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My play history of PL vs PW

Brought to you by Level-5 x Capcom a crossover game which combining the gameplay from the popular titles Professor Layton and Ace Attorney!

10 Chapters completed within 25 hours of gameplay (depends how good you're with the puzzles - I have 2 remain unsolved upon completion due to laziness and felt the need to finish it ASAP before I sleep around 3am that night lol ), I'm also happy to found out just today that Capcom announced a new project called Daigyakuten Saiban Naruhodou Ryuunosuke No Bouken which features the Ace Attorney ancestor in Meija Era! (See the Trailer here ) I must say I thought it was a younger Phoenix at first glance... anyway, the project was probably triggered by Medieval scene in this game so they thought why not. XD

Back to the short post and some spoilers...!
PLvsPW Title

Professor Layton met Espella who appears being chased by witches according to the letter from Carmine his student. With the help from Professor Layton and Luke, Espella escaped and left behind a book which draws them into a strange medieval town known as Labyrinthia. Meanwhile, Phoenix and Maya traveled to London on an exchange program to defends Espella from the accusation of theft. Upon opening the book which Espella carries after the trial ended, they were also transported to Labyrinthia. The story follows as they attempt to solve the mystery of Labyrinthia.

Bias Thoughts with lots of spoilers
* The game alternate between Layton and Phoenix, but it felt more like first half was Layton and second half was Phoenix due to the lack of puzzles whilst in a long ongoing Trial in the the Epilogue which consist of mostly reading.

PLvsPW Stained Glass

* Nothing really new for Layton side (Well the Phoenix's credibility at the end of each chapter will turn into Picarats and the stained glass in Capcom style), but more so for the Wright side (Sorry can't help myself). Voiced animation that the Phoenix never had before (Ahhh I still remember the days that we have still images) special thanks to Level-5! Grand Grimoire which replaces the shouting command (I miss shouting to the console in my own room now ). I can't help but think what the difference in Japanese would be for the Hang on! Commend versus the original Hold it! Commend.
* The two styles doesn't seems too off. Although saying that I couldn't help but note that Layton was shorter than Phoenix, also that he's probably fatter than him. lol If they had went with Capcom style, Layton would have been way tall due to his top hat.
* Layton's puzzles seems to have gotten less thinking but more doing. Mind you, I enjoyed alot of cute avatar of the main characters.
* Being a PW fan (I only started playing PL series when there was no more Ace Attorney), I didn't like how Layton knew everything all along (Well he IS an Archaeology Professor). lol Somewhat became a mentor of Phoenix. Phoenix is the clown of the game - since Maya loves to troll him alot...? orz
* Blue Badger made it to England!!! Gumshoe should be rich (Patent! Copyright!). lol
* Not sure if it was intended... but the England Judge's quote "Justice may be Blind" reminds me of PW5 reference of Apollo...?

* Cannot unsee the uncanny Shingeki no Kyojin reference!
* I lol so bad when I saw Phoenix hits the table and the scene gets covered with flour.
* New function during the court system where you could get Hint with use of coin! Though I haven't used it once (I'm the type to keep all the Hint coins). Also the introduction to the multiple witnesses - maximum 10 - to find contradicting testimony (Sounds like one of Layton's puzzle)! That's where my 2DS run slow... not sure if it's just 2DS?
* Barnham looks like he came out from Fire Emblem. lol
* Typical Layton battle scene in Fencing! lol Why is Phoenix's fighting looks more like being attacked instead.
* I finally know why it's Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright - by having Layton at the prosecutor (Inquisitor) side!
* I originally thought they were sisters... but the trial proves me wrong as I notice the costume design. XD
* The "magical" aspect in question in the game felt more like a Layton type of story (Magic doesn't exist). But the finding the truth aspect have the Wright vibe (Sorry can't help myself again). lol I SO saw "Edgeworth making an appearance in the end" coming!

PLvsPW Pointer
* Nevermind that! Phoenix's golden status looks so much more manly (personality-rise) than Layton and what his character was portrayed throughout the game. lol

PLvsPW Protags
* I must said all the side-characters created in PW's games are all very unique and lovable. Is it just me or there's something going on between Darklaw and Barnham (Particularly during the credits)? XD They gave me the Franziska and Edgeworth vibe! And after being locked up, Barnham seems to be a changed man - literally. Just where did he learn to operate machines! I thought he only rides on horses! That aside, there's like 2 event CGs with them together...! That one of Barnham carrying bread to the dinner table seems like a big giveaway about their relationship after the game...
* Upon completion, the game allows you to revisit the town and completing the puzzles and things you have missed OR access to replay just the epilogue. Further, there is downloadable content up to bonus 12 episodes included new puzzles (which you is mostly trial and error and does not impact on your Picarats! ) where it have mini reunion scenarios of rollover backgrounds and characters. More so to promote the past games and some insider jokes on how Layton loves his afternoon tea, places become attractions for cosplayers and many more.


Hopefully there'll be a sequel...? Or ideas for future collab such as Professor Layton Vs Miles Edgeworth *Nudges* since they have Edgeworth cameo already...? Though that new Gyakuten Saiban news makes it seems unlikely, but it doesn't hurt to hope.

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