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Brought to you by Zappallas Inc. (Which I think was previously name Andamul back in late 2012 upon searching for it), this is the improved version of their previous app Eternal Ring with change in new higher resolution illustration (event CGs are now landscape instead of portraits), new secret end, BGM along with the story and mini fashion game where you could change the coordination of your and your Kareshi avatar (Although still web based)!

Short guide ahead!
Eternal Cover
They roll overed their previous app cover as this cover... honestly, it would be better for them to do a new cover art along with the new CGs...!

The 27 years old heroine lead an ordinary life. After 2.5 years of dating she begin to wonder if her public servant boyfriend was the one. One day she met Yashiro Ren on the train who accidentally swapped her mobile phone with during the rush hours crowds. A High School Music teacher who was in charge of her Brass Band and that she once admired and shared a secret upon her graduation. Also a passionate and proactive in love co-worker, who turns out to be the son of the company she works for and had a one night stand with!? Who will she vows eternal love to in the end?

Eternal Character
Yashiro Ren - Oresama x Love breaker
Mochitsuki Ryohei - Secret love x High school teacher
Uzaki Yuma - Nikushokukei x Office love

Sub character (Potential hidden route?! )
Hukunishi Haruya - (Ex) Boyfriend dating for 2.5 years x Fiance-to-be

Stock standard game play for majority of web based otome games - ticket based story with minimal event CGs and avatar dress up for other users to 'Like' your coordination (yourself and Kareshi avatar) - but this one comes with a mini game where you need to pick the odd one out (Keyword that doesn't relate to the theme) of the answers in your conversation with your Kareshi through Talk. You really have to slice the bubble in order to clear it, tapping doesn't work within the 20 seconds. T3T

Eternal Talk

Just abit more = Talk point +10, Gacha Point +5
Success = Talk point +50, Gacha Point +15
Big success = Talk point +100, Gacha Point +30

Eternal Avatar

Get closer to a Happy end (Plus Kareshi goes on to the Dere mode) on avatar co-ordination to the Kareshi's liking through Gacha system. The 3 fashion types are Pretty (Ren), Kawaii (Ryohei) and Career (Yuma). I think the fashion types should be swapped over for Yuma and Ryohei... I mean come on, the sensei is older right!?

There are a total of 15 chapters with 4 types of endings - propose, Wedding Eve, Honey moon and secret end (New addition compare to the past) - per route! Further, you and the referee get a Premium Gacha ticket after referee tutorial finishes with the use of Invitation code. They limit only 1 code per redemption so choose your friend wisely as you could ultimately get two Premium Gacha ticket with the same person - each uses each other's Invitation code! I won't be posting my codes since I used it for both accounts, however, if you have an Invitation code that you haven't used, feel free to post it in the comment below and I'll redeem it!

Nothing overly exciting, but just the little minor detail that I like the effect of chains and jewel that swings as you head to the story mode. Gives it abit more movement and more than just your tap and read web based otome games. Also, I like the drawing style and the routes (Currently on Uzaki Yuma and Yashiro Ren's route) so far. Because of the way Ren's route was structures, they added in the received call function where you need to slide to pick up the call.

Eternal Story
To pick up or not... (Not that he will hang up anyway due to the story requirement, but would be interesting if they do that! XD)

The avatar reminds me that of Poupee Girl, which is more slender and YES to Kareshi Avatar (Even though I haven't have much chance with Kareshi Avatar items)! The only thing I didn't like was that there is no recycle button but only delete button... it's not overly useful to have 7 of the same item!!! (Why you do this to me!?)

General tip for those whose not fluent in Japanese, for the Talk game play (at least it works most of the time), Kanji bubbles are normally the odd one out among the Katakana/Hiragana and vice versa! Further to this, for special dates topic, it's normally the one without the word "Hi" (Day) in the end. Also another pointer, once your gauge is full prior to the time limit, I recommend not to slice anymore bubble as it doesn't impact the score that you get if you had more correct beyond the gauge, whilst you still have the chance to slice the wrong bubble.

They are quite generous with the story ticket - it takes only the daily 5 tickets to advance to another chapter (5 scene per chapter). With abit of help with item where you could identify the best response for a better ending, it became more meaningless when I don't have anymore of the items. =w= With the additional limited time only side stories (which is hidden in the Event), I would recommend spending the story ticket on them. Though saying this, they always make it harder by you having to get the specific avatar item. But have no fear, as you could potentially obtain it free in your point gacha (Even if the chances are low, it's possible )! Last but not lease, don't forget to get your free gacha item daily and keep talking to your Kareshi to earn Gacha points!

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Re: Seru

Oh lol! Funny how you choose to comment on this post and not the Lapis to Fushigi na Labyrinth post so I got abit confused about the iTune cards bits. v-356

I must add that to date I have only access to English iTune stores (Although I use Japanese to search the apps) since I don't have an account for Japan store on iPhone (Although different for the Tablet I'm playing Tokimeki Restaurant on at the moment but have yet to blog all the other games on Android since it's my sister's tablet :P). So saying that, I'm fairly sure you can purchase in game currency without the Japanese iTune card, only currency conversion?

Sad to say for the Lapis Escape game 1 it wasn't as straight forward as its game 2 (http://gratefullove.blog126.fc2.com/blog-entry-167.html) so one could be dishearten when stuck (I had to play around with some stages over nights but I admit it was challenging and fun! lol). I did a quick look up, some blogger did a strategy Guide for the game 1 here with picture (http://blog.toleru.com/game/archives/category/escape/lapis-to-fushigi-na-rabirinsu) Hope that helps! since I honestly don't remember exactly what I did as one could do anything at anyone time and whether you have all the objects. Plus it's no longer on my iPhone because of other games I'm playing...! XD If you like this type of game you probably enjoy playing Shoujo wo Heya kara dasshutsusaseru (aka Dasshutsu Girl) by Miuworks.

Thanks for the comment and good luck with the game! v-352

Commet !

I've got some Japanese iTunes cards to use so I might end up getting this. (Unless there they have it on both the English iTunes store, even if it's not translated. That's been really common lately.)

I just wanted to comment because I've gotten my hands on Lapis to Fushigi na Labyrinth and you're like the only person who speaks English who's played it. I accidentally restarted and now I can move and object I used to move at one point. (The plant by the coffin to get the doorknob.) Then I can get a little further from there and I'm stumped.

Also, it's available on the English iTunes store so people who want to pay for the second part and do not have Japanese iTunes cards can continue!


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