: Moriya Satomi)
Satsuki Subaru (CV: Kijima Ryuuichi)
Mabel Asahi (CV: Ichiki Mitsuhiro)
Nishinohara Seiji (CV: Igarashi Hiromi)
Yukichi Ginnosuke (CV: Shingaki Tarusuke)
Watari Keito (CV: Yamaguchi Shouhei)
Sub Characters
Usami Chika & Usami Chiko (CV: Akutsu Kana)

There are odd time skips so it is recommended that you have played their first app of the main story Ryuusei Halation ~Memories of Anima~ prior to playing this one. So basically, for each character route you select, the stories is told by the boy character's point of view in three parts. The main stories revolves around the dark and untold past of the boy character, also their struggle while arguing with the other self that's created by the UMA. In most cases, you see the boys fanboying how cute the Amano Misora's reactions are. XD

Satsuki's route is the official pairing I believe. Given he is the face of the app hence it was only right to put his route first. Covers mostly the promise he made with the girl. Very straight forward story (without much of UMA's involvement)... and lots of tsudere moments. lol I find Mabel's story the sweetest (Note sure if it had anything to do with the Seiyuu being Lias Falken from Atelier Meruru ). Getting jealous over his other self getting along well with the heroine! Seiji's route had a full party (You even unlock Keito's lines ) because of how recklessly smexy his other self is. lol Here I thought he was the gentle and cute one being the sheep of the group (And the seiyuu being Orion from Amnesia ). Well as people always say, you can't judge a book by its cover. XD Yukichi's route have to much sobbing over his past and explained why he have that personality. Interestingly, there was no transformation in his route. Keito's route is a hidden Tsudere route I believe, it revolves mostly around finding the reason to kiss the heroine. XD Well it does also explain why he have to take the pendent away from heroine.

There are a noticeable amount of rolled over images, but this app have 3 new CG per character route (actually just two since the third one is basically the same as the second one but the brown colour filled ) illustrated by Miyamoto Arui. Further, there is a total of 2670 lines from all the characters above to be collected and Internet access is required for revisiting each sentence (lol The lines is as many as their main app!). All lines would be unlocked upon finishing the stories.

There isn't really ANY options in to their questions so it's really just tab and read Visual Novel style. Only difference with most of the other Visual Novels apps, this is mostly voiced and doesn't require any wait or payment to proceed!

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