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Cosplay Ikemen!?

Brought to you by HonestLog (A relatively young app company...? Given there isn't really anything on their website as yet. )! Don't know much about the app really, not even the artist... orz All I can say it's that the drawings are quite promising (As with their CG too )! One of their highlight of their app (Well since they didn't write much about the app and all) mentioned the characters cosplays...? XD

Interestingly, the app is placed in action games category... supposed the 'Skinship' gameplay means some actions and hence this category is valid!? XD

Short post will be short!
Kamatte Cover

Your parents went to overseas and your father puts you into the care of his friend Aratani. Upon your arrive to your temporary home you were greeted by the four brothers...!?

Kamatte Characters
Interestingly this is exactly the order I played it in, instead of the by order of Brothers as I have typed below. The picture (My play order) order is Takuma, Kanata, Shougo and Yuu.

Kanata - Oldest Brother
Shougo - Second Brother
Takuma - Third Brother
Yuu - Youngest Brother

Go to his room and collect the hearts by tabbing to increase the love meter! Small hearts (Maximum 6 hearts) which represent 10 heart points, replenish every 50-60 seconds intervals. While Big hearts (Maximum 3 hearts) which represent 30 heart points, replenish every hour (Sometimes 3 upon closing and opening the app...?).

Kamatte Gameplay
Sometimes the hearts floats onto the text box...

Once the love gauge is full, you get to read the scenario! Proceed with the scenario and... see them in different costume and... cosplay!?

Kamatte Unlock
Clear the 10 stages (Per character) to unlock a special CG! ! The group one I have posted just under the Character section which requires you to user twitter to obtain it. Looking at that it seems like there's no extra CG upon completion of all characters and stages...?

1 - 200hp
2 - 300hp
3 - 500hp
4 - 1000hp
5 - 1600hp
6 - 2500hp
7 - 3000hp
8 - 5000hp
9 - 6000hp
10 - 8000hp

Extracted version of Brother's Conflict anyone? Though saying that, that was the initial thought that came to mind... Maybe I'm just sensitive being a fan of BC and all siblings stuffs. XD Maybe a better suggestion is Diabolik Lovers less the vampire aspects. Anyway back to the characters - I must say I'm pleased with all the character design (I was somewhat reminded Gakuen x Renai Prince with their default school unifor... maybe because I'm still playing it recently). But as usual, I'm tempted by the Tsundere Oresama type.

The game play somewhat reminds me of ScrapBoys (My post here) which is a simplistic tab with short wait intervals to get scenario, avatar items (outfit) and a end CG. I must say their hearts moves abit too fast (And onto the text box) and abit slow to respond to my tabbing. Sad to see that the character's speech doesn't change if you tab onto them.

The scenarios appears on the memo paper background with a blank screen was abit disappointing. I must say I enjoy seeing the character when those text box appears even if they aren't moving. That aside, what costume the character is wearing have nothing to do with the scenario to come. orz Personally I enjoy re-reading the scenario in the playback (Really not a fan of the black screen). I wasn't overly excited over the 1-9 scenarios (They were pretty normal and I lack imagination after the black screens ) until the last one because that's the one that comes with the special event CG! XD Upon completion you could only revisit the game for the route in their default outfit. =w= But you could always view the unlocked stage outfit and the special event CG (Saying that Kanata's view outfit view had error for his Gakuran outfit ).

The character changes outfit per stage, and it is to a standard theme for all the characters. Outfits like school uniform, home wear, Kimono, Gakuran, casual wear and many more. But yeah, stage 6 outfit shocked me the most... (I'll try not to spoil much for those who plans on playing) Although you can't really see the bottom half of the outfit... but one could tell what it is underneath... orz There's also a hidden outfit for all the characters if you stopped playing for an extended period of time. This would stop you from using the bigger hearts until you collected enough small hearts (Small hearts frenzy mode! ).

Once you have reach stage 6 everything seem to have slowed so it takes little time for one to notice why they wear such outfits in their rooms... hmmmm interesting hobbies...?! lol But regardless, the ending special event CG was definitely worth the effort (Besides it's a free game!)!!!


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