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Gakupri: School x Love Prince

Newly release from Amatz!, which is known for their Bakumatsu Renairoku Oirandou (Friend Code Here) and Shoukan Kareshi Summoner X Lover (Friend code Here). Unlike their previous titles, I think this one have been simplified with less characters and you actually have to choose a route! Although saying that you could still choose different character during lesson. Even CG is more generous compared to the past!

Looking back on the time of when they were released the previous two apps, it looks like one new app every year from them!

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Gakupri Cover
Again, this is one of those hard to capture cover without the loading bar! Took me fewer attempts compared to the previous two apps! XD

Heroine's family moved back to the local area where they once lived many years ago, as she was transferred to Yokusei Gakuen, an elite school which teach the world's famous celebrities' children. On her first day of school, she bumped into Takamiya Koh who later offered to give her a lift to school after and questioned her background but she claims she's merely a commoner from an ordinary family. During the ceremony, Takamiya pointed that the heroine must join them at the Ultimate Club, which is really the Student Council as pointed out by Ichijo and Tsukisaki were also member of. While lost in the school, she was dragged into the student council by Minase Sempai. Despite coming from a ordinary family with no particular talent, Takamiya said to the heroine that "Be grateful, because from today on, you'll be the Student Council's Zouyou (Someone who does miscellaneous chores, normally a commoner)!"

Characters (with my random comment)
Gakupri Characters

Pity you couldn't revisit their profile, so I would suggest viewing all their profile prior to choosing the route!

Takamiya Koh - Oresama whose Tsudere president of the Ultimate Club Student Council. Somehow the setting of his character and his relationship between him and the heroine reminds me of Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Bu by Morinaga Ai (Highly recommend ), so I already figured he's quite a Tsudere without Arisu to point that out. XD Obviously Tsudere is always my favourite routes, despite he calls Heroine Zouyou here and there. lol

Ichijo Shogo - Megane-Kun whose son of a doctor. He's also the accounts of the Student Council. Saw some of the in game pictures and decided this is also another route that I want to play given the consistency in drawing (Unlike Minase's... ). His colour scheme kinda reminds me of those overcoat people wear at the Matsuri festivals.

Tsukisaki Yukito - Mysterious guy, cat lover whose good at painting and always sleepy. He is in charge of the minutes for the student council. There wasn't much information of him and given he's always sleeping, I'll play his route much later.

Minase Luka - A sempai and a famous top model, also the son of a famous actress. Prince like figure around the school with his own fans, always call the heroine Princess. This route I'll leave to last when I have more time...

Support character
Yuuta - Heroine's younger brother who always wakes her up 5-10 minutes prior to school starts... or something like that.

Kurumiya Arisu - Classmate of heroine and oversees her relationship with the boys from the student council. She have the Tomoyo from Card Captor Sakura vibe to her where she seems to be able to tease all the main characters.

Up to 11 chapters (They're quite specific on this one) and your relationship would change as you choose the correct answer as visible on the love meter. Two endings that are available is Happy and Sweet.

Gakupri Love Meter
I already reached Sweet with Ichijo in Chapter 2 so now what? Makes me wonder if it will decrease or increase any further?

The gameplay for this app is simplified to versus other users with the avatar coordination. This involves in picking the right rival and picking a character to have the lesson with. Save those waiting time for more communication with other users!

Gakupri Game
If you win you get Perfect compliment or if you lose you get Good compliment from the chosen character.

Much like the previous ones, the avatar status is split into three categories - Cute, Cool and Pop (New category instead of Sexy, suppose that's not really possible for school kids eh?)! Although that being said, no where did it mentioned which category is for which characters. Nor the information about the artist that did the character design for this app, which obviously different one compared to Oiran and Shoukan. I was slightly disappointed that they didn't create special avatar items for people who play the other two apps (They did it for Shoukan Kareshi but not for this one... maybe too much hassle? ). The Yokusei Gakuen Original Apron was a nice touch, though I only wish they have more school related avatar items instead of normal casual clothing.

A general comment is... what's with the schools in otome games nowadays!? They're all from the same school yet variation in design between characters. orz (Examples are Diabolik Lovers, Houkago Colourful Steps and many more) Are they trying to make it hard for people to cosplay them!?

As they released the game prior to the previous two game updates, I suspect their official site is still to come.

* Friend code RCGXH657 (Main) and NMFDH787 (Yes I couldn't make up my mind and started on two routes lol). This allows referral get cake for lesson recovery (1st Friend referral) and bonus gacha tickets. For the referee they (you) get iehter cake or 3000 gold (in game currency).
* Befriend with up to 100 people! You get 100 hp (Hello point) per friend you get, further, daily hp will become 2 instead of 1 once you hello-ed your friends.
* Battle a rival whose accumulated charm is lower than you to secure the consecutive 5 Perfect score for bonus story for the chosen character in Lesson. Even though it doesn't really make a difference since it's normally 2-3 sentences scenarios.
* I never really realised this before, but for those who are conscience about data you could turn off sound (The previous two apps have this too! ) and Lesson animation (This is new for this app) in the setting after editing your profile.

Official Site Temporary Unavailable (For once I'm actually faster than them lol)


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