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A Million Ways to Make you laugh

Yay~ it's been a while since I last went to another movie premier. This time it's the movie A Million Ways to Die in the West, bought to you by the same directors from Ted, hence I expected comedy.

As usual, I don't go check out reviews and stories before heading to watch it. So I went in expecting nothing and came out satisfied. Well apart from the little emergency evacuation we had at the cinema last night but still managed to finish the movie. Though it was sad to see only approx 50 odd people returned to finish the last 30 minutes of the movie. That said, the best part I thought were prior to the bandits arrival.

A short (since it's a comedy so there can't be too much to talk about is there?) Amateur review on the movie and contain fewer spoilers!
Movie million ways

Set in 1882 where killings, Bandits and Indians are common. After the sheep farmer Albert backs out of a gunfight, his beloved girlfriend Louise leaves him for A rich and successful man Foy. Having rescuing the mysterious and beautiful woman Anna who recently moved to town, Anna decided to help Albert find his courage and get Louise back...

I was surprised to see Neil Patrick Harris's name on the screen...! He wasn't on the picture poster so I didn't notice and no I don't read the small texts. And he was all 'suited up' as a mustache man Foy! XD There were some references to How I met Your mother *is a fan* - ok, it's probably just the image of him being Barney is stuck to my mind - particularly when he said 'challenge accepted'. Also the song 'If You’ve Only Got a Moustache' pretty much become his theme song in the movie. lol Reminds me of his song about suits for HIMYM. That scene of him making an appearance for the gunfight was hilarious - totally didn't think they would show what went into the hat. There were also other references from movies such as Alice in Wonderland and strange guest appearance of the the Doc from Back to the future - somehow that lighting and sparks reminded me of it prior to someone being shown.

Back to the main character (Sorry but I couldn't help but mention Neil first), the personality of Albert is quite a interesting and refreshing one. One with too many words I believe, and makes it feels like a modern person placed into the 1882 period. So many little 'Kuso' (Japanese word for anything hilarious for laughs) parts which reminds me of many older films by Stephen Chow that I enjoyed so much. But it's alot harder to find such decent comedies nowadays anymore. All the spontaneous deaths of by passers shocked us and extreme situations makes it hilarious. lol Ok, maybe not a millions ways to die but definitely many different ways of various people dying. XD The sexual reference related jokes were kept at a level though there isn't really nudity which I think was a good thing, as the general trend for comedies always come with some sort of fan service. :|

Interestingly I found out after the movie that Seth MacFarlane directed, co-writes AND plays the role of Albert in the movie! Also who he really is! He's the creator of Family Guy and he have been in the production of many other things! So multi-talented! Which explains why he was the main character. I thought the main character was abit plain to begin with but turns out very lovable and cute. XD On to the other characters, Giovanni Ribisi who plays the role as Edward reminds of Steve Carell...! The funniness comes from his awkwardness and you need at least one of these characters to make the main character look more normal! XD Also Charlize Theron who plays the role as Anna kinda resembles Nicole Kidman... Talk about my lack of celebrity knowledge and trying to link them to more familiar faces! I can't comment much about Amanda Seyfried who plays the role as Louise, but I actually think Albert and Louise look better together... maybe because of the height.

The responses from the crowd was good too, I don't think I've heard so many laughs within a movie for the longest time. Pity the fire alarm went off during the climax of the movie. I actually thought it was part of the special sound effects (Funny it happened during the gun shooting) with the blank black screen since the audio was still going. It took a little while before they turned on the lights and asked people to evacuate. We couldn't hear the alarm until we exit the box.

Movie million ways waiting
The frozen screen whilst waiting for people to return... I think Albert was as shocked with the amount of people that return as we are.

After returning into the cinema and on to the last 30 minutes of the movie, I thought it wasn't as good as the first half. (Ok, maybe it's really because of Neil Patrick Harris) I felt as though the part where they introduce the Indian was unnecessary, although it was mentioned previously... and then all the drug business seems like just a show off of CG and animation. But lol at the part where Albert mentioned that he's a nerd and hence the clever idea of the bullet. Every aspect of the character makes me think he's from the future. XD I also wanted abit more happily ever after for the couple... than to show the Run away slave shooting game. =3=

It was like a series of many decent short comedies clips put together, but tied together with a plot. Overall, I enjoyed this more than the movie Ted. The simple character names are also a highlight. Sometimes things are better kept simple.

The movie will be screening at cinema from 30th May 2014!

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