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Koisuru Hana no Oujisama

Brought to you by CUCURI Co. Ltd whose known for their previous otome app Shisengumi Ayakashi Setsugekka. Although they call it the spin off title of their previous work, it is pretty much a new story except for this one same character Oda Nobuhiko appearing as another role in this story? Apart from that the same game play that applies. Release on the 03/05/14, the 40mb app (Probably more now with their recent update - yes I admit I delayed my posting again!) does not require you to connect to the internet (Yay for those on limited data! ) for the free 48 chapters (4 routes with 12 chapters each).

Further, they will be releasing a Drama CD on 28/05/2014!! (Kaji Yuki is in it! This probably explains why I'm posting this. lol) So ensure you get up to date with the story, prior to the release of the Drama CD! :D I'll put the seiyuu next to each character in this post, however please note that unfortunately this is not a voiced app (One could only hope they do revised it in the near future though )!

Royal Flower Cover

Heroine lead an ordinary high school life whilst working park time at a florist called Blossom. One day at Blossom, she saw a beautiful flower with sparkling lights. There appear in front of her a Bee Spirit named BB and introduced her to the prince of a flower country. Not long after, they decided to temporary stay at her home while Heroine to guide them about the normal world and love. Further to this there's a mysterious shadow that haunts the Blossom and what is the true motive behind the Prince's actions...?

Character Princes
Royal Flower Character
Ayato (CV: Kaji Yuki) - Salvia Splendens (Scarlet Sage)
Rucia (CV: Sena Yoshinobu) - Blue Rose
Renoa (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) - Black Lily
Harkud (CV: Miki Shinichirou) - Sun Flower
Side Character
BB - Bee spirit
Makisaki - Owner of Blossom
Joka (CV: Namikawa Daisuke) - Top Butler of Flower Kingdom
Oda Nobuhiko - Building Owner.

There is an additional support character called Merbook that only appears in the Uramonogatari (Inside Story), which is 12 extra chapters which picks up from the main story and additional CGs and new endings, but it all comes with a fee! =w=

I can't believe they didn't allocate a voice for BB!!! *Rage from someone whose always hope for gijinka of these mascot and soon becoming a hidden playable route!! * Poor BB being called a Pig spirit... I actually thought he's cute (The belief that it's a hidden playable route lead to the assumption of the gender). Interestingly, the building owner is the only one with a surname. lol Most probably because he came from the their previous otome app Shisengumi Ayakashi Setsugekka, which explains that he's a member of the Shisengumi in the Uramonogatari. Also Makisaki appears on their wallpaper as another... Prince... or some important character in the flower kingdom I guess...? XD It's not that hard to guess from the character colours! How handy (or disadvantage in some cases if you prefer secret identity) it is in the 2D world!

Going off the sub character talk and back to main characters, Ayato reminds me of Diabolik Lovers' Ayato because of the name and the redness. Although I swear that Ayato looked alot better in game without the lower half of the body (For those curious, hope to Cucuri's website to see Ayato... in shorts! ). For once I dislike a sub character~ Joka, your name sounds interesting yet you stop all the best part of the story with your appearance...! Miki Shinichiro voiced a yellow character again (Note he was You Mikurube from Seiyuu Sentai Voicetorm7) and probably the most prince like design of all. I must add that I was mislead by the flower they symbolises with their personality! Like for example, I thought Sunflower would be more energetic type of guy, but turns out the flower choice is more to do with the love side of the story. =w= His personality was those of Jinguji Ren from Utapri... though this one calls the Heroine Baby, instead of Lady. Regardless, it wasn't the personality that I would like. (I should have known from the character design!!!) Rucia's route seems to the most normal (Who doesn't like a guy that loves sweet food) and Renoa's route came out better than what I expected - despite the initial name calling and arguments - his end was pretty sweet?!

Royal Flower options
I find this interesting... Not sure how these reactions would differ in real life. I think Heroine's expression will be kind of funny to see. XD

As with many other Otome games, there are 3 options to choose from and the ending depends on your selection. I couldn't work out the love meter and the love prediction difference... but I do note that the scores ranges from 0-2 (represented by the 3 options). There are a total of five different endings. The free ones are First love, Trust/faith and Hope end per character. I think if you have paid for the Uramonogatari, you would have up access to those two happy ends. The stories between characters doesn't varies much, most of the time is only the minor wordings and minor options change, but the general story flow is still the same. Florist > Home > Florist > School > Florist > Event > Florist > Park etc. I lost count when I discover all these prince came to the human world merely to avoid Joka (And this mysterious fiancee). lol
Royal Flower Ad
The best ad! Is it just me or it seems the company is very fond of Rucia...? He seems to have more ad than any other characters!? Plus note he's closest to the screen in the title.

One could not help but notice all the ads, which is everywhere...! (Suppose that's how they provide the games to you for free nowadays) Though the ad appears as loading screen with the characters or in game in the background. How clever is that!? XD Silly how they didn't let Ayato do the ad for Tokyo Ebi's Takoyaki Bar Ku;kuri. XD (Diabolik Lover reference for those wondering!) There is even a special story that is free regarding one of the Heroine going to work at Domo!Net, then ended with a party celebration with meat with all the Princes and BB. But looking at it from a step back is kind of funny... because the Heroine ended up feeding all these Princes and BB (Blackhole Stomach) with her part time job... and she's barely in year 1 of Senior High School! Something wasn't quite right there both their money and their status isn't any good in this normal world! Regardless, enjoy the short story and the two CGs per characters (They're quite generous compare to the other bigger otome game companies )!

Last but not least, if you live in Japan you might want to sign up for a chance to win many of their phone case merchandise from the various sponsors (Why you not open for overseas )!

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