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Restaurant story in otome style

So... the lack of updates is really to do with Hehalana having an Android tablet since late January. And by having access to the Japan store, I am finally about to blog more about the quality Otome game apps! I have been meaning to clear this backlog but only just figured how to transfer screen captures out!!!

Brought to you by Loveplus Production (Konami Digital Entertainment) who's best known for the Tongari Boushi (Harvest Moon) and Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side series, brings an otome app where player manages their own restaurant near an entertainment company in Habataki City in attempt to catch the heart (stomach) from the members of the two pop idol group 3 Majesty and X.I.P. with their favourite dishes! You may not find my tips helpful since the apps been around for more than a year already, however, I have included my friend code below!

NOTE: This app requires you to log into the Japan store
Tokires Cover
The title that never change...!

Characters (order by preference lol)
Kirishima Tsukasa (CV. Namikawa Daisuke)
Otowa Shinnosuke (CV. Kishio Daisuke)
Tsuji Kaito (CV. Kakihara Tetsuya)
Kanzaki Toru (CV. Eguchi Takuya)
Fuwa Kento (CV. Hino Satoshi).
Date Kyoya (CV. Toriumi Kousuke)

Game Play
Tokires Restuarant
lol I didn't screen capture when my restaurant was small... here's my current layout.

As with many restaurants games like restaurant story, player serve food (Food list expansion is based on level of the food cooked or via quest completion) in order to get good ratings whilst earn money to decorate or expand their restaurant. On top of it, player could improve their relationship with one of the celebrity base on the food and by collecting heart that appear on above the celebrity's head to view event.

Tokires Skinship
It's not just me, but I do think Shinnosuke is the official favourite.

Subsequent to 5 events, skinship mode is unlocked (Time limit is 24 hours from the 5th heart collected) where upon successful completion of the mini heart collecting game (There are 3 parts to it, first to collect 3 hearts, then 5 hearts, then tap to your hearts content. The last part is abit embarrassing to upload so see for yourself! =3=) would recover some HP and Fever mode where more customer rushes in.

There is a Tokimeki Channel where you could review announcements for news update, character profiles and events (Valentine, white day, Aprils Fool, Birthdays etc). It's basically like a website that people could look at while they're not gaming.

Tokires SupportFan
I think that's probably the best combo I had by far. XD

Part of the Channel include a mini game where player seating in the group live performance and collect fans. Highest ranking players would have them name into the next video results etc. There are also some video of the characters being interviewed, which the longer I watch the creepier I find it to be. Maybe because they don't have arms/hand movements...? lol

The frequent updates (Server maintenance) is a definitely a highlight for this app, that means we get an on going updates on CGs and scenarios, or for those who enjoyed the gameplay there's always more food, restaurants items (The new ones nowadays moves when you tap onto them) and avatar outfits! There's always a little something to make you continue to play!

I'm somewhat over Utapri due to the endless franchise, so I'm all over Tokires this year! I had set characters that I wanted to go for before starting the game... and the more I play it just so happened I do all routes (Although there's always a priority to characters I press when 3 or more hearts appears all together at once). Tsukasa was definitely my favourite in terms of look, but I think I've taken more of a liking into Shinnosuke after reading their scenarios (lol I'm sold for the Princess, Prince and sweets idea XD). But I'm definitely a 3 MAJESTY fan!

I think the downside of the album of events is that the CG is not easily obtainable without the speech box (I like to revisit them from time to time for whatever reasons – maybe cosplay or drawing etc). =w= Suppose it’s to protect their property if they do print an art book or some sort. Apart from that, being able to play "with" friends I actually expected a messaging system which they didn't have (D3 Publisher had it in their closed SmaKare app which was my first D3p game on iPhone). It's just that sometimes I think it's nice to ask people before adding them to friends or even just fangirl over the CGs from the events (Like the Gakuran version of Tsukasa and the suppose to be Roses and Prince version of Tsukasa which looked more like wedding version to me). I kind of want them to create a proper PSP game already (Like their Vitamin series), since I'm not a big fan of online games since they do lag from time to time when you visit a friend's restaurant to recover HP! Then again I suppose all that needs to be monitor (for spamming and flames) and probably with extra space and work. Suppose the free aspect eliminates all these little downsides!

I'm proud to say I'm addicted to this game to the point where whenever I head to a restaurant I would see how many HP it takes to make that dish (Not so much care factor to the in game money earn).

* Add friends who are active (This can be checked by the number of times they visit other restaurants) - they tend to have food for HP recovery. Here's my friend code 8416-8718-3285-7496.
* Level most food to Level 1 or 3 (They tend to trigger next quest) to achieve more recipes for events food items. Sometimes looking at what higher level player cooks would give you an idea how to unlock the next food item. You could always level food up by Recipe strengthening, though it's not recommended when you don't have much in game currency (You'll probably be required to cook some of the food in the quests anyway).
* Login daily, do the daily cooking to unlock recipes that you would need to level another to get.
* If you're not fluent with Japanese, check out friend's restaurants for what they cook. Normally that give you hint of either what events is currently on, or the route they're going for (Generally level up all food if no events are on).
* Attempt time challenges in groups where you take another challenge that have the common topic. E.g. Sweets/desserts, Ramen and Japanese food. Though only do so when you're done with the event challenge.
* Where time challenges time limit is less than 7 minutes, use shout to get more customers in to ensure you have time to finish the challenge.
* The longer you leave your restaurant running on the screen, the more likely you'll receive a present from your customers - to trigger fever (reduced HP required to cook a dish by half), get items or recover HP.
* I find that if you have left the restaurant hanging without food the rating and the traffic would reduce. This could be fixed with the Shouts in the item to get people in. Whilst being at a low rating, the time it takes for 5 or 10 customer come in is slowed and hence you could cook while in fever mode at the reduced HP required for the longer period. This is only beneficial if you enough HP. Also try to aim for when a celebrity is about to enter, because whatever they do they would delay other customer entering (Kyoya and his annoying hair flipping - sorry but I'm not a fan)!

Official Site

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Re: Teririn

Don't worry I reply late too. Tokires cooking come first. XD

lol Toriumi (I normally refer to him as Torumi) is quite well known in the otoges world. To name a few popular ones include Saitou in Hakuouki (My favourite being Kazama and Okita lol), Cecil in Utapri (My favourite being Otoya and Shuu, and on a side note, I hate Jinguji which is the same type of character lol), Azusa in Brothers Conflict (My favourite being Tsubaki and Wataru)... basically to say, he never voice my favourite type of character and it have become a between friend joke (Since he's like in all the otoges) that I don't like him. XDDDD *is bias*

Hope you have gotten all the CGs of the casting by now! :D I don't think my votes went well for the casting. lol But yeah I thought at first it was just Android that captured darker CGs! XD

re: Nabari

(Sorry for the late reply. ""OTL)

True that. xD And there are those times the spinning thing disappears already but you're still cooking. @@

Oh, I disliked Kyoya for that reason in the beginning! XD He really came across as the playboy type, and at that time I was biased for 3Mj cause they looked more wholesome...but then I sorta got attracted to his gratuitous English/French/etc. =]] But thinking about it, he does remind me of a host.
Does his VA have other roles in other otoge? I know he's Shu in DiaLovers...

The writers really know how to pull on a girl's heartstrings. =]]

Hahaha. That sounds fun. =]] As of now, I still haven't gotten Shin's and Kento's. UwU
And yeah, it's hard capturing them with the right lighting without the text boxes obstructing. D; I usually take the darker ones and post-process them, but sometimes it's not enough. UwU (Though this week's CG events made it easier cause there were several times the text boxes disappeared. =]])

Re: Teririn

lol Yeah everyone who plays it frequently would know the tricks. XD Starting to hate seeing the logo spinning round and round while customers are waiting for their food just because wifi is abit laggy... orz

I only like Toru from XIP. XD Kyoya - I have a personal hating to the seiyuu - and apart from that I don't like playboy characters. :P I pronounce it as X-I-P and 3Mj as Majesty only. lol But yeah I know what you mean, it really depends on the writer feels like they want to make us feel. XD

I always text my friend with the CG, although I try not to spoil it for her before she completes it. XD lol We always try to capture the non text (bubble) CGs.

No title

Hehe, I agree with timing the shouts when the idols are shown to be approaching your resto. You can probably make 2~4 more dishes that way depending on your internet speed. And you can spam tap the dish you want to cook next to quickly bring up the dialogue box when the loading icon disappears.!

I started out liking 3Mj, but Kyoya and Toru have seemed to grow on me...so now my faves are mostly XIP (I don't even know if it's pronounced X-I-P or ship ""OTL). But Kaito's starting to grow on me again, and I'm getting bored of Kyoya. Ah...the fickleness of an otome's heart. XD

Speaking of events, it's finally Omatase! Casting!! =D So excited for this week's CGs~ Hihihi~ Let's fangirl together. =]]]


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